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  • Sara Sam
What Does ABS in a Car Mean?

Abbreviations are a routine when we talk about cars. TC, RPM, ABS, TPMs, and the list goes on. In...

  • Ray Sanders
What Is a JDM Car? Is Getting a JDM Car Worth It?

JDM cars have a lot of fans worldwide, thanks to the fame garnered through movies like Fast and...

  • Barrett Mohrmann
What Does TPMS Mean on a Car?

Your day might be going great until you see that flashing symbols appearing. The letters ‘TPMS’...

  • Ray Sanders
Who Makes Lexus Cars? Interesting Lexus Facts!

In an age dominated by Mercs, Beemers, and Audis, Lexus might not be the first pick for a luxury...

  • Xavier Sabastian
What You should know about Subaru’s Lifespan

The Subaru brand is known for being reliable and able to go off-road, but how long can these cars...

  • Celine Jerly
Can Steer-by-Wire Enhance Parking Safety? 

Getting in and out of tight spots, navigating narrow garage lanes, and, yes, parallel parking is...

  • Celine Jerly
What’s the Toyota Camry Wiper Blade Size?

“So many cars and not one Camry,” – said no one ever, at least since the 2000s....

  • Natasha Young
All about the Slug Bug AKA Volkswagen Beetle

Over the years, Volkswagen has established itself as a global brand. The company’s...

  • Nova Kainen
How Long Does a Car Wrap Last?

Businesses that want to advertise themselves and people who want to enhance their car’s looks...

  • Ray Sanders
What Is ASL in Cars? How Can You Tell the ASL Buttons Apart?

If you enter a Jaguar such as an XK, you will notice a button labeled opposite the red starter...

  • Sara Sam
What Should You Do if Your Car Won’t Start With a New Battery?

Replacing your car battery is a routine ritual necessary to check your car’s health. Battery...

  • Renee Martin
Why Is the Skyline GT-R R34 Illegal in America?

The Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 has achieved a near mythical status among motorheads. Consequently,...

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