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Car Thefts on the Rise: Top 10 Cities with the Most Car Thefts

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Car thefts have been on the rise since the start of the pandemic. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 cities where your car is most likely to get stolen. Read on for tips on how you can protect your car. We’ll also go through several steps that could help keep your car insurance rates from spiraling up.

According to the¬†Insurance Information Institute, car thieves stole over 810,400 vehicles in the United States last year. If we evenly distributed them throughout the year, approximately 2,000 car thefts would occur each day. To put it in better perspective, that’s about one car theft every 36 seconds! Pretty alarming, right?

Victims of car thefts suffer emotional and psychological consequences and a hike in their car insurance rates. Since insurers use your location, among other parameters, to determine your car insurance rates, you could be paying more than the national average if you live in one of the following cities.

car theft stats: top 10 cities

Top 10 cities with the highest rate of car thefts

  • Bakersfield, California
  • Yuba City, California
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Odessa, Texas
  • San Francisco
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Pueblo, Colorado
  • Billings, Montana
  • St. Joseph, Missouri
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma

How do I get the best car insurance rates in these cities?

If you live in one of the states on the list above, you’ll quite likely pay extra for car insurance. Fortunately, there are several methods for keeping your car insurance premiums under control no matter where you live.

The most effective method of achieving this is to shop around. Compare your current car insurance rate with the rates other insurers offer regularly. You can do this by calling different insurance companies, local insurance agents or filling out quote requests on their websites. 

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Alternatively, you could click on the banner below to use our car insurance estimator tool to obtain quotes from the best car insurance companies in your area.

car insurance offers

How to avoid a hike in your car insurance rates 

Raise your deductible:¬†The higher your deductible, the lower monthly payments. It’s as simple as that. When you raise your deductible, you are taking on a greater risk (i.e., paying a larger amount out of pocket) in the case of a claim. This allows insurance companies to lower your premiums.

Install anti-theft devices: By equipping your car with a steering lock and a car alarm, you could qualify for discounts on your car insurance policy. It reassures your car insurance provider that your car is less prone to theft, thereby allowing them to reduce your premiums.

Maintain a good credit score: Car insurance companies regard a solid credit history to indicate responsibility, which may result in a reduction in premiums.

Combine your insurance coverage: Many insurance companies will allow you to combine your auto insurance with your renters or homeowners insurance plans. Bundling your insurance policies makes you eligible for discounts.

Take a defensive driving course: In addition to helping you become a better driver, taking a defensive driving course may qualify you for an immediate discount and help you save money in the long term on your insurance premiums.

Reduce your mileage: Reducing the number of miles you travel decreases the chances of a fender bender. If you use your car for short distances, you may want to consider usage-based insurance. Often known as telematics, it determines your rate based on your driving habits.

Pay your premium in full: Paying your premiums in advance rather than every month will save you money.

Want to learn more about how auto insurance covers a stolen car? Head here. 

Top tips to prevent car thefts

  1. Lock your doors:¬†The first step in preventing a thief from entering your car is to keep your doors locked. It’s a good idea to get into the habit of checking the doors of your car after you’ve parked it.
  2. Remove your keys as you exit the car:¬†You should never leave your keys in the ignition. If your car’s key is still in it, a thief can easily break a window and drive off with your belongings. Unattended or unlocked vehicles are an easy target for thieves.
  3. Keep your windows shut: A thief can simply reach into your car through an open window and take whatever they can reach. Or they can unlock the door and get complete access to your car and everything within. So remember to roll up your windows as you exit the car.
  4. Park in well-lit areas:  Avoid parking in poorly lit areas or in spots that are not immediately visible to oncoming traffic. Parking in well-lit areas deters criminals from attempting to steal your car. If you find it difficult to search for a good parking spot, use our app to review and book a parking spot in advance.
  5. Install a tracker: If your car gets stolen, installing a GPS tracker in your car can help law enforcement trace and track the location of your vehicle.

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