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How Much is a Thermostat for a Car? Read to Know More!

  • Things To Know
  • Xavier Sabastian
  • 5 minutes

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A thermostat is a simple but very important part of a car’s engine. Its job is to control the coolant flow so the engine can always stay at the right temperature. But what happens if it gets damaged? What would be the cost of repairing or replacing the car’s thermostat? This guide can tell you what a car thermostat does, how much it costs to replace it, and how much a thermostat for a car costs.

If the part broke, the Thermostat would most likely be in a state called “stuck open” or “stuck closed.” The engine could be damaged in both cases, especially the second.

car thermostat cost

Importance of a thermostat in your car

A thermostat tells you the temperature in the real world so you can go outside with the right clothes. A car’s thermostat does something similar, but it is much more important because it controls the cooling system’s temperature. This keeps the system from overheating and causing friction, which can damage many parts and cost a lot to fix.

Ensuring the engine doesn’t get too hot or cold while running stops any more problems that could lead to having to replace the engine at a high cost. It also controls how much coolant flows through the engine. This lets the engine reach the right temperature before adding the coolant.

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This might make you wonder how much a thermostat for a car costs. The average cost to replace one is about $231. Most of the time, the total price will be between $150 and $200. The labor will cost about $125, and the parts should be, at most, $50 on average. 

Cost of fixing Car Thermostat

If your thermostat is broken, the good news is that it doesn’t cost much to get it fixed. The exact cost will, of course, depend on the type and make of your car. But for the average car owner, a professional mechanic will charge between $140 and $300 to replace the Thermostat in your car.

The thermostat unit usually costs between $20 and $80, but a luxury or sports car can cost more. In addition, the labor will cost between $120 and $220. (possibly more if going to a dealership).

Remember that most mechanics charge between $80 and $110 per hour for their work. A mechanic should be able to change the Thermostat in about one to two hours. Because of this, you end up paying more for the work than for the thermostat part itself.

The thermostat unit usually costs between $20 and $80, but a luxury or sports car can cost more. In addition, the labor will cost between $120 and $220. (possibly more if going to a dealership).

Do’s and don’ts wrt car thermostats!

Many people try to save money by changing their car’s thermostat on their own. If you have little experience working on cars or your car’s thermostat is hard to reach and needs a good repair manual, you should let a professional replace it.

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After all, there could be something else wrong with your car. You’ll need a pro so they can figure out what’s wrong before they replace the thermostat.

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When should you replace your car’s thermostat?

When you ask how much a thermostat for a car costs, you might be afraid of how much it will cost to replace the whole thing. But over time, problems can build up, and replacement is needed to keep your cooling system running smoothly and efficiently. 

The thermostat is always used when the engine is running, so it wears out very quickly.

When the engine is running, and the valve opens and closes at different times, the Thermostat has to deal with frequent changes in pressure and temperature to keep the engine at the right temperature. This is one of the most likely cooling system parts to break, so you should know how much a thermostat costs for a car.

If you don’t fix this problem soon, it can lead to other problems, such as the engine getting too hot, too much friction, engine damage, and even the need to replace the engine.¬†

Also, dirt in the engine coolant can clog it, which means that the coolant level will be too low, and it won’t be able to move through the system as well as it used to. This can cause more problems and make you wonder, how much is a thermostat for a car?

If you notice any of these problems, you should have your car’s Thermostat checked and the starter motor checked simultaneously.¬†

You can have the part replaced during the first inspection to save money on labor costs.

Image by Pintera Studio from Pixabay

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Remember that your thermostat helps control how hot your engine gets, so it can do a lot of damage if it breaks. Buying a new thermostat for a few hundred dollars can save you thousands of dollars in repairs in the long run. But if you still want to spend less on a thermostat, you could try to save money on other car costs.

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