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Why a Car Wash during Your Christmas Holidays Is Important!

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  • Xavier Sabastian
  • 8 minutes

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Car wash during the Christmas holidays? Sounds tedious and non-essential, right? Not right! Read our reasons to know why car wash during Christmas is essential!

The end of a year is¬†a¬†time when you look¬†to the future with hope and excitement. It is also that time of the year when the holidays come at you at a breakneck speed. The year 2020 was supposed to be the beginning of a new era. The year started with a global pandemic and continued with unexpected tragedies¬†and bushfires. We don’t have a crystal ball to see if 2021 is going to be another dumpster fire.¬†What we can do is¬†suggest how to make the best of the 2020 holiday season.¬†¬†

An Introduction to Different Types of Car Washes

Why pamper your car over the holidays

Holidays include enjoyable family get-togethers, dinners, and messy events like sledding and exploring the great outdoors. Many of these significant memory-building moments can also be particularly challenging for your vehicle. At the end of the activity, it can leave you with a grimy interior or irreversible damage. Studies show that having a clutter-free room is good for the brain and positively impacts productivity and the state of mind. You can say the same thing about your car, too. Yeah, getting a clean car can be beneficial for your mental health. Lack of organization may increase cortisol levels, a stress hormone, resulting in fatigue, tiredness, and depression.  

Conversely, people in structured settings showed increased feelings of energy and restfulness. Being surrounded by clutter will affect your mental health, trigger mental fatigue, and increase your stress levels. Most of us get in our cars every morning. Starting a day off in a dirty, clumsy space can cause frustration, anxiety, and stress to persist during the day. 

We take the time to clean up our house, so why not our cars? Treating space within our cars as an extension of our home or workplace opens a new perspective on the value of getting a clean interior. Our cars are continually gathering grime and litter from traffic and travel. If you eat on the road, you can be well aware of the crumbs and bits of food under the benches, in the center console, and well, anywhere.  

Microbiologists have discovered that the interior of our cars is nine times dirtier than the public toilet seat! This means that we spend time driving around in this enclosed space that allows bacteria to thrive and breed. Taking the time to disinfect our litter and food vehicles implies that not only do we eradicate infectious species from our cars, but we prefer not to drive a portable pot to work. 

The Christmas holidays are the best time for a perfect car wash!

A car dashes through a snow-filled road

Why you should wash your car during Christmas?

Holidays are enjoyable family get-togethers, dinners, and messy events. During Christmas, you should indeed, contrary to¬†popular¬†opinion, wash your car. It is to your car’s advantage and durability. If you’re¬†wondering¬†why¬†to¬†invest¬†in car care¬†during¬†winter, heres why:¬†

  1. Over the winter, ice on roads and salt would undoubtedly cover the streets. It’s suitable for road safety, of course. The salt of the road is rather corrosive. And as you continuously drive over¬†it, the salt starts to eat away in your car’s¬†undergrowth. It increases the rusting speed and quantity.¬†
  1. When it rains, well, it pours. It turns roads into muddy, sloppy canals when it snows. Yeah, it can be fun for you to splash through the puddles. Unfortunately, your car¬†isn’t that big.¬†This slow and dirty snow will gather under your car and speed up the rustic condition further. And it’s messing on the outside of your vehicle. We’ll loosen those big salt and slush bits that are stored under your car and in the wheel wells with a wash. And we’re going to spick and span your outside.¬†

This Christmas show your love for your car

  1. If you park out, this moisture will settle on your lights, windows, and mirrors, along with other dirt and grimness. Dirty windshields and dirty mirrors can interfere with your road view. And dirty screens and rear lights can also make it hard for other drivers to see you. You can only do so much with your windshield wiper. Keep clean and still stay a little cleaned.
  1. The excess strain on your tires can include road salt, road brine, sand. And if you do not cleanse it out, the wear and tear will begin to develop. Keeping your car clean avoids not only use but also increases the hold of your tires… that’s vital in winter.

A car wading through snow during Christmas

Keep the mess out of your family car by following these tips.

Install tote bags in your car

Food can be challenging to transport, particularly on days where the weather is creating slick roads. Even when carefully put on a wide towel, it only takes an instant for the pie to slip over your back seat and tip. Luckily, by placing¬†a few oversized plastic totes in your trunk during the holidays, you would be ready for any food transport tasks. After measuring your car’s trunk’s interior dimensions, purchase one or two plastic totes with lids placed in the field.¬†¬†

To prevent the totes and food products from sliding, line the totes’ underside and the inside of the totes with a rubber, non-slip drawer lining.¬†¬†If you need to transport food, put the dishes inside the plastic containers and close the bins with the lids, they came with. Along with¬†keeping any spills from staining the upholstery of your car, you will also be able to keep the smells from emanating throughout the car for weeks to come.

Schedule regular detailing

Soap is efficient in removing dirt because it is more polar than dirt particles, ensuring that it dissolves in water. However, suppose soap stains are left behind on carpets and car upholstery. In that case, the residue will potentially attract dirt, rendering your car fabrics dirty again in no time. For this purpose, professional detailing is necessary for the lifetime of your car’s rugs and upholstery.¬†¬†

When the car is professionally detailed, the carpets, seats, and armrests are thoroughly vacuumed to eliminate surface grime. The experts use powerful extraction machines to shampoo surfaces simultaneously and remove excess soap and water. The consequence is that the fabrics remain clean for longer. Experts recommend arranging professional car services every 4 to 6 months to keep your car clean, so consider booking service right before and after holidays. Even the most attentive car owners will encounter increasing grime during the holiday season, so plan your next professional car wash or detail today. 

With the advent of the holiday season, there’s the tension that comes with holiday shopping. This year instead of going shopping for presents, get car washes for everyone in your family. A discounted car wash is unique and unexpected. A car wash is realistic (and likely necessary). A car wash as a gift will also (and probably needed) let your family and friends know that you care about them and the hygiene of their¬†cars.¬†¬†

Treat yourself and your car with an all-complete car care kit

Car lovers are proud to keep their cars looking like new. That’s why you should get yourself a car care kit. This car care kit is the perfect gift for not just you but your family. The wipes can dry up quickly, and the tire spray is on the weak side. This car detailing kit would clean your car and protect and restore your vehicle in the best possible way. After use, it would leave a pleasing smell. This car care kit would help fight the fading and cracking while providing UV protection. The wax can be used to remove debris, leaving behind an incredible shine gently.

If you think that washing your car even during the winter would safeguard your vehicle, you are wrong. You can go the extra mile for your car by following the below steps:

  1. Try and park in covered parking lots if they’re available.
  2. Carry a car parking tent to cover the main body of your car if you plan to leave your car parked for an extended period.
  3. Keep snow-removal tools like a snow brush, ice scraper, and a small shovel in your boot.
  4. Check tire pressure regularly to make sure they are well inflated and won’t skid.
  5. Top off all car fluids, specifically the coolant/anti-freeze.
  6. Avid travelers know all the tricks, from speedy security lines to the best airport eats

This Christmas show your love for your car

Websites and apps like Way offer professional and top-rated car wash services at great prices. What’s more, the whole family can get in on the sudsy action thanks to Way’s Carwash Voucher and Family Car Wash Pass that can be used on multiple (that’s right, multiple) vehicles!

Looking for more choices for car washes near you? Way.com has you covered ‚Äď get¬†online¬†or¬†book your car wash through¬†our¬†iOS¬†or¬†Android¬†apps now!


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