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Car wash in Lexington: Which color car attracts dirt easily?

  • Car Wash
  • Natasha Young
  • 3 minutes

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Even without a smart alec scribbling “wash me, please!” on the window, some car owners take delight in keeping their rides clean and shiny. Some of them clean and wax their autos every weekend. The other group does this once a month – car owners, in general. Maintaining the cleanliness of your vehicle is important, regardless of the color you choose. However, the most significant challenge is not locating a car wash in your neighborhood but instead picking a reliable car wash provider for your vehicle. Many car washes are designed to offer their consumers a variety of special perks. Some are basic, low-cost, and convenient, while others are more sophisticated, kinder on the vehicle’s exterior, and deliver a higher-quality car wash experience. As a result, how can you find the “best car wash near me in Lexington“? Which car wash will keep your vehicle clean, and are their auto detailing services better than others? Don’t worry; we are here to help.


Why color is a factor to consider when buying a car

The aesthetics and appeal of a specific color may provoke feelings that lead you to acquire it. Unfortunately, feelings fade, and the car begins to deteriorate. You’ll need the exhilaration of a clean, glistening car, just like the rest of us, to replicate the emotional rush you felt when you first saw it in the dealership. You realize how much effort it will take to keep the car clean at this point. Isn’t that perplexing and tiresome? We’ve got you. Choose the most fabulous colors for your car and the best car wash in Lexington to keep it sparkling! 

Light vs. dark shades

Remember how long people have debated whether white or black is the better automobile color? The most common car colors are white, silver, and black. Conversely, trends can be deceiving. So, white or black for your new car?  

Nowadays, white is the most popular car color, and many believe that it gathers dirt quickly.  Black cars are the most difficult to clean. Cleaning dark-colored cars are complicated. Dust on the truck is apparent. Rainstorms leave your car with the same unattractive marks as driving through mud. 

Black cars also seem to attract filth, from bird droppings to dust and pollen. Also, overheating is a risk. Albert Einstein said that black people absorb heat faster than white people. Simply put, when exposed to the same high temperatures as a white, a black will deteriorate faster. While white cars are less unclean than black cars, they are not the best. Red clay or volcanic soils tend to get dirty quickly. The same goes for gravel roads. 

White is the clear winner, although it is not the best. Other colors are easier to clean. Available in light brown, tan, champagne, and taupe. Gray and silver are lovely even when dirty. Easy-to-clean colors save money. 


Way.com and other similar websites and apps provide professional and top-rated car wash services at reasonable costs. Furthermore, the entire family can get in on the sudsy fun with Way.com’s Car Wash Voucher and Family Car Wash Pass, which can be used on multiple vehicles! 


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