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  • Sara Sam
Easy Ways to Remove Bike Grease from Car Upholstery

Bike grease on car seats is an accidental stain that mostly occurs while transporting your bike in...

  • Xavier Sabastian
Car Wash Woes: Will Your Insurance Cover the Damage?

If you’re a car owner, you know how important it is to keep your vehicle clean and shiny. But...

  • Nova Kainen
How to Get Water Stains Out of a Cloth Car Seat

It might have happened that on some random day, you forgot to close the car windows and left them...

  • Renee Martin
How to Get Rid of Mold from Your Car Carpet in 7 Easy Steps

Mold on your car’s carpet can be a nasty surprise. But with the proper tools and techniques,...

  • Natasha Young
How to Get Salt off Your Car Effortlessly during Winters!

Winter is here! This time of year is tough, to say the least. Road salt( road brine) is sprayed on...

  • Natasha Young
Should I use a car cover in the winter? FAQ answered

Cars parked outside in the winter are particularly vulnerable to the weather.  A car cover is,...

  • Melanie Barrett
Can You Drain Your Car Door? Things to Know 

 Can you drain your car door? Yes, you can. Your car doors can get water logged because of the...

  • Xavier Sabastian
Fix Your Squeaky Car Window with These Easy Steps!

There might not be anything worse than a squeaky car window. Even the best-treated window can...

  • Renee Martin
How To Deck Your Car With Amazing Christmas Car Decorations

So, you’ve decked the halls for Christmas, got your tree up and decorated…. but...

  • Renee Martin
How to Tie a Christmas Tree to a Car – Handy and Useful Tips

The holiday season is finally here, and a Christmas tree is an integral part of it. Finding the...

  • Renee Martin
Spruce up Your Car: Car Care before and after Christmas

The most awaited holidays are almost here. We’re sure you have your vacation and road trip...

  • Xavier Sabastian
Why a Car Wash during Your Christmas Holidays Is Important!

Car wash during the Christmas holidays? Sounds tedious and non-essential, right? Not right! Read...

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