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All You Need to Know about Carolina Panthers Home Games

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Carolina Panthers is a comparatively new franchise in the NFL compared to other sides. The team has had problems on and off the field in the past few seasons. Currently, the team from Charlotte, North Carolina, is a member of the NFC South Division. Apart from two conference championship victories, there is not much success for the Panthers. 


Despite poor results, every Carolina Panthers game at their home stadium sees hundreds of thousands of fans cheering for their favorite team. The atmosphere can be quite overwhelming for someone new to the team and stadium. 

Carolina Panthers parking

You can have a great time at the Carolina Panthers Stadium on game days, along with other hardcore fans. So here are a few helpful things to make your stadium experience memorable- the team schedule, tickets, squad, and parking information. 

What are the upcoming games of the Panthers 

The next game for the Panthers is against Los Angeles Rams at home. After two consecutive defeats against the Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers, they need to win this one to raise the morale of their fandom. 

Carolina Panthers news  | Carolina Panthers score 

During the rest of October and November, the Panthers will face some tough opponents both home and away. These include Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Atlanta Falcons, Cincinnati Bengals, Baltimore Ravens, and Denver Broncos. You can visit the official team website for the complete Carolina Panthers schedule.

What is the current Carolina Panthers roster? 


Panthers owner David Tepper has made major investments in the squad by bringing in new faces. This includes both the coaching staff and players. Some of the popular members of the active squad are given below. 

  • Henry Anderson¬†
  • Robbie Anderson¬†
  • Amar√© Barno¬†
  • Raheem Blackshear¬†
  • Bradley Bozeman¬†
  • Derrick Brown¬†
  • Brian Burns¬†
  • Juston Burris¬†
  • Sean Chandler¬†
  • Brady Christensen¬†
  • Austin Corbett¬†

Visit the official team website for the complete Carolina Panthers roster with the active squad, reserve, injured, and practice squads.

The team has multiple options in each position, and you can see an entire position-wise Carolina Panthers depth chart here.

How much are the Carolina Panthers tickets? 

There are different types of tickets available for the Carolina Panthers games. Season tickets are the best choice for fans who have been lifelong fans of the team. You can get one for $21 a month, and other privileges include playoff-ticket priority, event presales, and giveaways. 


‘The Vault’ is an area designed to provide a premium fan experience during the home games at Bank of America Stadium. Premium amenities will be open to all the fans who join the Vault. This includes a lounge area, an all-inclusive bar with multiple drinks and food options, VIP parking, and an entrance. You will also get front-row seats near the sideline and special access to stadium events.¬†

Apart from these are Luxury Suites, which can be found in 300 and 400 level seating. These suites also come with perks, including reserved parking, a personal suite attendant, private entrance and restrooms, and much more. 

Group tickets can also be bought; the higher the number of tickets, the more features you get. The most demand is for single-game tickets, and the prices will fluctuate with respect to the opposition and demand. The average rates can be as low as $35, while the best seats may go for more than $500 per seat. You can get single-game tickets from the official Panthers website or ticket marketplaces like Ticketmaster.


All fans will be allowed to enter the stadium with a mobile ticket. You can access or transfer them through the official Panthers mobile app. For complete details about each ticket, visit the tickets page of the Carolina Panthers website. 

Which is the home stadium of the Panthers? 

The Panthers have played all their home games at the Bank of America Stadium since 1996. During their inaugural season in 1995, they played at the Memorial Stadium, aka ‘Death Valley’ in Clemson, South Carolina.¬†

The Carolina Panthers’ homes stadium has more than 74,800 seats and 151 executive suites. Owned by the City of Charlotte, this venue has an artificial field 398 x 280 feet in dimensions. ¬†

Where is the Carolina Panthers’ home stadium located?¬†

You can locate the Bank of America Stadium at 800 South Mint Street in Charlotte, North Carolina. The stadium is also the home of Charlotte FC of MLS since the 2022 season. Other major destinations near the stadium include Dynamic Auto Works, CLT Hub Bar, and Life Storage. 

What airport is close to Panthers Stadium?

Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) is only 6 miles from the Panthers’ Bank of America Stadium. It takes about 10 minutes to drive from the Charlotte Airport to the Panthers’ stadium via Wilkinson Blvd.

How to get to Bank of America Stadium 

If you plan to drive, many routes can get you to the Carolina Panthers stadium. For example, if you start from the Charlotte Christmas Village, you can drive via South Mint Street to get to the stadium. It is just 0.3 miles from the stadium, and you can get here in around 2 minutes, depending on the traffic. 

Other alternative routes include South Graham Street, which is also 0.3 miles long. A third option is a journey via West Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard and South Graham Street. 

Public transit facilities can also be used to get to the Carolina Panthers stadium. The best choice is to use the Light rail lines that run close to the stadium. You can get off at the Brooklyn Village/Stonewall station. The latter is within half a mile from the stadium, and you can get here via East Brooklyn Village Avenue in less than 3 minutes. 

Similarly, the Amtrak train can get you to Charlotte. For instance, the line from Raleigh arrives at Charlotte three hours before the game begins. 

Bank of America Stadium Seating Chart 

You can get a virtual view of all seats at the Carolina Panthers home stadium, which makes finding the best seating easier. This map will also help you to find the best entrances and parking areas to choose from while visiting the stadium. Check out the virtual seating map here. 

Is there on-site parking at Bank of America Stadium? 

Yes. There is limited on-site parking for the Carolina Panthers games. These include Stadium Lot 1, Lot 99, and a few others. Each of them differs in the number of spots and parking charges and is also located in different parts of the stadium. Unfortunately, the stadium does not have reserved accessible parking.


These facilities usually open a few hours before the game kicks off. So even the management advises you to arrive early to avoid heavy traffic and delays at the parking lots. 

Is tailgating permitted at Bank of America Stadium? 

Yes. Tailgating is allowed in a few official parking lots at the Panthers stadium (Lot 1 and 99). But a few regulations must be followed while tailgating with fellow fans. Makes sure you dispose of all remaining waste materials, like coal and ash, in the proper containers at the lots. 

Also, no open flames must be left unattended and must be kept at a specified distance from flammable materials and trash dumpsters.  

What are the cheap options for parking near Bank of America Stadium? 

Street parking is one of the cheapest options for parking near the stadium. The charges are much lower than other choices, but they come with other risks. If you are willing to compromise the safety of your car, then you can park in the streets near Bank of America Stadium. 

The local parking authorities are very strict about how their rules are being followed. So even for a minor violation, you will be handed parking tickets with hefty fines or even harsher penalties. So it is better to look for some other places to park your car. 


On the other hand, off-site garages offer affordable parking and are easy to access. You can get major discounts at off-site parking garages near Bank of America stadium if you know where to look. 

Is there street parking near the Carolina Panthers’ home stadium?¬†

Yes. You can find many streets surrounding the Panthers stadium, which has parking spaces. These spots will include both metered and free parking spots located within walking distance from the stadium. Some of these streets are West 1st Street, South Church Street, South Mint Street, South Poplar Street, and West 3rd Street.  


All these spaces mentioned above charge $3 per hour and are nearly 15 minutes from the Bank of America stadium. In addition, spaces like those at West Trade Street and West 5th Street offers free parking for a limited period. 

Be wary about not breaking any parking regulations while parking on the streets. Even a minor violation could lead to hefty fines and other penalties, which could ruin your game day.  

Why use off-site parking garages for Carolina Panthers games? 

Off-site parking garages near Bank of America stadium are much cheaper and safer than leaving your car on the streets. The streets will be packed hours before the game kicks off.  

At the same time, if you get a space at the off-site garage, you can stay away from the heavy traffic before and after the game. Usually, the long line of cars in the on-site facility will lead to delays in entering the stadium. You can also be safe from crimes like theft by choosing an off-site parking facility. 


At the same time, on-site parking charges can be too expensive for some fans. You can get much cheaper rates and discounts at the private garages near the stadium. Along with these, you can also enjoy premium features like valet parking, covered parking, paved parking spaces, and contactless parking. In addition, there are safety features like camera surveillance and security personnel at these garages. 

How to find cheap parking garages near Bank of America Stadium 

You can easily find the best parking garages near the Carolina Panthers stadium by using an online parking service like Way.com. It is easy to locate these off-site facilities by using both the Way.com website and the Way app. Once you input your location into the app, it will return all nearby garages along with the features they offer and parking rates. 

After you choose one from them, input the entry and exit times to see the hourly rates. Once you pay the corresponding charges, you will have a guaranteed space for the Panthers games. In addition, by booking through Way.com, you can get additional discounts and special deals at these off-site garages near Bank of America Stadium. 

Carolina Panthers parking Bank of America stadium

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