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Celebrate Independence Again on Fourth of July  

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Ever since the coronavirus pandemic broke covers back in March, festivals and celebrations have been on hold indefinitely. Most of us have also been restricted to our homes, with lockdowns and stay at home orders. However, things have been stabilizing for the past few weeks, and the number of coronavirus (COVID-19) positive cases per day has also drastically decreased across the nation. All this has meant that we could finally reclaim the freedom of celebrating a federal holiday with friends and family (make sure you keep it below ten people), once again on the fourth of July. What’s even better is that Independence Day 2020 also falls on Saturday. Consider prepping up in advance and celebrate the first fourth of July in the coronavirus era with some of these interesting ideas.  

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However, just like most of the other celebrations for 2020 like St. Patrick’s Day, Good Friday, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and the Memorial Day that passed by during the last two months, spending time outdoors would still be a gamble. Almost all the 4th of July parades and most of the fireworks displays have also been canceled in some counties. Centers for Diseases Control (CDC) is also predicting a massive spike in the number of new positive coronavirus cases by 4th of July. If the situation does turn out for the worse, we could see many cancellations for most of the scheduled 4th of July celebrations. While these ideas offer an insight into possible options to celebrate Independence Day this year, expect the worst with unprecedented cancellations, lack of social distancing scenarios, and occupancy restrictions for most of these events. 

Sport a Patriotic Themed Face Mask  

Fourth of July


Face masks are here to stay, and to help you stand out from the crowd (if you intend to hang out with friends and family), why not wear a patriotic-themed face mask for the special day. There are already plenty of e-commerce sites that have special sales going on for custom-fourth of July-themed masks. Be safe, without sacrificing on style; however, make sure you book your orders in advance before they run out.   

Watch Fireworks from a Safe Distance  

Fourth of July Fireworks


If you live in a county with fireworks displays scheduled to go ahead as planned, it would be ideal to start preparing in advance to avoid unnecessary hassles at the last minute. You don’t need to do much if you intend to witness the firework display from a safe distance away from people gathering spots. However, if your idea is to go out to a local park or get up close and personal with the fireworks display, it would be a good idea to invest in some high-quality masks and reserve a parking spot before heading out. Be alert and aware of the need to maintain social distancing, and above all – follow the instructions given by authorities in charge to avoid unnecessary trouble.  

Host/Attend a BBQ Party   

Fourth of July BBQ


Independence Day is all about celebrating freedom, and what better way than to spend the day with friends and family. While the usual 4th of July celebrations usually starts with a trip to witness the local parade, watching the ceremonial flag rise with the star-spangled banner playing in the background, it would probably be a bit different this year. However, you can still host or attend a Barbeque party with neighbors, friends, or family. The social distancing guidelines allow backyard parties comprising of up to 10 people. You can also consider arranging some backyard games like a scavenger hunt for kids if the group has children. With shops still at various reopening phases and chances of local outbreaks with subsequent regional lockdowns, it would be best to buy the craft/scavenger gear materials at the soonest and be on the safe side.  

Stock Up on Sparklers if You Don’t Have Firework Displays   

Fourth of July Sparkles

Sparklers are the perfect alternative to residents belonging to states who have already announced that there won’t be any fireworks displays for this Independence Dayowing to maintaining COVID-19 regulations in check. Sparklers are harmless, legal in most states, and can be used safely in your home’s backyard. They provide the symbolic celebration of fireworks, allow children to enjoy the fireworks, and also lets you do all this without having to step out, amidst other people. With logistical concerns, and uncertainty looming about firework displays, sparklers are in hot demand and could run out of stocks fast!  

Enjoy Patriotic Movies and Homemade Popcorn Before Bedtime  

Fourth of July Movie

Is there a better way to sign out of a federal holiday weekend without spending some time to enjoy a few movies? As the day is dedicated to Independence, and veterans who fought on the frontline, why not watch some patriotic movies on this special occasion. In the new age of quarantines and stay at home orders, you are never short of movies on the go. Service providers like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ are all offering some of their best offers in recent times. If you are still not sure about which movies would be a perfect choice, pick one from movies like Top Gun, National Treasure, or Independence Day.   

Start Cooking Lessons for Those Red, White, and Blue Snacks 

Holidays are often an opportunity for caring, sharing, reuniting, and of course, experimenting with new food items. If you are into cooking, why not check out some of the interesting fourth of July unique dishes that can be cooked at home without breaking much sweat. However, as Independence Day is a special occasion, you might want to get a head start by practicing ahead. It is always to best to be comfortable with the application process of Red, White, and Blue coloring to whatever you intend to cook or bake. Some easy and popular choices to consider are Patriotic Pops, Bacon Flag Pizza, Firecracker Cakelettes, and Sangria in Red, White, and Blue.  

Important Tip: Please follow the basic guidelines of reopening set by your local authority and maintain social distancing protocols whenever you are out in public. Always cover your nose and mouth with face masks or face coverings. Avoid coming into contact with common touchpoints, or public surfaces. Use handwash and hand sanitizers frequently when you are outdoor. If you have any CDC or WHO verified COVID-19 symptoms like fever, headache, sore throat, or muscle aches, please avoid going out to the public, and access medical assistance immediately. 


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