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Cheap Car Insurance in 2023: Does It Exist? 

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Let’s face it, auto insurance rates take a pretty decent toll on your annual budget all the time. That, too, for good reasons. They are often a game-changer in an unfortunate mishap that damages you and your cars. They offer a helping hand to get you back on your feet. Ensure you do it by spending the least amount from your pockets in the well. It is quite a lot of money when you think about paying, say, $1300 on car insurance. The prices may further vary depending on the make of the car and damages sustained in the accident.   

cheap car insurance

Should you be spending so much money on car insurance, though? Do things like cheap car insurance quotes exist in 2021? Fortunately, the answer is a big blatant yes! Getting a cheap car insurance deal is relatively easy these days. All you need to do is spend some time researching car insurance companies, and you will get a cheap full, coverage car insurance option. You can also check out websites like Way.com that help you get the best car insurance premiums at the click of a button. You can compare several cheap car insurance quotes from multiple car insurance companies.

Read on to learn simple hacks to get cheap car insurance quotes 

Tips on how to get cheap car insurance

If you think it all comes down to your driving, well, my friend, you thought wrong. Several factors like age, marital status, make and model of your car, distance driven per year, and even your address/zip code plays a crucial role in determining your overall credit score. You will save money in heaps if you keep a clean driving record and reside in a place where car theft cases are pretty low. Car insurance companies also consider newlywed couples as safe drivers.

If you got married recently, time to cash in on a new car insurance company or coverage option! 

Choose Your Car Insurance Company Wisely

The car insurance industry is quite huge in the United States today. The latest statistics showed more than 6000 active insurance companies across the United States in 2023. It goes without saying how difficult shopping for the cheapest car insurance quote will be. However, it’s always good to research car insurance companies and their various coverage options. Regarding car insurance, the general idea is to choose a key player – a renowned car insurer. It would be best to research the smaller companies that may have much cheaper car insurance quotes!  

Choose your car insurance company wisely to get cheap car insurance

Adjust your Deductible to Lower Car Insurance Premium

The easiest way to lower your car insurance premium is in your own hands. Consider raising your deductible (the amount you’ll pay from your own hands while submitting a claim). However, the general rule of thumb is that the higher deductible you pay, the lower your car insurance premium becomes. Maintain an ideal deductible balance by adjusting your deductible to meet your requirements. It is always best to adjust the deductible yearly as the car’s value decreases with each passing year. Calculate and decide your deductible from day one. This can help you a lot in saving money on car insurance premiums.  

credit score is vital in getting cheap car insurance

Maintain Credit Score Factors at Ideal Conditions

Using credit scores to decide car insurance premiums is considered unjust by many. However, it remains one of the key factors in determining auto insurance ratesSeveral factors give weight and value to your credit score. Maintaining a credit score in the ideal status can help you get cheap insurance quotes, no questions asked.  

remove coverages that are not needed to get cheap car insurance

Drop Coverage Options on Old Cars That Are Not Gold Anymore

Unless it’s a drop-dead gorgeous, well-maintained vintage beauty of a car, you ain’t making hay anymore. Regular old cars, or cars running for 10+ years, no longer look shiny for car insurance companies. It is not just car insurance companies who consider older cars dead weight; in most cases, the owners do too. If your two-month-old car got a minor scratch, everyone notices it, but if it’s a ten-year-old car that people have seen more than enough of, nobody bats an eye!

For new cars, spares will also be hard to come by, but on the other hand, older cars have been so long in the market that there are no such issues. If you own an aging car, it’s best to slash down insurance coverage options like comprehensive coverage and collision coverage. By law, only the liability insurance coverage option is necessary to drive a car in public. 

Coverage options like collision and comprehensive are optional, and you can always choose to skip both. While you would want these on newer cars, you can skip these on older cars and save on auto insurance rates big time! 

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