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Cheap Cars to Modify: List of Affordable Tuner-Friendly Cars!

  • Cars Explained
  • Ray Sanders
  • 5 minutes

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Modifications, in many ways, help your car to stand out from the crowd. However, it is easier said than done, thanks to the heavy expenses, right from buying the car to installing the mods. If money pushes you away from building a custom car, here’s a list of 10 cheap cars to modify without breaking the bank.  

Why should you modify your car? 

Car mods not only enhance the appearance but also helps improve the performance, ride quality, and many other aspects surrounding your automobile. Simply put, you can transform your regular, boring car into an absolute beast by performing mods on it.  

Insurance for the cheapest cars to modify

Which are some of the cheap cars to modify? 

If you’ve ever thought car modification is an expensive affair, let us tell you it’s not. You can find a lot of cheap cars to modify, ranging from Japanese to German and American makes, in the market to fulfill your dream of building a custom car. Some of these are: 

Subaru WRX 


The Subaru WRX is one car that comes with a rich rallying heritage. In addition, it is factory fitted with performance parts such as a supercharger, wide air intakes, large wheel arches, and a functional spoiler, aiding a sporty driving experience. The presence of these parts also means that you’ll not have to spend much on getting more performance mods for the car.  

The fact that you can get them for around $8500 to 9000 dollars makes them a hot choice amongst tuners looking for a cheap car to modify.  

Mazda RX-7 


Do not miss out on the second-generation Mazda RX-7 if you’re looking for a cheap car to modify. They came out with powerful, tuner-friendly rotary engines, ensuring a true sportscar experience. You can take this to new heights with the right add-ons. 

Mercury Marauder 

Mercury Marauder
Mercury Marauder: Credits Greg Gjerdingen on Flickr

Suppose you’re looking for cheap American cars to modify. In that case, the Mercury Marauder, produced by Ford’s Mercury division, is one of the best options to look for, thanks to its punchy 4.6L V8 engine churning out 302 horses. Furthermore, this is one of those cars to consider if you prefer a “sleeper” over a visually stunning performance automobile. You can get a Marauder in immaculate condition for as low as $10000.  

Honda Civic 


Hondas are well known for their reliability. However, they are not only reliable but also tuner friendly, with significant aftermarket support. The Civic can be easily modified into high-performance racecars without sacrificing any of their coolness or dependability.

Get ready to shell out 6000 dollars for a newer, mint-condition Honda Civic. Nevertheless, you can find cheaper, older models for around $4000.  

Ford Focus: One of the best and cheapest cars to modify


Ford Focus is one car that is a fitting addition to the list of the cheapest cars to modify. You can get a pre-owned Focus for as cheap as $2000. Even a new one just costs around $5000, saving you the time of searching for mint ones in the used car market.  

The fact that the Focus came out with a wide range of body styles, including hatchback, sedan, wagon, and coupe versions to choose from, also makes them the best bet among tuners. Furthermore, the Focus is easily modifiable with specifically designed Ford OEM performance parts. 

Ford Mustang


If muscle cars are your thing, you can’t go wrong with the early 2000s iterations of Ford’s legendary Mustang. Among the reasons why the Mustang is so popular with custom automakers is its availability of parts and its excellent after-sales service. Furthermore, plenty of Mustangs are out there, so you know it won’t break the bank. 

Dodge Neon 

Dodge Neon
Dodge Neon: Credits Greg Gjerdingen on Flickr

When it comes to compact cars, the Dodge Neon is a standout because of its sporty looks and peppy performance. The Neon’s low sticker price makes it a viable option for budget tuners. You can get a decently maintained Neon for as low as $4000 

The small sedan’s 220 horsepower turn it into a legitimate sports car, despite its unassuming exterior. Tuners who can transform it into a formidable racing machine have given it widespread acclaim and a respectable space in the list of cheap cars to modify.  

Pontiac Fiero GT 

Pontiac Fiero GT
Dodge Neon: Credits mncarspotter on Flickr

Looking for a cheap classic car to modify? Think no more than the Pontiac Fiero GT. This mid-engine car enjoys a cult following among tuners thanks to its mod-friendliness. However, the common public did not appreciate the car much. As a result, you can find many Fiero GTs for low prices in the market.  

Cheap cars to modify expenses

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