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How to Check Insurance on a Car? Things to Know

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  • Xavier Sabastian
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Check insurance on a car as you plan to buy your new car. Auto insurance is proof that you are driving with all the documents handy. You may delay taking your car insurance, but driving without proper insurance makes you pay hefty fines. Therefore, it is important to get insurance on time with adequate coverage.  

Before you begin to use your car, you must know the details of auto insurance.  You should also know the term for which the insurance is valid. The insurance terms help you use your car reliably. There are a few quick and simple ways to check insurance on a car before buying it. 

How to Check Insurance on a Car? Things to Know


Easy Ways to Check Insurance on a Car 

Is it easy to check the insurance on a car before buying it? Definitely! Here are some effortless ways to do it:

Collect all the information on your car

Check for the following details as you check the insurance on your car: 

  • Driver’s name and date of birth. 
  • License number and state of issue. 
  • VIN (Vehicle Identification number). 
  • Address of the place of car registration. 
  • Name of the registered owner. 
  • Previous insurance details. 
  • Date of purchase. 
  • Purpose of use. (Work or service) 

Go through the vehicle history. 

The Motor Insurance Database is the best place to check insurance on a car. This website gives you the complete details of the car’s history, its previous owners, accidents, penalties, and violations. While you check for vehicle history, make sure your insurance providers belong to the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB). The MIB updates the details in the database every year. 

Look at your car 

Your car’s registration number is one of the best ways to check insurance on a car. Unfortunately, most owners of cars leave to keep their insurance documents inside the dashboard. Also, make sure to keep them safe so that you can produce them when asked. 

Consult the Secretary of State 

Consulting the Secretary of State is the last way to check insurance on a car through a reliable source. By visiting the Secretary of State, you can get the latest details of your auto insurance and history. So, you can ask for the insurance details in person or by mail. 

Check with the state auto insurance laws. 

Auto insurance laws vary from state to state. When you plan to take insurance, always confirm that it offers mandatory coverages like collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, and personal injury protection. Thus, whenever you check insurance on a car, confirm that you can also avail of these coverages. 

How to Check Insurance on a Car? Things to Know

When Should You Check Insurance on a Car? 

There are some critical situations when you should check insurance on a car, such as: 

While borrowing a car 

Always make it a point to check insurance on a car if you’re planning to borrow it from a friend. Your friend may be held responsible for the damages you cause. This situation is called a fender-bender which are minor car accidents that may cost you more than you expect.  

 Check if your car has fender-benders, and clear them before you use them. In a fender-bender situation, ensure that you have proper insurance coverage to compensate for the damage in case you are at fault. 


It is also important to check insurance on a car on divorce. You should check the insurance rates because the rates paid by a divorcee driver are less than that of a married driver. Therefore, discuss insurance terms with your spouse and split your insurance payments accordingly.  

Also, see to it that you maintain mutual terms of understanding till you maintain the title and registration. Likewise, you may be removed from your partner’s insurance policy (who owns the vehicle) and are still using the vehicle. In such situations, be wise to get your separate insurance policy. 

Taking over the assets of an elderly relative 

Remember to check insurance on a car even when taking over the assets of an elderly relative. Taking over a car from an older adult is risky because there may be many roadblocks in using the car later. Firstly, the person may still be using the car. In such situations, the owner should go for an additional policy that gives extra coverage to him and those using the car. Therefore, ensure to look for sufficient coverage while taking over a car from a senior citizen. 

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