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Your Guide to Watching Chicago Bulls at United Center

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With a new NBA season around the corner, Chicago Bulls fans hope to see a better showing than last time. The franchise from Chicago was once a powerhouse in American basketball. But it has been decades since they won their last NBA trophy.  

Despite their best efforts, Bulls finished sixth in the Eastern Conference with 46 wins and 36 defeats in the 2021-22 season. But in recent months, they have made some major changes to the squad by bringing in some new talent. 

Chicago Bulls Parking

For someone new to the world of basketball, the Chicago Bulls can be a good starting point to learn about the NBA. This blog lets you learn more about who the Bulls are, their fandom, home stadium, schedule, and parking information. 

Chicago Bulls- A Basketball Dynasty 

The period between 1991 and 1998 in NBA can be called the ‘Bulls era.’ During this period, the Chicago Bull standings trend shows they were either at the top or very close second. However, the glory days of the Bulls also saw some of the best in business work together. Some of them include the greatest of all time, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and the Zen Master- Phil Jackson.¬†


During this era, the Bulls won all six of their NBA titles, and all the above names were part of these victories. Even to this day, the Bulls are the only team to have won all the finals they have participated in. 

 Chicago Bulls news | Chicago Bulls score 

The Bulls were one of the most popular teams in the 90s thanks to their domination and a certain someone in their squad. Michael Jordan is a legend and, without a doubt,¬†one of the most recognized faces in the sport, and ‘Air Jordan’ has definitely made his team a common name among basketball fans across the globe.¬†

Similarly, numerous Chicago Bulls players have had legendary careers. Some of those include Derrick Rose, Dennis Rodman, Jimmy Butler, and Zach LaVine. 

Who is the owner of the Chicago Bulls? 

American businessman Jerry Reinsdorf is the current owner of the Bulls. He has held ownership of the franchise since 1985. Apart from the Bulls, he also owns the Chicago White Sox of the MLB. 

Reinsdorf was part of the Bulls when they won 6 titles but later failed to sign Phil Jackson back. He also participated in the 2005 World Series win with the White Sox. In 2016 he was elected to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. 

Who is the current coach of the franchise? 

Former player and experienced coach Billy Donovan is the current head coach of the Chicago Bulls. After a successful collegiate coaching career, he was part of the Oklahoma City Thunder franchise from 2015 to 2020 before the Bulls managed to sign him. 

Here are some other personnel who are part of the managerial staff: 

  • Chris Fleming – Assistant Coach ¬†
  • Josh Longstaff – Assistant Coach ¬†
  • John Bryant – Assistant Coach ¬†
  • Damian Cotter – Assistant Coach ¬†
  • Billy Schmidt – Assistant Coach ¬†
  • Maurice Cheeks – Assistant Coach ¬†

You can visit the team’s official website for the complete list of all management and coaching staff.¬†

What are the upcoming games for Chicago Bulls in NBA? 

According to the Chicago Bulls’ schedule, they have four preseason games. These three will be at home against the New Orleans Pelicans, Denver Nuggets, and Milwaukee Bucks. The only preseason meeting on the road will see them square off against Toronto Raptors.¬†


The Bulls will face the Miami Heat away from home in their first regular-season game. Similarly, they will take on Washington Wizards, Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Celtics, San Antonio Spurs, Indiana Pacers, and Philadelphia 76ers during October.  

You can find the complete Chicago Bulls schedule for the 2022-23 season on the official Bulls website.

Who are in the current Bulls squad? 

Some of the big names in the squad include Kostas Antetokounmpo, Patrick Williams, Marko Simonovic, Javonte Green, Andre Drummond, Coby White, and Justin Lewis.¬†You can find the complete Chicago Bulls roster on the team’s official website.¬†

Where to purchase Chicago Bulls jersey and other merch

The Chicago Bulls online store sells jerseys, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and other accessories. Merch is available for men, women, and kids, and keep an eye out for limited-time discounts.  


If you want to purchase merch and jerseys offline, the Madhouse Team Store is where you want to be. You can find the store at United Center, and it sells both Bulls and Blackhawks merch. Additionally, the store is open between 10 am and 5 pm. The working time is subject to change on both NBA and NHL game days. 

Where do Chicago Bulls play their home games? 

United Center, which is a multi-purpose indoor arena located in Northwest Chicago, is the home of the Bulls. It is the biggest NBA arena in terms of seating capacity, with more than 20,900 seats made available for basketball games. 

Apart from the Bulls, the arena also hosts the Chicago Blackhawks of the National Hockey League. With more than 19,700 seats for NHL games, it is the second biggest arena in the top tier of American hockey. Additionally, the ownership of the United Center is shared by both the Bulls and Blackhawks. 


Along with hockey and basketball, the arena is also known for hosting indoor arenas. In addition, it has a maximum capacity of 23,500 for concerts, which are held throughout the year. 

But United Center was not always the home of the Bulls. The first home stadium of the team was International Amphitheatre during the 1966-1967 seasons. Following this, they occupied the Chicago Stadium for over 17 years before moving to the United Center. 

How to get Chicago Bulls tickets? 

The Chicago Bull games’ tickets include single-game, season passes, family packs, group tickets, and premium seating. Also, students can get special ticket offers by getting a student pass.¬†

For the single-game tickets, you can expect the prices to change depending on the opposition. For instance, the home opener against Cleveland Cavaliers is an important fixture, and you can expect high ticket rates. 


Season tickets are also available in different varieties. For example, you can choose from Chicago Bulls full season plans, 20-game or 10-game partial season plans. The charges for season ticket plans will range from 2,800 to $5,700, depending on the level of seating you choose. 

Similarly, group tickets and premium seating, including suites, vary in charge but come with different levels of access and privileges. For a complete understanding of each ticket and to buy them, visit the Bulls website.

How to get to United Center 

You can also reach United Center from downtown Chicago by driving. If you start your journey from downtown or Grant Park, you have three routes to choose from. 

The first and fastest is taking the I-290 West, which would take 10 minutes to cover a distance of 3.4 miles. Second, you can take I-290 West and South Ashland Avenue to reach the arena in around 12 minutes. Finally, East Madison Street, which is a 3.1-mile journey, can also get you to the Chicago Bulls’ home stadium. ¬†

Public transit options are also available to get to a Chicago Bulls home game. Some of these include the various trains¬†of the famous ‘L’ system operated by the Chicago Transit Authority. ¬†

You can get off at Ashland station after getting on the Green Line or Pink Line trains. Also, the Blue Line is another Chicago ‘L’ Line that you can board and get off at the Illinois Medical District station.¬†

Is there on-site parking at United Center? 

Yes. There are multiple official parking facilities, including accessible parking spaces located all around the Chicago Bulls arena. Public parking lots include Lots A, B, D, F, H, J, L, and MXC. Similarly, you can locate the VIP parking and parking for Suite and Club members across gates 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7. 

All of the public parking lots will open two hours before the game starts. Lot G is the accessible parking space where you need a disability placard or license plate to park. In addition, you can pre-purchase parking spaces online at these on-site parking facilities. 

Is there tailgating at the United Center? 

No. Tailgating or any other related activities will not be permitted at United Center. In addition, alcohol consumption, overnight parking, and in/out privileges are also not allowed at the official parking spaces. 

Can you park on the streets for the Bulls’ home games?¬†

Yes. You can park on the nearby streets of United Center on Chicago Bulls’ gamedays. But only if you can find a vacant street space! The Bulls’ home games attract hundreds of thousands to the stadium, and the neighborhood streets would be packed with people and vehicles.¬†

Some of the street spaces can be found on West Grand Avenue, West Madison Street, West Washington Boulevard, North Carpenter Street, and a few others. But all these streets mentioned above are more than 50 minutes walking distance from the Chicago Bulls arena. So it is not practical to use these spaces. 

Even if you find a closer street parking spot by luck, there is the risk of violations. Since this is an active region in Chicago, parking violations will not be taken lightly by the local authority. For minor violations, you may have to pay heavy fines. So it is better to look for other alternatives that leave your car on the streets. 

What are the cheap options for Chicago Bulls parking? 

On-site parking spaces are available, but these are limited compared to the number of people and their cars for each home game. Besides these will be in high demand and you will have to arrive very early to avoid getting stuck in a long line of cars. Also, for some of you, the parking rates at on-site facilities will be expensive. 

Similarly, street parking is not an ideal choice for Chicago Bulls fans. These spaces are very hard to get, and parking violations are also risky. But there is a third option which solves all these problems mentioned above. 


Off-site parking garages near United Center are both safe and affordable. You can book a parking space for your car at these facilities and enjoy the game without worrying. At these off-site facilities, you can enjoy valet parking, contactless parking, covered parking, and ADA/Aisle access. 

Besides, some of these also have camera surveillance and security personnel who will ensure your car is safe while watching the Bulls play. Compared to official parking spaces, you will not have to spend too much and can easily park without worrying about traffic. 

How to find cheap parking garages for Chicago Bulls home games

Off-site parking garages are easy to find near United Center by using online parking services like Way.com. By using the Way.com website or the Way app, you can locate all garages along with the features they offer and parking charges. Once you choose a garage that satisfies your needs, input the entry and exit times. 

Once you pay the corresponding charges, you have a guaranteed parking spot that is cheaper than on-site parking lots. Also, by using Way.com, you can get extra discounts and special deals on parking charges. 

Chicago Bulls United Center Parking

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