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Chipped Windshield on Rental Car? This Is What You Should Do

  • Auto Insurance
  • Sara Sam
  • 5 minutes

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It could be the most uncommon situation you might encounter while driving a rental car. The reasons for a chipped windshield on a rental car, or any vehicle for that matter, could be unanticipated. Does rental car insurance cover a windshield chip? Who pays for a cracked windshield on a rental car? However, you do not have to drive back with a chipped windshield. Here we crack everything you can do to the cracked windshield on a rental car. 

How different are rental car insurance and regular insurance? In the case of your own car, you have to decide whether you are planning to repair or replace the windshield. In other words, if it is a minor crack on the windshield of your own car, then repairing it is advisable than seeking insurance. However, a replacement will be assisted by comprehensive or collision coverage, depending on the reason for the crack.  

What should I do with a chipped windshield? 

A chipped windshield could result from “acts of God” or after being hit by another vehicle. However, the crack on the windshield must be addressed immediately, not only to ensure safety but also to strain your purse strings. Here is what you should do once you notice the crack on the windshield of the car you have rented. 

Action Plan to Deal with a Windshield Crack on Rental Car 

  • Check the available coverage options. 
  • Inform the rental company about the damage. 
  • Avoid making any unauthorized repairs. 
  • In the absence of a collision damage waiver, file a claim yourself.  

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Who pays for a chipped windshield on a rental car? 

The rental car company will cover the cost of damage for a chipped windshield on a rental car. However, this depends on what you have signed up for before renting the car. In other words, you may not need to pay any additional charge if you have agreed to the collision damage waiver by the company. If not, your personal insurance or credit card will have to pay for the expenses.  

Does insurance cover windshield cracks? 

Window damage and repair are covered by mandatory insurance, and property damage liability insurance covers it when others are at fault. Therefore, in most cases, damage to your windscreen and car windows is covered by insurance. 

However, things can be different in the case of rental cars. The Collison Damage Waiver (CDW) signed before renting a car is not insurance coverage but an agreement. It is the superior protection you can get for a rental, even though CDW has a tarnished name in terms of overprice.  

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Does the insurance for a rented car cover a chipped windshield? 

This will depend on the car rental insurance you selected. Firstly, you won’t be charged if you have signed the rental car company’s collision damage waiver (CDW). Secondly, if you didn’t buy the rental company’s insurance, your car insurance or credit card may cover you. 

However, if you have refused the rental company’s waivers and your car insurance doesn’t cover collision and comprehensive, you may be responsible for repairs. In other words, in such a situation, the insurance for a rented car will not cover a chipped windshield.  

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What are the coverage options for a chipped windshield on a rented car? 

Here are the coverage options available for a chipped windshield on a rented car. The coverage can come from the rental car company or your insurer. If from the rental car company, it is the collision damage waiver.  

Collision Damage Waiver 

The major benefit of a CDW is its foolproof protection against any financial liability that can happen to the car you have rented. Therefore, this agreement will not charge you for repairs, administrative costs, loss of use, towing, or diminished value if your rental car is damaged. 

Coverage from your Insurer 

Your car insurance policy can be used to cover your rental car. However, this can come into effect only if you have comprehensive and collision coverage and not with basic liability-only coverage.  

Credit Card Coverage 

If you rented with a credit card, you probably have coverage up to a certain limit.  However, the terms and coverages vary with each credit card. Depending on the card, you may be responsible for hidden fees like administrative costs, towing, or repairs. 

Non-Owner Car Insurance 

If you frequently depend on rentals, then non-owner car insurance can protect you against the expenses that might arise while driving a rented car.  

Travel Insurance 

A travel insurance policy will cover costs if your rented car gets a chipped windshield. However, make sure you study the terms and conditions for the coverage.  

Therefore, a chipped windshield on a rented car might not be easy to resist, but the unexpected expenses it might bring about can be. Choose Way.com super app for all your insurance needs and grab discounts of up to $971.  

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