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The Gameday Guide to Cincinnati Bengals at Paycor Stadium

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The Cincinnati Bengals is one team that’s yet to win an NFL Championship. However, this team from Cincinnati has been successful in the past in reaching multiple Super Bowls, the latest coming in 2021. According to the Cincinnati Bengals record books, it was the first time in 31 years since they won a playoff game and 33 years since their entry into the Super Bowl. ¬†


Despite losing the championship game to the Rams, the 2021 season gave a major morale boost to the Cincinnati Bengals coach, players, and fans. Talking about the fans, the stadium experience for Cincinnati Bengals home games has been exceptional in the previous season. You can expect massive crowds filling the stands this year too. 

Cincinnati Bengals parking

Keeping that in mind, you need to know where to find parking near the Cincinnati Bengals stadium. There are quite a few options to park your vehicle while attending a game, but some of them can be risky. Read ahead for more details, including the Cincinnati Bengals schedule, roster, tickets, and parking information. 

What are the upcoming games of the Bengals?

In Week 6, the Cincinnati Bengals will take on New Orleans Saints after a disappointing loss against the Baltimore Ravens. After this, they will return home, hosting Atlanta Falcons, followed by games against the Cleveland Browns, Carolina Panthers and Pittsburgh Steelers, and Tennessee Titans in November. 


For the complete Cincinnati Bengals 2022 schedule, you can visit the official team website. 

Cincinnati Bengals news | Cincinnati Bengals score 

What is the current Cincinnati Bengals roster? 

There are many players to watch out for in the Bengals squad. The team is filled with youth and experience in equal proportions, and the fans expect a similar performance from the last season.  


One of them is the Cincinnati Bengals quarterback, Joe Burrow. The 25-year-old former LSU Tigers player and College Football MVP has already made waves in the football scene and is worth more than some of the top players in the NFL. 

Here are some of the few names in the active squad. 

  • Hakeem Adeniji¬†
  • Cal Adomitis
  • Brandon Allen¬†
  • Eli Apple¬†
  • Devin Asiasi¬†
  • Chidobe Awuzie¬†
  • Markus Bailey¬†
  • Jessie Bates III¬†
  • Vonn Bell¬†
  • Tyler Boyd¬†
  • Joe Burrow¬†
  • Alex Cappa¬†
  • Jackson Carman¬†
  • Zach Carter¬†

For the complete roster and Cincinnati Bengals depth chart, you can visit the team’s official website. The team also has a strong practice squad and quite a few unfortunate members on the injured list.¬†

How much are the Cincinnati Bengals tickets? 

You can get different tickets with varied privileges and access to watching the Bengals in action. The game day fan experience is taken to another level by the season ticket membership.  

You can join the season ticket membership waiting list, and once they become available, you will have priority to get one. Season ticket packages include Club Seat memberships, reserved seating, and Canopy Crazies. Each of these will depend on the level of seating you choose. 


Apart from the season tickets, you can get a hold of luxury suites at the Cincinnati Bengals stadium. These are available as full-season suites and single-game options. The perks of getting a suite include a VIP experience, private restrooms, the best views, pre-game sideline visits, and more.  

Besides all this, you can get group tickets. You can see more about each ticket type and buy them from the official Cincinnati Bengals website. The stadium management only accepts mobile tickets. 

Which is the home stadium of the Bengals? 

The Cincinnati Bengals have been playing their home games at Paycor Stadium since 2000. They have also used Riverfront Stadium and Nippert Stadium in the past. 

Paycor Stadium was originally called Paul Brown Stadium after the founder of the Bengals franchise. Commonly known as the ‘Jungle,’ the Cincinnati Bengals home stadium has more than 65,000 seats for NFL games.¬†

Where is the Cincinnati Bengals’ home stadium located?¬†

Paycor Stadium, home of the Bengals, is located at 1 Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati, Ohio. However, you can easily locate the stadium near popular destinations like the Andrew J Brady Music Center and Carol Ann’s Carousel.¬†

How to get to Paycor Stadium 

If you are driving to the Cincinnati Bengals game, the stadium is located very close to downtown Cincinnati. You can drive via West 4th Street, Central Avenue, or Ohio River Scenic Byway to reach the stadium from the downtown region. This route is nearly 0.3 miles long, and depending on traffic conditions, it will take 2 minutes to get to the destination. 


You can also use the transit services like the buses operated by the transit authority of Northern Kentucky. For example, to get to the Paycor Stadium, you can get off at Rosa Parks on the west of Freedom Center if you get on the bus from Newport. Similarly, you can reach Walnut Street at Freedom Way from the Covington route. 

Is there on-site parking at Paycor Stadium? 

Yes. You can pre-purchase parking passes for the stadium parking lots. In addition, multiple different facilities, including surface lots and garages, are accessible through different gates at Paycor Stadium. 

These facilities include the Hilltop Lot, Lot 1, Lots A, B, D, and E, East Garage Lot, CRG East, Mid and West Garages, Broadway Lot, and many others. Each of these varies in the number of spaces and parking charges. 

Keep in mind that each of these has different opening times. For instance, the CRG West and Mid garages open six hours before the game starts. Similarly, a few surface lots will allow entry four hours before the game begins. So, plan accordingly to avoid heavy traffic before and after the game. 

Can you tailgate at Paycor Stadium? 

Yes. Tailgating is one of the exciting¬†parts of the fans’ experience at Paycor Stadium. You can meet and socialize with other fans, with drinks and food. All lots at the Paycor Stadium can be used for tailgating during NFL games.¬†


Most of these on-site lots will open four hours before the game kicks off. Also, it is decided that all people tailgating must leave the premises before midnight in case of evening games. 

What are the cheap options for parking near Paycor Stadium? 

Most people see on-site facilities as the primary choice for game day parking. But the Cincinnati Bengals’ official parking can be expensive for some, so it is always better to look for affordable options. Street parking spaces are the first thing that comes to mind when discussing cheap parking. ¬†

Another option is to find private parking lots and garages near Paycor Stadium. These are available all around the Cincinnati Bengals stadium, and you can get the best rates if you know where to find them. 

Is there street parking near the Cincinnati Bengals home stadium? 

Yes. There are many street parking spaces in locations surrounding the stadium. Some of these allow you to park for free for a specific period. On the contrary, you can find multiple metered parking spots much closer to the Cincinnati Bengals stadium. 

Some of the streets you can find parking spots include West 3rd Street, West Freedom Way, Plum Street, Elm Street, Mc Farland Street, Race Street, and many others. All these locations mentioned above are within a 10-minute walk from Paycor Stadium. 


But street parking comes with its risks. If you are a first-timer and are not knowledgeable about the local parking rules and regulations, street parking is not for you. Even a minor parking violation can result in heavy fines and harsh penalties. So, it is good to look for other places to leave your car while you watch the game. 

Why use off-site parking garages for Cincinnati Bengals games

Unlike street parking, off-site parking garages near Paycor Stadium are very safe. There is no chance of theft and parking violations. You pay for the hours you want to park and take the car out once you finish watching the game. 

In addition, the parking charges are much less than the on-site parking facilities. You can get a range of features and charges at these facilities. The parking rates will depend on how close the facility is to the stadium and what features they offer. 


You can enjoy premium parking features like valet parking, paved parking spaces, accessible parking, and more at these facilities. In addition, features like camera surveillance and security personnel will ensure your car is safe. The highlight is you get all these without waiting in a long line of cars or heavy traffic before and after the game. 

How to find cheap parking garages near Paycor Stadium 

Now that you have decided on getting off-site parking garages for the next Cincinnati Bengals game, we will help you to find one. The simplest way to get one of these garages is to use an online parking service like Way.com. Both the Way.com website and the Way app will help you locate all nearby garages along with their features and charges. 

Once you have chosen a garage that suits your needs and budget, share the entry and exit times and pay the corresponding parking charges. This way, it is fast and easy to find and book parking for Cincinnati Bengals games. Besides, booking through Way.com can get you special deals and extra discounts on parking charges at off-site garages. 

Cincinnati Bengals stadium parking

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