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What You Should Know before Going to City Hall Park

  • City Parking
  • Silas Smith
  • 3 minutes

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With lush greens and a serene atmosphere, City Hall Park provides a much-needed cozy spot for New York residents to unwind after their busy schedules. The 8.8-acre-wide park, nestled between the New York City Hall, Woolworth Building, and the Manhattan Bridge, is the best pick for those looking to spend quality time with their friends and family on a picnic or casually watch people from different walks of life. Furthermore, the park is pet friendly, and you can take your furry friends along to spend a day here.  

This area is also a great place for art and architecture enthusiasts, thanks to a handful of structures, including an iconic fountain, and centuries-old buildings, including the City Hall surrounding it. Some of the beautiful structures that call the City Hall Park its home are the Horace Greeley Statue and Nathan Hale Statue. But before you go, make sure to find a convenient spot for parking near City Hall Park. 

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How to reach City Hall Park in New York? 

City Hall Park in New York sits right next to the City Hall at Bradway and Chambers Street, New York, NY 10038. It is situated right in the city’s center, in its busy downtown area, making it neither difficult to spot it nor get there.  

Is the park visitor friendly? 

Visitors of the park often leave good remarks about its people-friendliness of it, thanks to its cooperative staff and liberal rules that ensure a good time for its visitors. Furthermore, the park is also secured by police protection, which makes it a safe and secure place to visit. However, be mindful of the protests happening here and the chaos associated with them, which might affect your peaceful picnic day. Also, stay away if you’re afraid of the dark, as they do not often turn on the lights at dusk.  

Things to do at City Hall Park 

City Hall Park is the right place to go if you’re looking to enjoy a calm and quiet day without indulging in many activities and rather looking to spend your time sky gazing and people-watching. Picnicking is another great option to spend your time here. Furthermore, you’ll also find a lot of food vendors here. So, grab yourself a bite and enjoy the magnificent views the park offers.  

Where to park near City Hall Park NYC? 

70 Gold Street Lot B Parking 

70 Gold Street Lot B Parking, just half a mile away, is a safe place to leave your car while you enjoy a day at City Hall Park. Located within Southbridge Towers, you can enter this lot through the east side of Gold Street, between Beekman Street and Spruce Street. BrainXcape Escape Room, Titanic Memorial Park, The Woolworth Building, and Zuccotti Park are some of the other popular locations in close proximity to this parking lot.  

The 70 Gold Street Lot B Parking facility near City Hall offers 24×7 parking with convenient facilities like covered parking and valet parking at discounted rates. Parking at 70 Gold Street Lot B Parking for an hour will cost you as little as $12 an hour, which is way cheaper than any other lot in this area. Furthermore, you can also avail of a valet-parking facility if you’re not too keen on parking on your own. This facility also comes with a free cancellation facility in case your travel plans change.  

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