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The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Your Car after Halloween

  • Cars Explained
  • Natasha Young
  • 9 minutes

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Halloween season is finally here. The upcoming week is going to be super exciting with all the plans and not to mention the classic trick or treat. It’s that undeniable high we give in to without any second thoughts. It’s all about the wild parties, pranks, and car trashing. After all, Halloween night is one crazy ride! But what about the aftermath? Candy wrappers, glue, and pumpkin stains… now that’s some real horror! Don’t worry, we got you! We have come up with the ultimate post-Halloween clean-up guide for you. And now, cleaning your car after Halloween is a piece of cake! 

a Halloween themed gif

Pumpkin stains 

Pumpkin flesh, aside from the tough outer shell, is not deadly unless it is left on for a long period of time. You should be fine as long as you clean your car as soon as possible. Despite the fact that pumpkins contain seeds, the flesh and moisture around them protect the paint from damage. 

If you look closely, you’ll see that the pumpkins’ flesh and liquid have dried on your car, and they may have even dented it. Pumpkins are known to break when struck, but the blow must be quite hard for the side panels to survive. 

Halloween season

How to get rid of pumpkin stains 

Using water pressure to remove larger chunks and a soft-wash mitt to carefully remove more tenacious parts is crucial to clearing up the major problem. If you’re worried about a pumpkin attack, consider using a cleaner that restores the shine to your car’s paint.  

For small surface abrasions caused by the pumpkin’s shell, use a high-quality soap and paintwork cleaning lotion to clean the surface thoroughly. It’s quick and easy to use: just wipe it on, wait for a haze to build, and then buff it off. The paint will have a liquid texture after the surface flaws are removed, and the pumpkin will be gone forever. 


Eggs, which at first glance appear to be harmless, can really inflict significant damage to vehicle paint surfaces, including scratching, chipping, and peeling. For the egg yolk on your automobile to be removed, it has to break free somehow, and the impact of the egg hitting your car results in ring-shaped shell fragments bursting onto the surface, causing scratches.  

These scratches may be buffable, or they may pierce the topcoat and occasionally even chip away paint to reveal the metal body underneath, depending on how close the pitcher is. If left on for an extended period of time, egg yolk and white can eat into the surface of the car since they are so acidic. 

Cracked eggs on road

How to get rid of eggshells and stains

To avoid rubbing tiny particles of eggshells all over the place, use the pressure of a hose to remove the dried egg carefully. Take a closer look at the region after you’ve cleaned the surface. If the paint has worn away and the surface is rough, you’ll need to repaint or risk leaving a permanent mark. Repainting the car is the only way to fix the egg’s effects, which often leave it looking cloudy or faded. 

For cleaning your car after Halloween: A proper car wash, clay bar, and wax, on the other hand, may suffice if the eggshells did not cause any harm and you were able to get the egg in time. The color of your car can also make a difference; lighter tones like silver, white, and beige hide scars better than darker hues like black, blue, or dark green. 

Shaving cream 

Shaving cream, on the other hand, contains chemicals, so differing kinds may discolor your paint and even eat away at the clear coat in the worst-case situation. If you leave the shaving cream on your car for days at a time, it will corrode the paint. However, if you deal with the problem immediately and use the right solutions, you can swiftly melt the frothy mess away and restore your car’s luster. 

A car covered in shaving cream

How to get rid of shaving cream  

The first step to getting rid of shaving cream is to moisten the substance so that it can be rinsed away without being scraped. Use enough water pressure to properly clean the vehicle’s surface. A mild all-in-one wash should remove any remaining shaving cream from the paint once the surface has been cleared of caked-on shaving cream. You should use a soft wash mitt or microfiber towel when doing this because you never know if there will be hardened shaving cream left over after your initial shower. 

An all-in-one cleaner is your best bet in this circumstance. If there aren’t any sharp edges, the paint won’t chip during an attack. There are chemicals in the cream, such as fragrances and dyes, that should not be on the surface of your car. Be sure to remove all traces of the cream before driving. 

Silly strings 

However, even though silly string, like shaving cream, forms a thick shell as soon as it hardens, the substance itself is not hazardous. Remember: If you’re angry, don’t remove the string with your hands. Grab the hose instead after taking a deep breath. 

cleaning your car after Halloween

How to get rid of silly strings 

To avoid having to deal with a clogged drain while cleaning your car, make sure your driveway has a decent drainage system in place. When cleaning your car after Halloween, make use of the water’s pressure to clear the surface of silly string.  

If the string hasn’t gotten stuck in the door frames or side mirrors, try again. Using finer equipment, such as cotton swabs may be beneficial in this scenario. Always use soft, smooth-surfaced tools. It’s a no-no to use anything sharp, including toothpicks and fingernails. Never use anything to remove substances from the surface that can scratch the paint. 

You might want to take a closer look once the silly string has been rinsed away completely. It’s more likely that lighter-colored cars will get soiled because of the dye in the string. Damages like this can’t be undone with a repaint, just like with the egg. The discoloration and hazy residue can be removed with certain products, though. 


When setting up your own trunk or treat, you’ll definitely need glue. It is guaranteed that glue will find its way past the decorations and get stuck with your car’s surface. Leftover glue or residue from stickers, decals, pinstriping and other embellishments is unappealing. But they are removable.

cleaning your car after Halloween

How to get rid of leftover glue

If the glue is on the car’s exterior, clean the area first with soap and water to remove dirt and debris that could harm the underlying paint. To soften the glue, use a hairdryer, but be careful not to overheat the paint. With the help of a plastic scraper,  remove any loose adhesive without scratching the surface.

After removing the adhesive residue, wash with soapy water, dry with a clean rag, and wax. Use the same procedure for interiors and windows; if you are met with stubborn leftovers, use acetone to wipe them away before washing.

Candies and wrappers 

Trick or treat leaves you with sticky candies and wrappers all over the place. If you’ve ever melted candy, you know how much of a sticky mess it is. Once it hardens, it sticks to surfaces even more than your teeth. Getting rid of it while cleaning your car after Halloween is simple but needs unconventional methods.  

Kid holding a bowl of candies

How to get rid of candy stains 

When the candy is mushy and melty, it will be the easiest to remove. Using a hairdryer in the warm setting and keeping the hardened candy a few inches away will help soften it back up. Connect the hairdryer with an extension cord if necessary. Use a hair drier to soften the candy. 

Once it’s melted, use a plastic scraper or a spoon to remove the candy from the stick. Wash the area with mild dish soap and water after the majority of the residue has been removed. Read: What Wikipedia can’t tell you about how to wash car seats to wipe away any stains from car seats. 

Wet toilet-paper 

To your relief, toilet paper is the least damaging and abrasive projectile you’ll ever encounter when you are cleaning your car after Halloween. Because it’s free of any chemicals or items that could erode your paint, the toilet paper isn’t just soft (even when wet). Dried toilet paper only has one drawback: getting rid of every last fleck. Hardened toilet paper is clumsy to remove, and wet toilet paper is prone to shredding and sticking.

Car decorated with wet toilet papers

How to get rid of wet toilet paper 

To begin, dampen the toilet paper and lift it from the bowl. Do not attempt to remove the lumps by knocking them off or picking at them. The majority of the toilet paper should come off the car easily with high-pressure water, but be cautious since little pieces of paper may break off and land in other places on the car, where they could harden and cause further damage. Wet toilet paper poses no immediate threat, so a thorough cleaning can be postponed. Your car will appear new in no time with only a quick rinse and some soap. 

Halloween season gif

There is no fun being that grumpy old person standing with a shotgun to keep your car safe from a Halloween attack! It goes without saying that you should keep your car in the garage. Car covers and alarms that detect movement near your vehicle are two other alternatives. Be cautious but don’t forget to have some crazy kinda fun. Let us know what are your plans for this Halloween!

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