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Enjoy the Next Cleveland Cavaliers Game at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse

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Known among the fans as ‘Cavs,’ the Cleveland Cavaliers were among three expansion teams to join the NBA in 1970. The team from Cleveland is a member of the Eastern Conference Central Division and has tasted success in the past. The Cavaliers have won one championship title, five conference titles, and 7 Division titles during their stay in the NBA. 


The team has gained massive popularity all over the world thanks to one LeBron James. James completed 11 memorable seasons with the team and won everything from Rookie of the year to MVP. Home games at the Cleveland Cavaliers stadium see a full house, especially against major rivals. 

Cleveland Cavaliers parking

If you are a new fan of the Cavaliers, this will serve as a guide for the home games. In addition, you can get more details about Cleveland Cavaliers games, schedule, squad, and parking details. 

What are the upcoming games of the Cavaliers? 

Chicago Bulls will host the Cavaliers in the next game day. Following this, the Cavs are set to have a busy November at home and on the road.  

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During the rest of October and mid-November, they will play against Washington Wizards, Orlando Magic, Boston Celtics, New York Knicks, Detroit Pistons, Los Angeles Lakers, LA Clippers, Sacramento Kings, Golden State Warriors, Minnesota Timberwolves, and more. 


For the complete Cleveland Cavaliers schedule, visit the official team website. 

Cleveland Cavaliers news | Cleveland Cavaliers score | Cleveland Cavaliers standings 

What is the current Cleveland Cavaliers roster? 

The current Cleveland Cavaliers squad of the 2022-23 NBA season is a comparatively young team. However, along with experienced campaigners like Kevin Love and Robin Lopez, the squad has some exciting young players. 

  • Kevin Love 
  • Caris LeVert 
  • Evan Mobley 
  • Lamar Stevens 
  • Dylan Windler 
  • Darius Garland 
  • Mamadi Diakite 
  • Ricky Rubio 
  • Isaiah Mobley 

Visit the official Cavaliers website for the complete list of Cleveland Cavaliers players. In addition, the team’s head coach is JB Bickerstaff, and Greg Buckner is the associate head coach. You can also find the rest of the coaching staff on the team website. 

How much are the Cleveland Cavaliers tickets? 

Tickets for high-profile game days will be in high demand, and you can expect these to be priced quite high. For instance, you might have to pay twice the normal rates for games against the Lakers, Mavericks, and Warriors. On the other hand, single-game ticket prices can be as low as $25 for seats at the topmost level of the stadium. Similarly, the club and floor seats, which are closer to the action, will cost you more than $1000 at times. 

You can also get a Cleveland Cavaliers season membership. Now you can make an initial deposit for Upper Level, Lower Level, and Premium Seating. The deposit ranges from $250 for the upper-level seats to $1000 for premium seating. 


Apart from the ticket types mentioned above, there are special offers like group tickets, Student Pass, and more. Similar plans include GovX tickets, which offer military and first responders discounts. Families can also get the Family Fun Pack which includes four tickets. 

See the official website of the Cavaliers for complete information about each ticket. You can also purchase tickets from this website or through ticket platforms like SeatGeek. 

Which is the home stadium of the Cavaliers? 

Ever since 1994, the Cavaliers have called Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse their home. This multi-purpose arena is also home to the Cleveland Monsters of the American Hockey League and serves as the secondary venue for the Cleveland State Vikings. 


Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse opened in 1994 and has hosted the Cavaliers ever since. The stadium is also equipped to host music concerts and conventions and is busy throughout the year. For hockey games, the stadium can accommodate more than 9,400 people, and during NBA games, this goes as high as 19,432. 

Where is the Cleveland Cavaliers’ home stadium located? 

Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse is located at 1 Center Court, Cleveland, Ohio. Additionally, you can locate Progressive Field, the home of Cleveland Guardians of MLB, just 0.2 miles from this stadium. Other popular destinations near the stadium include many restaurants, bars, hotels, and other entertainment facilities. 

How to get to Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse 

You can drive or use public transport on game day to reach the Cavaliers stadium. From downtown Cleveland, you can take three routes by road to get to Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse. The fastest is via Rockwell Avenue and East 9th Street, which is a 0.7-mile drive that might take around 3 minutes.  


Other alternatives include driving a similar distance through East 13th Street and Huron Road East or through Superior Avenue and East 9th Street.  

The RTA runs trains to stations near the stadium on game days. You can get down at the Tower City station, which is a mere 0.2 miles from the Cleveland Cavaliers stadium. 

Is there on-site parking at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse? 

Yes. Gateway East Garage is one of the main official parking facilities for the Cleveland Cavaliers games. In addition, the Jack Cleveland Casino Garage can also be used. The latter and Gateway East Garage have enough spaces to hold around 3300 cars. This is clearly not enough for a stadium with more than 19,000 people during each game. 


The East Garage has a bridge that connects the facility directly to the stadium. Similarly, both the on-site garages have passenger elevators, making getting to the stadium easier.  

Parking gates at the Gateway East Garage for Cleveland Cavaliers games will open 3 hours before the game begins. When Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse and Progressive Field have events, you must pre-purchase parking passes to enter the facility. 

Can you tailgate at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse? 

Unfortunately, tailgating is not permitted at the official parking spaces of the Cavaliers arena. But there are many eateries, including restaurants and bars, where you can enjoy a drink with fellow Cavs fans. 

Is there street parking near the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse? 

Yes. You can find a limited number of on-street parking locations around the stadium. Some of these can be found at 1122 Rockwell Avenue and 1801 St Clair Avenue Northeast. But these will be in high demand during game days. As a result, all nearby street parking spaces will be occupied hours before the game begins. 

Also, the parking authority takes regulations very seriously, which means you will be in trouble for parking violations. Any violations, even minor ones, can result in parking tickets, hefty fines, or worse. But, of course, nobody wants their car getting towed on a Cleveland Cavaliers game day. 

What are the cheap options for parking near Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse? 

Street parking is usually the cheapest option for many fans attending the Cleveland Cavaliers games. But since the number of spaces is limited and finding a vacant space is challenging, you need to look elsewhere for cheap parking rates. 


That is where off-site garages near Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse will be useful. These facilities are within walking distance from the stadium, and you can get the best service at these off-site parking garages. 

Why use off-site parking garages for Cleveland Cavaliers games? 

As you saw above, street parking is not the safest option for parking your car. There are chances of crimes like theft and risks of violating the parking rules. Unlike the streets, off-site parking garages near Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse have safety features like camera surveillance and 24-hour security personnel. In addition, the lot attendants also make sure your ride is safe at the facility. 

Similarly, you can avoid heavy traffic before and after the game by choosing to park at an off-site garage. Since Progressive Field is located next door, the neighborhood will be packed with people and cars when both venues have events. On the contrary, if you park in an off-site garage for a Cleveland Cavaliers game, you can park in a space and take a short walk to the stadium.  

Off-site garages also have premium features like valet parking, contactless parking, and paved parking spaces. You can enjoy all these at rates much less than official parking lots.  

How to find cheap parking garages near Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse 

The easiest process of finding an off-site parking garage near the Cleveland Cavaliers stadium is to use an online parking app like Way.com. With both the Way.com website and the Way app, you can locate all nearby facilities, including lots and garages. You can see the available features and the corresponding rates, along with the lot name. 


Once you choose a garage that suits your needs, input the entry and exit times. After you pay the charges, a parking spot is guaranteed for the next Cavaliers game day. Besides, using Way.com can get you special deals and discounts on parking charges. 

Cleveland Cavaliers parking Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse

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