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Closest Airports to Sedona That Will Save You Time and Money

  • Airport Guide
  • Monica Joseph
  • 10 minutes

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Sedona, also known as “Little Hollywood”, played a significant role in the early days of the film industry. With its mesmerizing natural attractions and thrilling adventures, Sedona is a must-visit destination for any travel enthusiast. If you’re wondering how to reach this historic town, let us help you find the closest airports to Sedona. Follow the trail with us.

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Get Your Heads Up in the Cloud, Literally! 

Are you looking for the closest airport to Sedona for your holiday destination? Fly to this dreamy spot where the yesteryear Hollywood flicks found the best frames from Holly Cross, Cathedral Rock, Red Rock State Park, and much more. 

Closest airports to Sedona

Start planning your trip to the most inviting place of the West from the departure terminal, connecting flights or nonstop flights, and most importantly, budget. Whether you love the luxury of landing in the heart of Sedona or the excuse for a road trip that drives way to Sedona, choose from the list of airports near Sedona.

Which is the Closest Airport to Sedona? 

Sedona Airport is by far the closest airport to Sedona. But this proximity, too close to deny, is still refrained by many travelers. Only private jet planes fly around here, offering nothing much more than a scenic outlook and a handful of restaurants. However, if you are at the mercy of time, bet on this spot; it’s just a 15-minute drive away. 

The second closest airport to rely on would be the Flagstaff Pulliam Airport, which is just about 26 miles away and a 45-minute drive. Flagstaff Pulliam Airport is a blessing in disguise for all trippers who would refrain from hiring a rental car. The public transportation system is well-connected and available around the clock, with buses running from Flagstaff to Sedona. 

If fewer connections and affordability can attract you like bees to honey, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport would be the best choice. Give your Sidonian dream the “comfy, economical” wings to fly with this choice of airport closest to Sedona. The Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is a 2-hour drive and over 119 miles away. This airport terminal harbors a large influx of domestic and international flights with the boon of affordability.  

  1. Flagstaff Pulliam Airport (FLG)

(25.1 miles apart from Sedona) 

Closest airports to Sedona

Who can board from Flagstaff Pulliam Airport? 

Travel enthusiasts in and around Denver, Phoenix, or Dallas Fort Worth can get their golden tickets to “Little Hollywood” through this travel buddy terminal. 

 How do you get to Sedona from Flagstaff Pulliam Airport? 

  • Driving: The simplest way to go from Flagstaff Pulliam Airport to Sedona if you don’t have a car is to rent one. Traveling between the two via AZ-89A S/N State Rte 89A will only take approximately forty to fifty minutes. If you’re not coming from one of those three locations, you can find a flight that links to Phoenix, Fort Worth, or Denver. 
  • Make a tour reservation: If you prefer not to drive alone, several tour alternatives are available because Flagstaff is close to Sedona. Consider taking a small-group tour to Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon from Sedona or Flagstaff. 

Airlines Operating at Pulliam Airport in Flagstaff 

American Airlines operates many daily flights from the Flagstaff Pulliam Airport to Phoenix, Arizona, Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, and Denver, Colorado. 

If you’re not coming from one of those three locations, you can find a flight that links to Phoenix, Fort Worth, or Denver. 

Places to visit between Flagstaff Pulliam Airport and Sedona 


Slide Rock State Park
Image by mattcaz from Pixabay

With a lavish 40-minute drive from the airport to Sedona, you are on the brighter side to drop a visit at various attractions. Make some memories on the way and experience the roadie in you.

Our best four spots:

  • Flagstaff City: You should check out the city’s attractions before leaving for your picturesque journey to Sedona. Flagstaff is a charming historic town nestled between ponderosa pine forests, deserts, and mountains, offering an abundance of sights and activities. 
  • Slide Rock State Park: One of the greatest waterfalls in Sedona drizzles at Slide Rock State Park, which also features a natural water slide. It’s a terrific place to take the family swimming at this well-liked recreation area. 
  • Oak Creek Canyon: Worth a visit. Oak Creek Canyon is a river gorge situated halfway between Flagstaff and Sedona. Along with some fantastic Sedona experiences, this region has some stunning Sedona campgrounds. 
  • Oak Creek Vista: One of the greatest spots to see the sunset close to Sedona is Oak Creek Visita, which you’ll find shortly after leaving Flagstaff. This stunning location offers miles of views across Oak Creek Canyon. 
  1. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX)

(119.2 miles apart from Sedona) 

Closest airports to Sedona

Who can board from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport? 

Are you looking forward to an enthralling road trip to Sedona? Halt your search and book your next flight to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX). Get your “airplane mode on” (literally speaking) and save money for fun activities at Sedona if you are an international traveler by opting for this airport terminal.  

How do you get to Sedona from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport? 

  • Driving: If you don’t have a car, renting one is the most convenient way to go from Phoenix Airport to Sedona. If you make several stops along the route, the travel via I-17 N would take about two hours or longer. 
  • Rent an RV: Hiring an RV from Outdoorsy and organizing a fantastic camping vacation across the state is another exciting choice.  
  • Plan a tour: Scheduling a tour is an enjoyable alternative if you would like not to stress about driving after renting a car. You can go from Phoenix to Sedona with a tour, such as the Small Group Sedona Red Rock and Native American Ruins Day Tour, which stops at some of the most picturesque and well-known Arizona monuments. 

Airlines Operating at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport 

Airlines that operate nonstop flights into Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport include Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, SkyWest Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Qatar Airways, United, Envoy Air, and Delta. 

But in addition to Frontier, numerous other airlines provide connecting flights to Phoenix Sky Harbor. 

Places to visit between Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and Sedona 

Closest Airports to Sedona

In the 2–3-hour journey from the airport terminal to Sedona, enrich your journey with planned halts to make the most out of your happy vacay time! 

  • Arcosanti: Arcosanti is an experimental community located roughly 70 miles north of Phoenix in the high desert. It is an example of arcology, in which ecological considerations blend with architectural design. It’s an interesting location to see! 
  • Pueblo ruin: The Pueblo ruin at Tuzigoot National Monument finds itself atop a ridge composed of sandstone and limestone. It’s among Arizona’s best-preserved historical sites. If you’re searching for an adventure, there are fantastic options to kayak the Verde River nearby. 
  • Montezuma’s Castle National Monument: Like Tuzigoot, Montezuma’s Castle National Monument is a remarkable example of a group of homes in Camp Verde. There is a ⅓ trail for hiking, and it’s a worthwhile stop. 
  • Chapel of the Holy Cross: Built amid the red rock buttes of Sedona in 1954, the Chapel of the Holy Cross stands aloft as a Roman Catholic chapel. It’s a well-liked, free destination in Coconino Forest and a fantastic spot for the Sedona sunset. 
  1. Las Vegas McCarran International Airport (LAS)

(276.8 miles apart from Sedona) 

Closest airports to Sedona

Who can board from Las Vegas McCarran International Airport (LAS)? 

Recently renamed as Las Vegas Harry Reid Airport, this is the first choice for any travel buddy trying to knock off Las Vegas from their bucket list on the go with Sedona. This airport is a great alternative for international travelers seeking cheap, nonstop flights to Sedona. US local travelers can also rely on this terminal for their happy journeys.

How do you get to Sedona from Las Vegas McCarran International Airport (LAS)? 

  • Hire a vehicle: Hiring a vehicle is a practical way to travel from Las Vegas to Sedona. It would be the ideal occasion for a road trip, taking about four to five hours to complete. To escort you with your travel planning, check out Las Vegas to Antelope Canyon. 
  • Make a reservation: If you don’t intend to stay at least three days on the tour, making a reservation for a tour from the Las Vegas Airport to Sedona can be challenging. Most of these tours last between three and five days, so if that sounds okay, the three-day tour that includes Sedona, Monument Valley, and Antelope Canyon might be the right choice! 

Airlines Operating out of the Las Vegas Airport 

McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas hosts more than thirty airlines. 

American Airlines, Delta, Southwest, Air Canada, KLM, Virgin, Spirit, Air France, and British Airways are a few of these airlines. 

The Las Vegas Airport is directly accessible from all major US airports and several foreign airports. With a 4-5 hours long drive, stop at these spots you never want to miss! Fill your travel journey with amazing narratives that inspire every other to hit the road! 

Places to visit between Las Vegas McCarran International Airport and Sedona 


  • Hoover Dam: One of the most famous stops from Las Vegas to Sedona is the Hoover Dam. Arizona, Nevada, and California may be powered by the Colorado River thanks to this dam constructed to capture its energy.
Hoover Dam
Image by Simon from Pixabay
  • Grand Canyon Caverns: One of the biggest limestone caverns in the US is Grand Canyon Caverns. The caverns are an excellent spot to escape the heat because they provide four tour options and overnight facilities. 
  • Lake Mead: One of the biggest reservoirs in the United States is Lake Mead. Numerous activities are available at the lake, including swimming, boating, fishing, camping, and hiking. 
  1. Sedona International Airport Sedona International Airport

Sedona Airport permits only private airlines to fly in. And this can burn a hole in one’s pocket if they are on a budget. 

Alternatives to “board.” 

Prescot Ernest 

(55 miles apart from Sedona) 

Prescott is the perfect starting point for any trip to Arizona because of its central Arizona position and easy accessibility. Prescott can also be your beginning and ending airport. Especially if you’re flying in or connecting from Los Angeles, Denver, Moab, Page, or Kingman. Thanks to Great Lake Airlines’ limited commercial airline service. 

Drive time from Prescott to Sedona is 55 miles and 1.5 hours. 

Grand Canyon Airport 

(105 miles apart from Sedona) 

Use a private or charter aircraft and fly into Grand Canyon Airport. It lies close to Tusayan and the South Rim entry. 

Sedona is located 105 miles (two hours’ drive) from Grand Canyon/Tusayan. 

Wrapping up 

Enjoy the southwest of the US the way you want. Jot down the trip plan and succumb to your travel desires by narrowing down the best option from the list. Whether you want adventure or an a-Ford-able trip to Sedona with family, we have you covered! 

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You can count on us for the best gas discounts, finding EV charging near you, auto insurance, auto refinance, car washes, and as always, the best parking near you!  

Get ready for savings all the Way!  


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