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What Does Code 82 in the Chevy Spark Dashboard Mean?

  • Car Care Tips
  • Xavier Sabastian
  • 4 minutes

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The Chevy Spark is a compact, fun vehicle to drive around. Code 82 is one of the most common dashboard alerts for a Chevrolet Spark or Sonic. Most people get a little anxious and perplexed: the first time this code appears.  

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Code 82 indicates an issue with the engine oil in your Chevy Spark. Low oil levels, contaminated oil, or a malfunction in the engine’s oil system can all trigger this error code. 

Still, please don’t misunderstand us. If your car displays a Code 82, it is not an emergency. Your car is still usable. However, for the sake of your engine’s lifespan, you should get the oil changed as soon as possible. If you know that you’ve just changed the oil, but the code still appears on the dashboard, the mechanic who did the oil change probably forgot to clear it. That’s why it continued to display on your dashboard. 

Remember that the Code 82 warning has nothing to do with your oil’s quality but the total miles you’ve traveled. Every 7,500 miles, it is programmed to turn on automatically. 

Code 82 in Chevy Spark 

The Chevrolet Spark’s code 82 indicates that it needs an oil change. This is a notification, not a warning, but it needs to be dealt with immediately. After changing the oil, you can reset the system to get rid of the Code 82 issue.

Reasons for Code 82 

  • The oil in the engine has reached its limit and has to be changed. Code 82 alerts you to the fact that this must be changed asap. 
  • The person who changed the oil in your Chevy Spark did nothing to clear Code 82. It appears that following the oil change on your Chevrolet Spark, no reset of Code 82 was performed. Therefore, Code 82 is a false alarm in this instance. 

Resetting code 82 in Chevy Spark 

Start the car 

Turning on the power is the first step. 

Navigate the screen to the remaining Oil Life. 

If you press the menu button and scroll down to this specific area, you’ll see the oil life and the % of oil left. 

‘Reset’ comes up on the screen. Hold the SET/CLR button down for a while. 

The SET/CLR button must be held down until the oil percentage changes to 100%. A beep sound will be heard as soon as it reaches 100%. 

Put the key in the ignition and start the car. 

The code 82 should disappear if the vehicle is turned off and restarted. 

If my car has a Code 82, can I still drive it? 

Code 82 will show when your oil life reaches 5% or less. However, it is not an immediate emergency. Code 82 indicates the remaining oil life and displays a number. In most cases, you may rest assured that everything will be fine if you patch it before the countdown reaches zero. 

When there is a problem with the oil level or pressure, the dashboard will show Code 82. If that’s the case, topping off the oil in the engine should fix things. If the code remains, it’s preferable to get the vehicle serviced so the cause of the problem may be identified and remedied. Your car’s performance may suffer if you continue to drive with an error code, and you may end up with more serious issues if you ignore it. 

Code 83 on my Chevrolet Spark 

Code 83 indicates that it is time to replace the oil and filter. A reminder to change the oil and filter will flash every seven thousand and five hundred miles. 

What kind of oil to put in my Chevy Spark 

For most climates, SAE 5W-20 synthetic motor oil is the best option. SAE 0W-20 is an alternative oil. 

How much oil should I put in my Chevy Spark for optimal performance? 

The total oil capacity with the filter is 3.8 liters (4 quarts). 

How big of a thread diameter/pitch does the cartridge filter need? 

The filter cartridge is a spin-on type, and it has an M18 X1.5mm thread size 

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