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Collect-A-Con Is Here! Tickets, Lineup and Parking Info

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Collect-A-Con is coming back to multiple cities across the US in 2023. Starting from February, there are seven editions of Collect-A-Con in 2023 alone. Each of them marks a two-day celebration for trading card enthusiasts, collectible fans, anime, and comic lovers. 

The event will see fans from all over the country join in on the fun. There is a high demand for tickets, so if you want to guarantee your place on the convention grounds, it is better to buy them fast. But don’t worry; if you cannot make it to the February event, there are others in Denver, Long Beach, Dallas, Kansas City, and others. Read ahead for more details, including schedule, dates, tickets, and parking information. 

Collect-A-Con Parking

What is Collect-A-Con? 

Collect-A-Con is America’s largest Trading Card convention and pop culture event that is held across multiple cities. In 2023 there are seven scheduled conventions, two of which will occur in the first half of the year.  

The first Collect-A-Con 2022 at Orlando will see more than 500 dealers of collectibles, trading card games, Funko POP!s, sports cards, comics, video games, and more. There will also be special appearances by celebrities, including voice actors, comic artists, singers, and more.    

When is the next Collect-A-Con in 2023? 

The upcoming Collect-A-Con conference will be the first of the year. You can watch it in Orlando on February 25 and 26. After this, the Collect-A-Con event will travel to Dallas, Kansas City, Long Beach, Charlotte, Denver, and Houston. Tickets are now on sale through the official Collect-A-Con website

Is there a Collect-A-Con near me? 

If you are a TCG or anime fanatic, you can find tickets for the upcoming event in Orlando. Similarly, there are other events that you can choose if Orlando is too far.  There are events every month from July to November. Despite each of them having different lineups and events, you can enjoy the companionship of fellow fans at all venues alike. 

Date Venue City Find Parking
Feb 25-26, 2023 Orange County Convention Center Orlando Book Parking
May 6-7, 2023 Fort Worth Convention Center Dallas-FW Book Parking
Jul 15-16, 2023 Kansas City Convention Center Kansas City Book Parking
Aug 26-27, 2023 Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center Long Beach Book Parking
Sep 16-17, 2023 Charlotte Convention Center Charlotte Book Parking
Oct 7-8, 2023 Colorado Convention Center Denver Book Parking
Nov 4-5, 2023 George R Brown Convention Center Houston Book Parking

Collect-A-Con Orlando 


The first Collect-A-Con conference will be on February 25 and 26, 2023. The two-day weekend event requires attendees to have passes. Admission to the conference is free for children aged seven and below. 


Orange County Convention Center is the venue for the Orlando edition of Collect-A-Con 2023. It is a popular event venue that is at 9860 Universal Boulevard in Orlando, Florida. 


The Ying Yang Twins will perform on the main stage on the event’s opening day. Also, you can meet with famous voice actor Troy Baker. Other special guests will include Dan Green, Eric Stuart, Roger Craig Smith, and others. You can find the complete Collect-A-Con 2023 Orlando lineup here.

How to reach Orange County Convention Center? 

If you plan to drive to this venue, use State Road 528. Another popular route to get here is Interstate 4. There will be ample signage along these routes to let you know the route to Orange County Convention Center. 

Apart from driving to the venue, you can use public transit systems like buses. The LYNX bus and I-RIDE Trolleys have multiple routes that can get you to the Collect-A-Con conference during event dates. 

Is there official parking at the venue?  

Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, has three on-site parking spaces. This includes parking facilities at both the North/South and West buildings. Depending on the event, the parking rates and availability of spaces will vary.  

In addition, overnight parking is not permitted, and additional parking is available at the Destination Parkway Garage. When it comes to parking fees at these on-site facilities, you have to pay $20 for passenger vehicles. For oversized vehicles, the charges will be $30 per space. 

Collect-A-Con Dallas 


You can watch Collect-A-Con in Dallas on May 6 and May 7, 2023. The event will run from 10 am to 6 pm on Saturday, May 6, 2023. Similarly, the grounds will be open between 10 am and 5 pm on the second day. Tickets are not needed for children seven and under.  


The two-day Collect-A-Con Dallas will take place at the Fort Worth Convention Center. This venue is at 1201 Houston Street, Fort Worth, Texas. It houses a banquet/ballroom and theatre with a combined capacity of more than 16,000. 


Collect-A-Con Dallas is yet to announce the performing artist for the opening day. But it has a stellar lineup of talented influencers and collectors. Some of the special guests include Bryce Papenbrook, Cristina Vee, Dan Green, Erica Schroeder, and others. For the complete lineup of the Dallas event, visit the official Collect-A-Con website.

How to get to Fort Worth Convention Center? 

From downtown Fort Worth, you can drive through Commerce Street and East 9th Street to reach this Collect-A-Con venue in less than 1 minute. Similarly, if you are driving from Dallas, take the I-30 West to reach the venue in 32 minutes. You will cover around 31.6 miles by driving through this route and will arrive earlier, depending on the driving conditions. 

It is easy to locate this convention center as it sits at the heart of the Downtown region. So many public transportation facilities can get you to this venue. For instance, the Fort Worth Central Station is located only 0.3 miles from this location. 

Is there official parking at the Fort Worth Convention Center?  

Yes. Parking garages are available at the Fort Worth Convention Center. But because the Collect-A-Con is an event that attracts thousands, the on-site parking spaces may not be enough. So, you might want to look at other options that are cheaper and easily available. 

Collect-A-Con Kansas City 


Collect-A-Con 2023 will reach Kansas City on July 15 and 16. Events will start at 10 am on both days, and entry is free for children aged seven and below. 


The Kansas City Convention Center will host the Collect-A-Con 2023 in July. It is the most popular event venue, which houses multiple ballrooms, exhibit halls, and conference centers. This Collect-A-Con venue is at 301 W 13th St, Suite 100, Kansas City, MO 64105. 


You will have to wait a little longer to know the musical artist who will perform at the Kansas City Collect-A-Con. Popular influencers, artists, and collectors like Goodzilla, Nostalgic Thrill, Justin Briner, and a few others will be there. For the complete lineup of the event at Kansas City, visit the official website

How to get to Kansas City Convention Center? 

The venue for Collect-A-Con 2023, the Kansas City Convention Center, is located at the heart of downtown Kansas City. This makes getting to the venue very easy, either by car or using public transit. 

If you are driving to the stadium, I-35, I-29, and I-70 can get you closer to the venue. For instance, if you start from Liberty, MO, take the I-35 South to reach the venue in 22 minutes. Another alternative is to drive 19.3 miles through the MO-210 West, which will get you to this location in 26 minutes. The time taken for the drive will vary depending on the traffic conditions. 

Is there official parking at the Kansas City Convention Center?  

The Municipal Auditorium Plaza Parking Garage serves as the primary on-site parking facility for the convention center. It serves attendees visiting different halls of the convention center. But since it is located at the heart of the downtown area, the availability of vacant spaces is under question. Also, the parking charges might change, and there are no in/out privileges at this on-site facility. 

Collect-A-Con Long Beach 


After the event at Kansas City, Collect-A-Con 2023 will reach Long Beach on Saturday, August 26. The two-day event will wind up on Sunday, August 27, 2023. A massive crowd showed up last year at Long Beach, and we are sure that the same participation will happen this time. You will need tickets to gain entry into the venue. Children aged seven or under can get a free entry like all other venues. 


The Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center will be the venue for the Collect-A-Con 2023. Previously known as Long Beach Convention Center, this venue consists of the Long Beach Arena, Long Beach Convention Center, and the Long Beach Performing Arts Center. The venue is at 300 E Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA, and has a capacity of 13,500. 


The Collect-A-Con Long Beach lineup includes content creators, YouTubers, influencers, and collectors from all over the country. Some of the special guests include Goat Breakers, NotShivam, Lord Rush, Zach Aguilar, and more. The musical artist who will perform on the opening day has not been announced yet. Get ready for Meet & Greets with your favorite guests at Long Beach. 

How to get to Long Beach Convention Center? 

The venue is located just 0.4 miles from downtown Long Beach. So it is easy to locate and reach it through Pine Avenue in less than 5 minutes. Similarly, if you are driving from Los Angeles, there are a few different routes. 

The fastest of these routes is via the I-710 South. You will cover more than 24 miles in this journey which will take roughly 30 minutes to complete. The second route is a 25.8-mile drive via the I-110 South, which will take around 31 minutes to complete. Also, the time taken to reach this Collect-A-Con Long Beach venue will depend on the traffic conditions through these routes.  

Is there official parking at Long Beach Convention Center? 

Yes. There are three parking garages and a ground-level lot at the Long Beach Convention Center. The number of spaces will vary with each of them. The parking lot can accommodate 1,500 cars, while more than 1,800 spaces are in all three garages combined. But the availability of these spaces on event day can be a challenge. Also, the parking rates for each event might vary. So it would be better to look for other places to park your car.   

Collect-A-Con Charlotte 


Head down to Charlotte on Saturday, September 16, and Sunday, September 17, 2023, to participate in Collect-A-Con. Tickets to Charlotte’s largest trading card and anime convention are on sale now. For the complete schedule and tickets, visit the official event website.


Charlotte Convention Center is the venue for Collect-A-Con 2023. This venue hosts events of all kinds throughout the year. Established in 1995, it is located at 501 S College St, Charlotte, NC. 


Roger Craig Smith, Patricia Summersett, Chumlee, Austin Tindle, Dr. Applesauce, and a variety of content creators and influencers are waiting for you at the Charlotte Collect-A-Con 2023. In addition to stalls, there are meet and greets and autograph sessions with special guests. Also, the artist who will perform at the event is yet to be announced. 

How to get to Charlotte Convention Center? 

Located less than a mile from Charlotte Center City, this venue is easily accessible from all directions. You can choose from public transit options like trains and buses.  

If you plan to drive to this Collect-A-Con venue in Charlotte, take a route with less traffic. If you start at Monroe, NC drive 27.4 miles through US-74 BYP and US-74 W/E Independence Expressway. It will take you around 35 minutes to reach this convention center. The I-485 Inner can also take you here, but it will take you more than 42 minutes to complete the drive. 

Is there official parking at Charlotte Convention Center? 

The NASCAR Hall of Fame Parking Deck is close to the convention center. Despite being 2 minutes from the venue, the spaces will always be in high demand. Also, the parking rates may vary depending on the event. In addition, the maximum permitted vehicle height is limited to 2.28 meters. Limited accessible parking spaces are also available at this facility. 

Collect-A-Con Denver 


Denver will welcome Collect-A-Con 2023 on October 7 and 8, 2023. During this two-day weekend, thousands of collectors and fans will arrive in Denver to join in on the fun. 


Colorado Convention Center will host the two-day Collect-A-Con 2023 conference in Denver. It is one of the biggest convention centers in the United States. Just the theatre can seat more than 5000 people. You can locate this Collect-A-Con venue at 700 14th St, Denver, CO. 


Steven Aoki will headline the music performances on Saturday, October 7. The show will begin at 2:30 pm. So, make sure you arrive early. In addition, the lineup will include popular artists and content creators like David Lodge, Gary Haase, Lord Rush, and others. You can get autographs and meet with them up close during the Collect-A-Con 2023 Denver. 

How to get to Colorado Convention Center? 

It will take only 2 minutes to get to the convention center from downtown Denver. Just drive through 15th Street and then 14th Street, during which you will cover 0.4 miles. In addition, if you start from Lakewood, CO, there are two different routes to choose from. 

The fastest route from Lakewood to this Collect-A-Con venue is through the US-6 East. You will need to drive 7.3 miles, and it will take nearly 13 minutes to reach the destination, depending on traffic conditions. You can also take South Wadsworth Boulevard and then turn to US-6 East to reach the destination at a similar time. 

Is there official parking at Colorado Convention Center?  

Yes. There is an on-site parking garage at the convention center, where there are more than 660 spaces. But this facility is open 24×7 for public parking. So, there are chances that you will not find any vacant spaces at the convention center parking garage. Despite having features like EV charging spots and accessible parking, the availability of spaces is always under question. So, looking for cheaper and readily available parking nearby is better. 

Collect-A-Con Houston 


Collect-A-Con Houston will be the last conference for 2023. It will be on November 4 and 5, yet another weekend for fans to enjoy. The tickets are available through the official website of Collect-A-Con 2023. 


George R Brown Convention Center will host the final edition of Collect-A-Con in 2023. It is a popular event venue that is in downtown Houston towards the eastern side. The address to this venue is 1001 Avenida De Las Americas, Houston, TX. 


Steve Aoki will once again perform live on the main stage at Collect-A-Con Houston. Some of the popular special guests include Erica Schroeder, Charles Martinet, Veronica Taylor, Austin Tindle, and more.  

Apart from all the celebrities and influencers, you can access more than 700 vendor tables, comic books, toys, sports cars, video games, and more. 

How to get to George R Brown Convention Center? 

The George R Brown Convention Center is located within 0.4 miles of downtown Houston. You can use Rusk Street or Avenida De Las Americas to reach the destination. If you start driving from Cloverleaf, TX, take the I-10 West. It is a 13.6-mile journey from Cloverleaf, and you will get here in less than 20 minutes, depending on traffic. 

Train lines run to the city every day. You can also use other forms of public transit, like buses, to watch Collect-A-Con 2023. 

Is there official parking at George R Brown Convention Center?  

Yes. The convention center has four garages located at different parts to ensure everyone can easily locate them. The garages include Avenida North, Avenida South, Avenida Central, and the Tundra Garage. Each of these has a different number of spaces, and sometimes special event prices will be in effect. But some of these are shared parking spaces with other institutions like the Hilton Americas Hotel. 

How much are the tickets for the Collect-A-Con event? 

There are three types of passes for all Collect-A-Con events. General Admission (GA) passes, 2 Day passes, and VIP passes. You can purchase the GA ticket for each day. For Saturdays, GA tickets will be priced at $30, and on Sundays, they will be $25.  

The 2-Day Pass is sold for $45 per person, and the VIP Pass for $100 per person. The latter comes with many perks, which you can find on the official Collect-A-Con 2023 website.

The event is open to all people. But admission is free for children aged seven or below as long as an adult accompanies them. Every Saturday the convention will last between 10 am and 6 pm and Sundays it will wind up an hour early at 5 pm .  

Is there street parking available near Collect-A-Con venues? 

Since most of the venues for Collect-A-Con 2023 are located in the downtown region, you can find many on-street parking spaces nearby. Some of these will be metered parking, while some will be free. But parking rules will be different in each city. So, before parking on the streets, make sure you know the rules and regulations. Local parking authorities are strict about following the rules. If you even commit a minor violation, parking tickets with hefty fines will await you. 

In addition, street parking is never a safe option. There are chances of theft and other crimes even in the busiest neighborhoods. Even though it is cheaper than others, it would be best not to park on the streets near the Collect-A-Con venues.  

What are cheap parking options near the event venues? 

As you have read above, street parking is considered the cheapest for Collect-A-Con parking. But considering the risks associated with it, you should look elsewhere. The first place that most people look for parking is at the venue. On-site parking is available at most of the Collect-A-Con 2023 venues. Most of these venues are popular convention centers with garages and lots that offer car parking. 

But the charges at on-site garages will be expensive. Also, some of them do not allow in/out privileges, making it hard for someone new to the location. Also, the availability of parking at these on-site parking facilities will vary. But a third option can save you from all this trouble- off-site parking garages near Collect-A-Con venues. 

Off-site parking garages near the event venues will offer premium features at affordable rates. You can enjoy valet parking, ADA/Aisle access, covered parking, paved parking spaces, and more at these off-site facilities near venues. It is also easy to book parking at these facilities. 

How to find parking garages near Collect-A-Con venues? 

The best way to find off-site parking garages near Collect-A-Con venues is to use an online parking app like Way.com. Using either the Way.com website or the Way app, you can locate and book parking at the off-site garages near event venues. Pre-booking parking using Way.com can prevent wasting time finding parking on the event day. 

Enter the location and entry and exit times into the Way app. It will return a list of all active off-site parking garages in that area, along with charges and features. Choose a garage and pay the corresponding charges. That’s it! Finding and booking a parking space has never been easier. Use Way.com and get special deals and extra discounts at the off-site parking garages near different Collect-A-Con 2023 venues. 

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