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Colorado Driver’s License: What Do You Need to Get It? 

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Alpine ranges, high plains, deserts with massive sand dunes, and deep canyons are all part of Colorado’s unique topography. Driving around and seeing these will have you awestruck by the Centennial State’s topography. But, for that to happen, you’ll need to have a Colorado driver’s license.  

Driving without a valid driving license in Colorado is a ‘Class 2’ misdemeanor that may earn you a penalty or end up in jail for up to 90 days. You must be 16 years old to obtain a Colorado driver’s license. You’ll also need a valid Colorado instruction permit, your driving school’s original ‘drive test completion form,’ your Social Security Number (SSN), and your current address.  

Obtaining your first Colorado driver’s license is a big deal, but it doesn’t have to be a burden. Our blog will simplify the steps for getting a driving license in Colorado. Read more to know! 

When can you get your driver’s license in Colorado? 

Before applying for a driver’s license in Colorado, minors must hold a permit for at least 12 months. So, if you want to get your driver’s license before you reach 16, you should start the application process before you turn 15. 

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What documents do I need to get a Colorado driver’s license? 

You require the below-listed documents to get a driving license in Colorado.  

  • A legal instruction permit. 
  • Social Security Number: You should produce your Social Security Card and a payslip confirming your name and SSN. The documents should also have a W-2 form and a signed affidavit stating you’re eligible for an SSN.  
  • Proof of Colorado address: You can present documents like a bank statement, computer-generated bills, or a pre-printed paystub. It should also have DD214 and USPS change of address forms. All these documents must be dated within a year of application.   
  • Identity proof: You should produce your US Birth Certificate, US Passport, certificate of naturalization, Permanent Resident Card, US Armed Forces ID Cards, or a foreign passport with a valid I-94. 

Visit the DMV website to get more details on the documents needed.  

How to get a Colorado driver’s license 

Colorado driving license
Image courtesy: https://dmv.colorado.gov/

Obtaining your learner’s permit is the first step in getting on the road in Colorado. To apply for a permit in the state of Colorado, you must fulfill the following conditions.  

  • Pass the written examination. 
  • Produce identification, proof of legal name, date of birth, and legal status in the United States.  
  • Submit proof of their SSN, such as a social security card. 
  • A driver should also submit papers, such as school report cards, bank records, or first-class mail to prove their physical address. 
  • Pay the application cost of $16.80. 
  • They must submit an affidavit of liability and guardianship signed by a parent or legal guardian. 

Additional requirements based on your age 

  • Before applying for a Colorado license, drivers aged 15-15 ½ must finish a 30-hour education course. 
  • Drivers between the ages of 15 ½ and 16 must finish either a 30-hour driver’s education course or a 4-hour driver awareness course. 
  • Drivers aged 16 and above must not complete formal education before applying for a permit. 

Requirements for young drivers (aged 16-18) 

It’s time to apply for your license after holding your permit for at least 12 months. Applicants under 18 must meet the following requirements to obtain a Colorado driver’s license. 

  • Submit log sheets proving that they have at least 50 hours of driving time, with at least 10 hours at night. 
  • If aged under16 ½, submit proof that they have completed an approved behind-the-wheel training program. 
  • Produce all of the same documents they used to apply for their permit and their current Colorado learner’s permit. 
  • Pay the fee of $26. 
  • Pass a driver’s license test. 

Requirements for an adult license (aged above 21) 

Minor licenses are valid for 20 days after the driver reaches the age of 21. After that, you need to visit the DMV to receive an adult license. However, minor license holders must be very careful to follow the state’s teen driver restrictions until then. Breaking them could jeopardize your chance to obtain an adult driver’s license. These are some rules a minor driver must follow. 

  • Stay off the road between midnight and 5 am during the first year of your minor license. 
  • During the first six months of your minor license, only carry passengers who are 21 or older. 
  • You cannot carry no more than one passenger under 21 during the next six months of your minor license. 
  • While driving, you can’t talk on the phone or text.  

Requirements for out-of-state drivers 

You can transfer a valid out-of-state driver’s license to a Colorado driver’s license. However, this will revoke your old license. If you can’t prove your out-of-state license, you can skip the written and road tests by producing your former state’s motor vehicle record. In addition, new residents under 21 must produce an Affidavit of Identity (DR2304) signed by the parent/legal guardian and witnessed by a driver’s license employee. 

  • The following conditions can easily deny you a Colorado driver’s license. 
  • Violation of federal immigration laws 
  • Have been diagnosed as mentally ill or as an alcoholic or a regular narcotics user 
  • Owe penalties for traffic violations and have outstanding debts 

Colorado driver’s license test for new drivers


In Colorado, new drivers must complete a Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Course (TLSAE). You can complete it online or in person. This course covers the most important Colorado traffic rules, with an emphasis on those relating to road safety and alcohol consumption. 

Vision Exam 

Before getting your driver’s license, you must pass a vision exam for the safety of everyone on the road. The minimal vision standard is 20/40. Suppose you can’t satisfy it without glasses or contact lenses. In that case, you’ll be directed to a vision specialist who will charge you for glasses or contact lenses. Your license will reflect this requirement if you need prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses to drive. 

Knowledge test 

Before you get an instruction permit, you must pass a basic written test. You can complete this driving test can be completed at a driving school, but you must bring the Test Completion Form with you for your application. 

Use the Colorado Driver Handbook to prepare for your written exam. It has everything you’ll need to pass the exam. To pass this exam, you must correctly answer 20 out of 25 questions, or an average of 80%. 

Road test 

Finally, you must pass a driving test to obtain your Colorado driver’s license. You can attend this test at any DMV in the area. However, you must attend it in your vehicle, whether a private one or a rented vehicle in your name. The vehicle must have the following features. 

  • Properly working brakes, horn, tires, steering wheels, turn signals, rear-view mirrors, and brake lights 
  • Windshield wipers, lamps, and seatbelts which function correctly 
  • All windows must provide excellent visibility 
  • A legal license plate 
  • Enough gasoline 
  • If applicable, a rental agreement 

You’ll need to provide all of your documents for the Colorado driving exam. Also, expect to do the following drills throughout the exam. 

  • A three-point turn exercise 
  • Approaching a crossroad 
  • Spot right of way 
  • Keeping right speed 
  • Standard conditions and on-a-hill parking 
  • A sudden stop from 20 mph 
  • Moving reverse for about 50 feet 
  • Turning, signaling, and passing  
  • Maintaining your lane 

What happens after you complete the road test?

The examiner will grade you depending on your abilities and if you follow traffic regulations correctly. It can be like obeying all traffic signals or including stop signs. They’ll also observe your posture and following distance. Once you pass the road test, produce your documents and pay the license fee.  

The DMV will take your photo and scan your fingerprints before issuing your license. After that, they will issue a temporary driver’s license until your permanent license arrives in the mail. You may get your license in around 30 days. 

Where is the Colorado driver’s license number? 

Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles (Colorado DMV) redesigned the driver’s license in 2016. You can find the Colorado driver’s license number on the second line of text on the right side of the license, just below the date of birth. 

How many points are on a Colorado driver’s license? 

Many people wonder how many points are on their Colorado driver’s license. But the right question is, how many points will result in a suspended license? Your license will get suspended if you earn the following points in a certain time.  

Minor drivers (under 18 years) 

  • Six points in 12 successive months 
  • Seven points during the driving license period 

Minor drivers (18-21 years) 

  • Nine points in 12 successive months 
  • 12 points in 24 successive months 
  • 14 points during the driving license period 

Adult drivers (above 21) 

  • 12 points in 12 successive months 
  • 18 points in 24 consecutive points 

Chauffeur points 

  • 16 points in any 12 successive months 
  • 24 points in any 24 successive months 
  • 28 points in any 48 successive months 

How much does a driver’s license cost in Colorado? 

A standard Colorado driver’s license will cost you around $30.87, while an ID card would cost $12.67. The majority of the driving licenses require renewal every five years. 

What does DD mean on a Colorado driver’s license? 

DD represents ‘Document discriminator’ on a driving license. State agencies use DD as an internal number to distinguish your driver’s license from previously issued documents. So, if you lose your license and get a new one, the new license’s DD will differ from the old one.  

Can undocumented immigrants get a driver’s license in Colorado? 

The Colorado Road and Community Safety Act permits all Coloradans, regardless of immigration status, to get a non-REAL ID compatible driver’s license. They can get a license if they meet all standards and present identity proof and Colorado residency. 

Does Colorado have a digital driver’s license? 

Yes. The contactless Colorado Digital ID™ is the digital version of your driver’s license or state-issued identification (ID) card for identity proof, age, and address.  

Getting auto insurance in Colorado 

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