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Common Problems of Tesla Nobody wants to Talk About

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Tesla has contributed significantly to the EV sector. But the brand has some teething problems. We at Way.com have narrowed down some of Tesla owners’ most common problems.

Tesla has been in the news for all the wrong reasons as of late. They are making the same mistakes as their more established competitors in the auto industry instead of learning from them. Fans are very loyal to the brand.  There is little doubt that it will be around for a long time.

Common Tesla problems

Why Tesla is the first choice for Many?

People tend to be drawn to big names like Tesla for several reasons. For one thing, people trust the quality of a product more the more popular it is. But as time has passed, we’ve learned that this is only sometimes a reasonable assumption.

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Some buyers need to think about quality when looking for a car. Instead, they look for something that fits their image. Most people think of Tesla as a good fit because their cars are high-tech, cool, and expensive. People who are crazy about their appearance will be attracted to Tesla-like moths to flames.

But there are also a lot of people who want to use clean energy instead. These are the best options for car fans who care about the environment. All of these things draw many people to Tesla. There’s more to this company than meets the eye.

Common Tesla Problems for Tesla Owners

It is worth noting that many of these issues may be specific to certain models or production periods. Overall, Tesla vehicles have received high marks for reliability in consumer surveys.

Quality Build is Oxymoron

There have been reports of poor build quality in some Tesla cars, particularly with early models. Some common issues owners report include problems with the fit and finish of body panels, paint defects, and leaks in the sunroof. 

Tesla has also been known to have a proactive approach to addressing issues and improving the quality of their cars over time. They have handled some initial build quality issues and updated their production process to improve the overall quality.

 truck window broken tesla pickup GIF


It’s important to note that any new technology or car brand may have some initial issues. But these issues are addressed and improved with time and iteration.

If you’ve ever had problems with your Tesla, you probably know better than anyone how expensive repairs can get if a warranty or insurance doesn’t cover them. This is why¬†the insurance rates for Tesla¬†are so high. But the truth is, even if you don’t have to pay to replace these parts, they are often of much lower quality than we believe.

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Maintenance is higher than a country’s GDP

When you buy an EV, part of the appeal is that you think it will save you money in the long run. Tesla recommends that drivers sign up for maintenance plans, including a thorough vehicle inspection every 12,000 miles.

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You’ll need to set aside a good amount of money for these tests. Due to the car’s weight, the tires need to be changed more often, and that big battery will only last for a while. Prices vary depending on the year and model of the car and the driver’s choice of plan. A maintenance plan for four years costs about $2,500.00.

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Tesla: Where power steering is optional

A few people who just bought a new Tesla had trouble with the steering wheel locking up when they turned. You will not only see your whole life flash before your eyes, but you won’t have a car for a while while they fix the problem.

Issues with Tesla's steering is one of it's common problems.

Tesla had to call back more than 40,000 cars because of this problem, which could be life-threatening if it happened at the wrong time.

Privacy? Tesla’s got you covered…and uncovered

Elon Musk¬†has never had a good reputation for protecting people’s privacy, and his first company, PayPal, was even sued for it. Teslas are so connected that they can (potentially) figure out when and where you plan to drive them.

Tesla's data privacy policy is very loose and fast. It is a common problem of Tesla.

Image by storyset on Freepik

Tesla’s data privacy policy is very loose and fast. It is a common problem for Tesla. This is one of the last pieces of technology you would want if you are worried about being watched. Face recognition, sharing videos with or without your permission, and Tesla tracking your driving history and patterns are all up for debate.

You are only safe if you dig deep or have a law degree. Some people have even said that hacking Teslas could cause new problems.

Tesla’s Blind-spots are bigger than Texas!

Blind-spot detection is a common feature of many modern cars, whether electric or not. This is a nice touch; these days, it’s almost expected on a high-end vehicle.

Tesla has it's problem in alerting the drivers' of their blindspot.

Image by vectorpouch on Freepik

Most cars have warnings on the side-view mirrors if something is in the driver’s blind spot. This car doesn’t. Instead, the touchscreen shows a message. This doesn’t make sense because you should be looking at your mirrors when the car asks you to look at a screen.

Replacing a Tesla battery is a fancy way of saying “fundraiser”

Even though a charge might not be that expensive, replacing any part on a Tesla can add up. For example, if you needed to buy a new battery, the base battery would cost at least $9,500, and the extended-range battery would be close to $16,000.

Sadly, that is the same price as a good used car. There’s also a domino effect with these high-priced repairs because Teslas tend to cost more to insure than other cars. Accidents happen a lot, which is partly to blame, but the fact that they cost a lot to fix doesn’t help.

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Tesla Dealerships = Finding a Unicorn

Tesla just started opening service centers in areas with a lot of foot traffic. But the idea of a dealership is something that Tesla has done in the past. Tesla sells its cars directly to customers through its small, cozy stores. This is a very different business model from what most car companies use.

The idea of a dealership is something that Tesla has done in the past. Tesla sells its cars directly to customers through its small, cozy stores. This is a very different business model from what most car companies use. Not having enough Tesla dealerships is another common problem faced by Tesla owners.

This lets Tesla tell customers exactly what they are getting into when they buy an electric car and allows them to choose how they want their car to look. Even though it takes months for customers to get their vehicles, this way, they still get exactly what they want. It also means that Tesla makes money from their cars, while traditional dealerships profit from their service departments. The problem for people who own Teslas is that most of them and their service centers are in big cities.

Tesla Auto-pilot = Guesswork!

People have gotten in trouble with Tesla’s autopilot when they fall asleep, read, or work on the highway. Even though driving on autopilot is supposed to be safer and technology is improving, you still need to keep your hands on the wheel and be aware. Tesla comes close with features like “tow mode,” which lets an empty Tesla follow another Tesla with some restrictions.

Not perfecting the auto-pilot is one of the common issues of Tesla.

Image by jcomp on Freepik

A truly self-driving car would open up a whole new world of safe transportation for the elderly, fewer deaths, easier commutes, and so on, but we may still be a few significant steps away from that world. Tesla, no matter what they say, has yet to arrive.

Winter is coming. Tesla’s battery is going!

There are so many things that can go wrong with a Tesla that drivers are constantly worried about,¬†especially the battery. This is normal. If you have yet to drive one in cold weather, don’t worry about how slowly it starts moving.

One of the most common problems of Tesla: When it's cold, the battery doesn't charge as quickly as it would normally, which makes it harder for the driver to speed up. Even though it sounds simple, it can be scary for a Tesla owner to discover that their car isn't accelerating like it usually does.

When it’s cold, the battery doesn’t charge as quickly as it would normally, which makes it harder for the driver to speed up. Even though it sounds simple, it can be scary for a Tesla owner to discover that their car isn’t accelerating like it usually does.

Unlock the future with Tesla’s door knob…or don’t!

The futuristic door handles that pop out of Teslas are one of the things that make them stand out. The handles on the higher-end models are made of metal and have a chrome finish. But if you compare a Model S to a Model 3, you’ll notice immediately that the Model 3’s handles could be more substantial.

wiffle tesla GIF


Not only are the door handles on the Model 3 thinner than those on the higher-end models, but they also seem to be made of lower-quality materials. People have even had their car door handles freeze to the car, making it impossible for them to get inside.

Tesla Designs = Efficient but Uninspired!

Even though this isn’t a surprise, most people don’t realize that the Tesla fleet has no different cars. Even though the higher-end models have more excellent finishes and usually look good no matter what, almost every Tesla is the same.

Most common problems of Tesla: The design is basic and generic

This is also true of regular cars, but that’s the point. If you spend a lot of money to make that over-hyped Tesla your own, wouldn’t it be nice to have a few options to make it feel like your own? For what you’re paying, there should be many choices already.

Bottomline on Common Problems of Tesla

Tesla is a leading innovator in the electric vehicle market, known for their cutting-edge technology and sleek designs. However, like any complex machine, Tesla vehicles can experience issues and problems. 

Tesla is committed to providing their customers with the best possible experience. They offer a wide range of support options to help resolve any issues. This includes a dedicated customer service team, online resources, and mobile service options. However, it’s worth noting that Tesla vehicles are complex machines that may require specialized knowledge to fix.

Tesla owners are encouraged to stay up-to-date with the latest software updates. Please contact Tesla customer service or visit a Tesla service center if they experience any vehicle problems.

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