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Commonly Stolen Car Parts and Ways to Keep Them Safe

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There are the 10 most common stolen car parts that thieves always eye.¬† Do you know why these are the most stolen ones? These parts go missing easily since being smaller in size, are more in demand, and are pricier. Also, these are the most vital parts that affect the car’s smooth functioning. Though you may notice the theft of some of these, it might not be possible with all of them.¬†

Shortage or loss of car parts may result in the improper functioning of the car. Also, it causes accidents and huge financial losses. Hence, it is vital to keep a checklist of these parts and know the best ways to keep them safe. 

Common Stolen Car Parts and Ways to Keep Them Safe

The most common stolen car parts you must always check on 

Car parts are pricey, and thieves know they can cost you a lot. Here are the 10 most stolen car parts you need to keep safe: 

Catalytic Converters 

Catalytic converter theft cases are shooting up every day. These are some of the most common stolen car¬†parts affecting the car’s functioning. One of the signs is a loud roaring sound that your car makes. ¬†

People steal catalytic converters because they contain metals such as rhodium, palladium, and platinum. These metals are a source of quick money.  

Could you report the loss of your converters to the DMV? In the same way, please consult a mechanic if you notice a difference in sound while starting your car. Lastly, could you etch your VIN number on the converters on your catalytic converters? 

Most importantly, get adequate coverage for your catalytic converters through the best auto insurance company. 


Airbags are also one of the most commonly stolen car parts since they are exorbitant, portable, and replaceable. Unfortunately, you may only easily figure out the missing once you risk an accident. 

You can identify the loss of airbags if the airbag indicators start blinking continuously. Still, this signal is not something that you can rely on. So, you should be able to take the help of a mechanic to confirm the loss. 

Another way to confirm the theft is by pressing the steering wheel. If the center is soft, it means that the airbags are absent. Please don’t hesitate to confirm with a mechanic.¬†

As soon as you confirm the missing of your airbags, report the loss at your nearest police station. You may also install a car steering lock which alerts you in case of risks and keeps your airbags safe. 

Common Stolen Car Parts and Ways to Keep Them Safe

Other car parts most likely to be stolen 

Here are a few other common stolen car parts and tips to protect them: 


Car batteries are pricy, which is why people steal them. Driving without car batteries is something risky to do. Missing car batteries can adversely impact your car’s performance. They are comparatively easier to remove and replace, so thieves always watch them. 

If you lose your car battery, could you immediately report it to the police? To prevent such occurrences in the future, please make sure that you park in bright spaces. Also, you may buy an anti-burglary alarm that alerts you in case of risks and dangers. 

Similarly, you may try installing a GPS system that helps you track the thieves’ location and reclaim your batteries. Then, report the loss at your local police station by sharing the model and make of the car, the license plate number, and the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). 

License Plates 

License plates are also one of the most commonly stolen car parts. It can either be that the thieves are driving a car without license plates or driving a car with an invalid license plate. 

 Hence, knowing how to keep your registration plates safe is important. Please report the loss of your registration plates directly to the DMV. You may also consider using the best-quality security screws to fix your license plates. 

Car Audio Systems 

Car audio systems are also common stolen car parts these days. Since you can easily detach the plates of the audio systems, they become a target for thieves too.  

A few simple steps can keep your car’s audio systems safe. First, please remember to park in bright or busy areas. Secondly, if you leave the car, lock the car, close the windows, and install an alarm system.¬†

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What are the other car parts most likely to be stolen? 

What are some of the other most commonly stolen car parts? Here are more of them you need to protect: 

Garage Door Opener 

Garage door openers are mostly prone to theft and are one of the common stolen car parts. These devices help you open garage doors without you manually opening them. It is important to know how to protect them. 

To keep your garage door openers safe, always use a deadbolt. Using a deadbolt helps you have complete control of your car.  

GPS Devices 

Most GPS devices are portable, and thieves remove them effortlessly. They may also disable the GPS and stop its signals in seconds. This makes it important to protect your GPS devices. 

Want to know how to keep your devices safe? There are many ways. I’d like you to first go for a GPS bag. These bags safeguard your devices and maintain them under optimum temperature. ¬†

Similarly, you can go for screen maintenance and service the GPS CPU regularly. This helps you use these devices for longer. Another tip that may come to use is to switch off the device when not in use. 

Media Devices 

Media devices are also one of the valuable assets of your car. The thumb rule to keep these devices safe is to install a quality security system and cameras. Also, place the media devices in visible places of the car, like the front or rear bumper. Also, make sure to lock the doors and keep the windows closed. 

Another simple tip is to tint your car windows which can prevent theft to an extent. 

Rims and Tires 

Tire and rim thefts are some common stolen car parts drivers report. Also, these are difficult to track and simple to get away with. 

It’s quite easy to protect your rims and tires in a few easy ways. One way is to go for Remote Video Monitoring (RVM) services which protect your tires, even in your absence. You may also park your cars, turning the wheels at a 45-degree angle. You may also use an alarm that keeps your rims and tires safer. 

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