What Construction at Boston Logan Airport Means for You

What Construction at Boston Logan Airport Means for You?

While enhancements at Boston Logan International Airport mean good things for the travel experience overall, for the time being, these enhancements can be a real pain. Trying to get through an airport that’s under construction, from getting to the airport, to parking at the airport, to getting to your gate, it’s not fun. And don’t hold your breath; the Boston Logan construction is expected to last five years. It’ll be Fall 2024 before the projects wrap up. So, what can you expect and what does construction at Boston Logan mean for you?

Terminal Upgrades

A big part of the Boston Logan construction projects are terminal updates.

Terminal E is the airport’s international terminal, serving 56 destinations, but it’s well overdue for an upgrade, as it was built in the 70s. As such, Terminal E is expanding 400,000 square feet, giving travelers more gates and more retail and dining options. Security checkpoints going into Terminal E will also be affected.

Terminal E changes are already underway and are expected to last through 2023.

Terminals B and C are also upgrading. Terminal C is feeling the brunt of the changes out of these two terminals, and Terminal B will be connected to Terminal C for easier transfers. At the end of the renovations, expected to wrap up in 2021, passengers will be able to enjoy more dining and retail options.

For those driving past Terminal C after 2021, whether to drop off, pick up or just driving by on their way to Logan airport parking, they’ll notice a huge new canopy over the Terminal C entrance and exit. The solar canopy generates energy for curb lighting.


If you’ve tried to drive around the airport (again, doesn’t matter if you’re dropping off, picking up or searching for Logan airport parking), then you know what a pain it can be. Hopefully, a bit of that pain will be alleviated when roadways between Terminals B and C are enhanced. Unfortunately, these efforts to reduce traffic jams and speed up traffic will result in likely increased wait times during the construction phase.


Boston Logan airport parking is about to get a whole lot better. The airport plans to add up to 5,000 parking spaces! This parking project will take place across the spring of 2022 (so, sadly, you have a bit of wait until the parking at Boston Logan improves) and will add 2,000 spaces at Terminal E and 3,000 spaces at the economy garage.

Not parking at Boston Logan airport, but catching an Uber or Lyft instead? The two rideshare companies will have their own designated pick-up area inside the central parking garage starting this fall, to decrease traffic jams outside terminal doors.

And, if you’re just parking a ways away and need transfers from the terminal to your Boston Logan parking, then you’re also in luck. Logan Express, the bus service that takes passengers from parking areas to the airport, is adding another pick-up location, so you can more easily get to the airport.

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Get Where You’re Going Faster, with New Routes Out of LAX

Los Angeles International Airport is easily one of the busiest airports on the West Coast, and there’s no slowing down this growing, evolving airport anytime soon. New routes out of the airport seem to be announced every week. If you live in the Los Angeles area or frequently fly into or out of LAX, check out these new, changing and upcoming routes that might just make your traveling experience a little more enjoyable.

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines announced its plans to add daily, non-stop service between Missoula and Los Angeles. The flight starts in March, with 7 p.m. departures from Missoula, for arrivals in LA at 9 p.m. Return flights depart LA at 2:45 p.m., arriving in Missoula at 6:24 p.m. Los Angeles is the fourth-largest market for Missoula travelers, according to local sources.

But that’s not the only new destination Alaska Airlines is servicing from LAX. It will also soon be offering additional routes between LA and Spokane, and LA and Boise.

United Airlines

United is serving Stockton Metropolitan Airport, a small airport in California that travelers love for its convenience and affordability, with a new route to LAX. The twice-daily flights from Stockton are the first since 2003 that have taken travelers from small Stockton to an international hub airport.

Flights depart LAX at 1 p.m. and 5:10 p.m. daily, arriving at SCK at 2:22 p.m. and 6:32 p.m. Flights from SCK to LAX depart at 7:41 a.m. and 3 p.m., arriving at LAX at 9:10 a.m. and 4:20 p.m.

American Airlines

As you can probably tell, the theme among these airlines seems to be service between LAX and smaller destinations around the country, and American Airlines is no exception. The airline announced that it would begin flight between LAX and Memphis starting this December.

Southwest Airlines

Of course, with good news about additional flights, comes bad news about canceled flights as well. Southwest Airlines is offering new routes to Hawai’i from the West Coast, including LAX, which is a huge deal, but in order to free up aircraft for these routes, Southwest is dropping nearly 20 non-stop routes. Four of these routes are out of Los Angeles and include service between LA and Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Omaha and Pittsburgh.

Once You Get to LAX

Your actual flight is only one part of your journey, as any well-versed traveler knows. Before you can head off to any of these great destinations, you have to actually get to LAX, and one part of that can be difficult — namely, finding your LAX parking.

When you look for parking straight through the airport’s website, it’s more than a little confusing. Which lot is right for you? How far is each lot from the terminal? Where can you get the best value for the length of time you’ll be gone? Should you choose an airport parking structure, or a private, nearby parking lot with a shuttle?

Way helps you answer all of those questions, with its easy, LAX parking search functions. Once you find the right spot for you, for the right time and the right price, you can go ahead and reserve your spot with ease.

It all comes together to help you get where you’re going, faster.

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September SFO Runway Closures Impact Travel in a Big Way

Have you heard? SFO is closing down one of its runways in September to make some repairs and the airport is fully expecting travelers to experience some delays. The runway in question is one of the busiest at SFO, serving nearly 70 percent of all flights going through SFO, and the maintenance period is expected to last Sept. 7–27. However, these repairs are definitely needed, as all that traffic going over the runway has caused some signs of cracking.

So, what can you expect from these closures if you’re flying in or out of SFO during September?

Firstly, if you’re flying during the day or on Wednesdays or Fridays, then you can expect the worst delays. The airport expects that flights after 9 a.m. will be delayed an average of 30 to 45 minutes, but that these delays could extend up to two hours (yikes!). Wednesdays and Fridays are the airport’s busiest days, so, as such, the delays will be longer then.

Secondly, short-haul flights will feel the brunt of the delays.

So, if you’ve not yet booked your flight through SFO, the airport advises that you choose a long-haul flight (versus a short-haul, connecting flight, if you can) that departs or arrives at the airport ahead of 9 a.m., on any day other than a Wednesday or Friday.

Some airlines are realizing that this situation is less than ideal for most travelers, so they’re doing something about it. United Airlines is waiving change fees for travelers during the runway shut down. Travelers who don’t want to deal with a possible, long delay can switch their flights in and out of the city to other nearby airports, like those in Oakland or San Jose. Travelers can switch to any flight that’s 24 hours before or after their original flight.

American Airlines announced that it was adjusting its flight scheduled at SFO during the runway closures. If American Airlines moves a flight you already have booked and the move doesn’t work for your plans, according to the airline, you can switch to a different flight without a fee, or just get a full refund.

Alaska Airlines has similarly announced rescheduled flights as a result of the SFO runway closures.

If you don’t think that you’re going to get out of a lengthy delay due to these runway refurbishments, and are expecting the worst, the least you can do is take precautions to ensure the remainder of your SFO experience is seamless. One way to do so is by booking your SFO parking ahead of your travel. Don’t wait around until the day of your trip to figure out your SFO parking situation.

Use Way to search through available SFO parking; find the right spots for you based on convenience, location and price; and then book your SFO parking spot right on the website. It’s that easy and one less thing to worry about during your September SFO travel.

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