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The Cost of Your Car Repairs

  • Car Care Tips
  • Xavier Sabastian
  • 3 minutes

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When the check engine light comes on, you’re suddenly on your way to the repair shop or dealership rather than somewhere more enjoyable.¬†The cost of repairing a car varies dramatically from state to state, significantly increasing the entire cost of ownership.

It’s safe to think you can’t afford it if you have to ask. That means that tens of millions of Americans must be asking themselves the same question every year.


What is the Cost of Your Car Repairs?

The average car repair cost is between $500 and $600, and one-third of drivers can’t afford it without going into debt.

A car costs around $8,500 to own and operate, including monthly payments, insurance, and gas. A new timing belt can set you back between $400 and $900, while an alternator or starter will be between $400 and $600. The brakes will set you back around $500.

The average repair cost in a state is determined by several factors, including the vehicle’s age and type, the difficulty of the repair, the parts required, the amount of time required to complete the repair, and the repair shop’s hourly rate.¬†

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Drivers should keep up with planned maintenance, address warning lights as soon as possible, and select an independent repair shop or dealership they can trust to help lower the cost of repairs and avoid unexpected car repair bills.

At $420 per year, the District of Columbia had the highest repair costs. At $414, Connecticut came in second. California followed at $408, Georgia at $405, and New Jersey at $402.

Many folks may inquire about insurance and what it covers at this time. Those who believe they are overpaying for car insurance are not mistaken. Between 2015 and 2022, premiums have increased.

On the other hand, Ohio is the least expensive state for car repairs, with an annual average of $369. Maine’s cost was significantly higher, at $378.¬†The cost in Michigan was $372, while it was $375 in Wisconsin and Vermont.

What is the Cost of Your Car Repairs?

Why is it best to have regular car maintenance?

Some people may opt to purchase a new car to reduce the likelihood of paying for repairs, at least for a few months. They won’t even need to purchase a fancy car because some less-priced cars are among the best.

Furthermore, car owners are putting off regular maintenance, which could lead to difficulties down the road, driving up repair expenses even more. Way.com discovered that a third of American drivers put off or ignore suggested maintenance and repairs. This raises the risk of future repair costs, increasing the likelihood of a car breakdown.

While delaying maintenance and repairs may save money in the near term, staying on top of car maintenance can save drivers hundreds of dollars.

The cost car repairs can be manageable

How to keep your car in good condition?

Here’s what Way.com suggests to help you keep your car and your wallet ‚ÄĒ in good shape:

  • Set up $50 every month for auto repairs.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions.
  • Get to know a mechanic before you find yourself in need of one.
  • Obtain a written estimate for unforeseen repairs and confirm which repairs are required with the mechanic.
  • Get a second opinion if you can.
  • Use any store discounts or payment plans that can help you reduce your out-of-pocket expenses, and check if there’s any room for cost negotiation.

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