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What Is the Cost To Fix an Engine Misfire?

  • Car Services
  • Sara Sam
  • 5 minutes

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A misfire sounds like a mishap, rightly so when it happens with your car’s engine. Suppose you experience an unusual hesitation with your car’s engine while accelerating, and if it enters a slow mode and shakes while accelerating, you can suspect an engine misfire. What are the possible causes, and how much does it cost to fix an engine misfire? Read about it here.  

cost to fix engine misfire

What is an engine misfire? 

An engine misfire occurs when the cylinders fail to produce power. You may experience a slow and shaky acceleration in addition to vibration while idling. A warm or cold engine can lead to a misfire.  

To understand what causes an engine to misfire, we need to have a quick look at how an engine functions.  

Firstly, the engine requires the right proportion of air, and fuel is crucial to the smooth functioning of the engine. For instance, a change in the ratio will cause an improper ignition in the combustion chamber. This is also known as the cylinder 1 misfire.

Secondly, this can also occur if the piston does not descend, halting the crankshaft. Meanwhile, a misfire can happen with any of the cylinders. However, the most probable one is the cylinder 1 misfire.  

The cylinder 4 misfire is recognized as the P0304 error code and is a reason for engine failure. 

What causes an engine to misfire? 

Misfires should not be overlooked, even if they occur only occasionally, because they indicate that something has to be fixed or replaced. These are the possible causes of an engine misfire.  

  • Fault in spark plugs or wires 
  • Damaged ignition coil 
  • Broken piston rings 
  • Burnt or bent valves 
  • Chipped valve springs 
  • Worn out camshaft 
  • Dysfunction in fuel injector 
  • Clog in the fuel injector 
  • Vacuum leaks 
  • Clogged catalytic converter 
  • Clogging in the crankcase ventilation valve 
  • Issues with the oxygen sensor 
  • Leakage in manifold gaskets 

How do I detect the reasons behind an engine misfire? 

There are several ways to diagnose an engine misfire.  

  • Check engine light 
  • Stalling of the engine 
  • Sputtering sound 
  • Rough idle 
  • Slowed acceleration 
  • High fuel consumption 
  • Difficulty in starting the vehicle 
  • Reduced fuel pressure 
  • Low compression 
A mechanic with an electronic engine diagnostics tool

Is an engine misfire expensive to fix? 

The cost to repair an engine misfire depends on several factors. Firstly, the make and model of the car will determine the cost of the parts that can be damaged due to the issue with the cylinder. In addition, it will also depend on whether one needs to repair or replace the parts.  

How much does it cost to fix an engine misfire? 

Depending on the misfire’s cause, the repair and replacement cost might range between $100 and $1,000. 

  • Faulty fuel delivery – $200 to $1,000  
  • Damaged spark plug wires – $100 to $300 
  • Chipped piston rings – $1,500 to $3,000 
  • Broken valve springs     – $450 to $650 
  • Hole in the piston- $5000 
  • Carbon or oil-fouled spark plugs – $100 to $250  
  • Faulty ignition coil – $150 to $250 
  • An issue with the fuel injector – $275 to $400 
  • Vacuum leak – $200 to $800 

Which are the trouble codes related to engine misfires? 

You check for diagnostic fault codes (DTCs) when a car misfires. These codes might help in the diagnosis of engine misfires. For example, an engine misfire code may indicate a cylinder problem or lean running. However, if the misfire is intermittent, the scanner might not detect the code.  

These are the following codes that point to an engine misfire.

  • P0100 – P0104: Mass airflow sensor 
  • P0171P0172: Lean or rich fuel mixture 
  • P0200: Fuel injector circuit malfunction 
  • P0300: Random misfire that is not isolated to one or two cylinders. 
  • P0301– P0308: Misfire in cylinders 1-8 

Can a misfire damage the engine? 

While it is easy to neglect an engine misfire, especially if intermittent, prolonging without addressing the issue can damage the engine. Meanwhile, you should ensure you are not driving after an engine misfire. It can damage other parts in the long run, which can be costly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an engine misfire repairable?

If not neglected for a long time, engine misfires can be treated easily. It is advisable to have a professional look into the matter as there can be underlying issues if your engine misfires.

How far can you drive after an engine misfire?

There are usually no roadblocks from the engine’s end to drive after a misfire. However, if it is a single cylinder then it is better not to take the risk of driving after a misfire. Otherwise, depending on the number of cylinders the power drawn will vary.

What does an engine misfire feel like?

In case of an engine misfire, you experience an unusual hesitation with your car’s engine while accelerating, and if it enters a slow mode and shakes while accelerating, you can suspect an engine misfire.

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