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Cost of Power Steering Leak Repair: How Much Is It?

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Driving with power steering makes driving easier. However, you may encounter issues with it, which may be difficult to handle. So what if your car’s power steering becomes difficult to handle? Then probably, it may be experiencing a fluid leak. Fortunately, if you catch it early enough, you can repair it, but what is the cost of a power steering leak repair?

Power steering fluid is required to function properly; otherwise, everything will fail. Power steering fluid leaks, like many other mechanical issues, happen occasionally. And before trying to solve it, you must determine what causes it. Many factors like usage and time can lead to power steering fluid leaks.

The cost of fixing it can depend on what the actual issue is. So, our article has everything covered on how much is the cost of power steering leak repair!

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How common is a power steering leak?

Power steering fluid leaks are most common in older vehicles. The leaks often start small and only occur while driving, making them tough to detect.

What are the causes of the power steering leak?

The leakage can happen due to many reasons. For instance, the steering pump or fluid reservoir may leak due to continuous use and many accidents. Also, due to daily travel’s small and large blows, various steering connections and fluid leaks are lost.

What are the symptoms of a power steering leak?

You can confirm a power steering leakage if you observe the following signs.

Fluid leaking: Fluid leakage is the most noticeable symptom of a steering leak. The fluid is typically red or green in color. You can also see some liquid in the ground due to the leakage.

Steering performance: Your car’s steering becomes unreliable due to a leak. Power steering reduces the force required to steer the vehicle in a specific direction. When fluid leaks, it damages the overall performance of the power steering system, making it difficult for the driver to control the car.

Intense noise: Many cars make a grumbling and loud noise when there is a leak. So if you hear a grumbling noise after driving it for a while, it means something is wrong with it. This sound indicates that the steering fluid level is lower than indicated.

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How much does it cost to fix a power steering leak?


Ideally, the cost of power steering leak repair ranges between $500 and $650. But the actual rate depends on which part is defective. If the issue is a leaking hose, pressure valve, or another minor part, the cost of power steering leak repair will be comparatively lower. Here are some typical power steering repair costs.

Repair type Cost  
Power steering system replacement  $500-$650 
Hose replacement  $60-$150 
Power steering line leakage $60-$150 
Power steering pump leaking repair $200-$220 
Labor  $40-$200 
Pressure valve replacement $10 

How long does the power steering stop leak take to work?

We recommend idling the car for 10-20 minutes. In most cases, the repair process happens immediately, but in others, it may take up to 20 minutes. An initial application may be required if the leak continues after 20 minutes.

Can you drive a car with a power steering fluid leak?

Yes. But it won’t be a good idea to drive. It is because if the leak persists, your car can halt suddenly when you’re driving. Even you won’t know what other issues will come while driving with a power steering fluid leak. So fixing the leak immediately to avoid further issues is always safe. It is because driving long distances with a lean can damage the pump.

What color is the power steering fluid when it leaks?

Like transmission fluid, the color of the power steering fluid ranges from light reddish brown to brown. The fluid’s viscosity will be thin, and the leak will be closer to the front end of your car.

Tips to avoid power steering leaks

You can follow these steps to avoid power steering leaks.

  • Try to get a power steering fluid flush at around 10,000 miles. Then go for flushes every 50,000-75,000 miles. Flushing helps to tune your car’s seals, O-rings, and other leaking parts.
  • Keep an eye on your serpentine belt, a lengthy belt that encircles the pulleys and cranks under your car. The steering pump will likely malfunction or stop working if the serpentine belt begins to crack or slip.
  • Power steering systems are generally decent, with certain tolerances to significant pressure, so don’t turn your wheels all the way. So, until they stop turning, try to avoid turning the wheel in either direction. Pushing the steering all the way puts a lot of pressure on the pump, lines, pump, and other parts, leading to a leak.

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