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How much is the cost to replace an ABS sensor?  

  • Car Services
  • Gerard Stevens
  • 6 minutes

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It’s normal that many of us keep an eye on the dashboard while driving to check if any of the lights illuminate. So, imagine you’re driving, and suddenly, the Antilock Brake System (ABS) warning light illuminates. It could point to many issues, but the actual reason for the warning light may be a bad ABS sensor. If you go to get it replaced quickly, what will be the cost to replace an ABS sensor? 

The ABS sensor cost to replace depends on the type of car you drive. But you don’t need to panic if the sensor becomes faulty. Even you can do the replacement if you have jack and jack stands and standard tools. Our article will detail the signs of a bad ABS sensor and the cost of replacing it.  

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What is an ABS sensor? 

It is a wheel speed sensor that helps your car’s ABS know when to engage. The ABS system activates during emergency braking situations to help keep your wheels from locking up. It lets you maintain control of your car and avoid accidents. 

Wheel speed sensors are often installed on cars with ABS at each wheel, either joined into the wheel hub assembly or attached to the steering knuckle. The sensor is a magnetic pickup that detects the position of the rotating trigger wheel. 

The ABS sensors simultaneously monitor each wheel, and the central ABS module receives their readings. Each sensor’s reading is evaluated in real-time to the car’s speed and to each other to decide whether to activate ABS brakes. If a sensor is not reading info consistently or transmitting a reading, you must replace it.  

abs sensor in car

Can you drive with a broken ABS sensor? 

Yes. But it isn’t ideal to drive with one for a long time. ABS sensors are vital for maintaining the stability of your and braking correctly in adverse conditions. 

How much does it cost to replace an ABS sensor? 

The cost of an ABS sensor replacement depends on the car you drive. But, it is fair to expect a charge between $100-$150 and labor costs between $100-$300 

What causes an ABS sensor to fail? 

Ideally, they fail due to blockage by brake dust, metallic debris, or dirt due to exposure to harsh environments.   

How do I know if my ABS sensor is bad? 

If your car shows the following symptoms, you must consider replacing the ABS sensor.  

Warning light illuminates  

When the ABS wheel speed sensor fails, one of the first signals you will notice is the ABS light illumination on the dashboard. At first, it may only illuminate the ABS warning light. However, traction and stability control warning lights will illuminate if the other systems fail to function properly.  

ABS stops functioning  

The system sends an alarm when a malfunction occurs, and the ABS warning light illuminates. The car’s electronic control module (ECM) won’t receive relevant data from the sensor further. The computer uses this information to evaluate whether the wheels lock up and require assistance. Since the system is unsure of what’s happening, the ABS stops functioning until you repair it.  

Traction or stability control failure 


The sensor’s failure also results in losing traction control, stability control, roll stability, and hill-start assist. When the sensor stops receiving data, the computer also shuts off these systems. Even if the ABS warning light doesn’t illuminate, you can expect these issues to occur. Suppose you have trouble maintaining traction in bad weather or notice handling issues when you stop quickly. In that case, it will be due to a faulty ABS wheel speed sensor. Also, faulty electrical connections between the sensor and the ECM can cause this.  

The brake pedal pulsates while braking  

The ABS sensors detect the speeds of each wheel. And if one of the ABS sensors fails, it will lead to an incorrect interpretation of one or more wheels. So, the ABS control module assumes that the car is sliding on a slippery surface. It activates ABS and traction control, and you will notice a pulsating or pumping brake pedal while braking. 

How to replace an ABS sensor 

So, now you know the cost of replacing an ABS sensor. But here are the steps you must follow to replace it.  

  • The technician performs an ABS diagnostic test. 
  • Then they lift the car and remove the damaged wheel. 
  • Remove the ABS sensor wiring connector and inspect for damage. 
  • Then, the technician will unbolt the ABS sensor from the wheel knuckle. The ABS sensor is attached to the wheel hub in many situations, so the full unit will get replaced. 
  • The technician will then install the new ABS sensor and secure it.  
  • Replacement of the wheel then happens. And the technician will lower the car.  
  • The technician clears the related ABS codes and does a road test to confirm the repair. 

How long does it take to replace an ABS sensor? 

A mechanic will ideally need 0.90h (54 minutes) – 1.10h (66 minutes) to replace the sensor. If one of the sensors fails, a mechanic can remove the tires and replace the sensor.   

How long do ABS sensors last? 


Ideally, you can expect them to last around 30,000-50,000 miles. 

What happens if the ABS sensor is dirty? 

When you need to brake or drive on slippery roads, the ABS sensor helps you control your car. If this sensor becomes dirty, the ABS light may illuminate, signaling a problem when nothing exists. 

How much is the cost to replace the ABS sensor in KIA Sorrento? 

The price of the ABS sensor will start at around $55 

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