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Costco Gas Hours and How to Pay 

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  • Celine Jerly
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Looking for a Costco gas station near you? Don’t be fueled – not everyone can pin hopes on their low prices. Find out the Costco gas hours, who can fuel up at their pumps, and how to pay for it.  

Since opening its first gas station in 1995, Costco now sells regular and premium fuel at most warehouses. Their USP is “high-quality gas at lowest prices” – their Kirkland Signature™ Gasoline claims to have additives that help clean your engine by controlling deposits. Prices remain consistently low as compared to other popular gas stations. However, there’s a catch – only Costco members can fill up their tanks for the member-exclusive rates. The only exception is when you have a gift card – but again, only members can purchase these for you. 

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Does Costco gas use 87 or 91? 

Though octane varies from state to state, Costco’s Regular gas is typically 87 octanes. 97 octane Premium gasoline is also available. Some locations also sell diesel; renewable bio-mass diesel is available mostly in California.  

Is Costco gas good? 

Costco buys its gas from major refineries and fuel distributors in each area. While the price is always lower, the quality is comparable to other popular brands. So, how do they sell gas at lower rates and make a profit? They don’t – the volume of gas sales and the additional spending customers make at the warehouse balances out the lower price. The membership program is a bigger contributor to its profits – and by rule, only members can take advantage of the cheaper gas prices.  

What are the Costco gas station hours? 

Costco gas stations are open while the warehouses are open. But not all warehouses have gas stations, and the hours vary according to the location and season. However, typically the gas stations open between 6 am and 8 am and close between 7 pm and 10 pm. Most stay open a little longer than the nearby warehouse. Weekend Costco gas hours could vary from weekday hours.   

How to find a Costco gas station

Use the store locator on the Costco website or app to find warehouse locations near you. Keep in mind that not all Costco locations have gas stations. But when you input the name of your city/state or zip code, the store location usually returns multiple results for that area. Don’t forget to choose “Gas Station” in the search filters for accurate results.  

When you click on a store location in the search results, you’ll also get information on operational hours, upcoming holiday closures, and up-to-date gas prices. Directions to the gas station location will also be available.   


What is the best time to visit? 

Weekends are the busiest, so avoid those days. Drive-in between 10 am and noon on a weekday for shorter waiting times in line. Most people tend to pull up during their lunch breaks and after work in the evening on weekdays. Traffic is one-way only at all Costco gas stations to keep it moving quickly. However, during peak hours, it can be slow going.  

No need to worry about which lane to choose; these gas stations have extra-long hoses to make fueling easier from either side of your car. 

How much is gas at Costco? 

Gas prices vary from day to day and are constantly updated. The location also plays a role in determining gasoline prices. Use the Costco Store locator to find the nearest gas station location and check out the updated prices for regular or premium gas. However, this might change when you reach the pump – so the accurate gas prices can be determined only onsite. 

What forms of payment does Costco Gas accept? 

Visa credit cards, most debit cards, or mobile payments like Apple Pay. However, you must have a Visa card linked to your digital payment app.  

You must also have a Costco membership card or a gift card to initiate transactions. For members, most locations are fully self-serve with pay-at-the-pump technology. When you insert your membership card, the machine confirms the active membership and allows payment. But if you only have a gift card, a gas station attendant will authorize your transaction first.  

Note: As per law, New Jersey and Oregon gas stations are not self-serve facilities.  

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Get quick answers to all your queries about Costco gas: 

What time does Costco gas open? 

Between 6 am and 10 am; varies according to location and season. 

What time does Costco Gas close? 

Between 7 pm and 10 pm; varies according to the season and location.  

Is Costco gas closed on holidays? 

Yes, on certain holidays like Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, etc.  

Can anyone pump gas at Costco? 

No, you’ll need a membership or Costco Shop Card. 

How to pay for Costco gas? 

Tap-to-pay with a membership card, gift card, credit/debit card, or mobile app. 

How to buy a Costco Shop Card? 

Ask a Costco member to buy one if you aren’t a member.  

These are like gift cards; you can fill up to $500. But only existing members can buy or recharge these at the store or online on the app.  

Does Costco Gas take Apple Pay? 

Yes, if they have an NFC reader. But you must have a Visa card linked to your Apple Pay.  

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