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Build Your Volkswagen Custom Golf GTI – Let the Beast Roar

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Since its debut in 1976, the VW Golf GTI has become an iconic hot hatchback that has undergone numerous versions of development. The GTI quickly gained popularity among modders and eventually became an icon. The article serves as a guide for you to build a Volkswagen custom Golf GTI. 

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The Volkswagen Golf is available in three different trim levels for the 2022 model year, making it as adaptable as ever between its roles as a competitive racer and a comfortable everyday driver. The standard GTI S is a great pick for any driver, but those who want a truly unique automobile can benefit greatly from factory improvements and various aftermarket modifications. 

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Available customization options- 2022 Volkswagen Golf GTI 

Despite the decreasing popularity of compact hatchbacks in favor of SUVs and crossovers, the 2022 Volkswagen Golf GTI is a particularly iconic vehicle. Yet, the GTI is still well-liked and well-known for its supple handling, assured turning, and exciting engine performance. The Volkswagen Custom Golf GTI has a lot of options for customization.

The GTI is offered in S, SE, and Autobahn forms. The base model GTI S costs $30,875, has a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine making 241 hp and is available now. 

Prices for the SE start at $35,625, while the Autobahn starts at $39,325. The SE model has an upgraded audio system, sunroof, LED headlights, and an illuminated grille. The Autobahn comes standard with improved 19-inch wheels and quick summer tires, which improve the vehicle’s handling and contribute to its sleek appearance. 

The basic powertrain in the new Golf is a six-speed manual, but for an additional $800, owners may upgrade to a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission that boosts both torque and gas mileage. 

Optional packages- Volkswagen custom Golf GTI 

Package Features Which trims is it available on? 
Black Wheel Package Upgraded 18″ black alloy wheels All trims 
Combination Roadside Kit First aid kit, booster cables, caution triangle, work gloves, LED flashlight, PVC tape, multi-tool, blanket, and poncho are among the additional items. All trims 
SE Leather Package Ventilated front seats, power-adjustable driver’s seat with 3-position memory function, and padded door panels with leatherette inserts All trims 


Making Financial Savings by Modifying Your GTI 

Most extras and packages will increase your purchase price at the dealership, but investing in them might end up saving you money in the long term. 

If it’s tempting to go all out and get the Autobahn, you need carefully decide which features you’ll actually use. You might try looking for third-party help, but updates tend to be slow on newer models, especially as increasingly complex software becomes difficult for third-party hackers to crack. 

Think about the fact that the more money you put into your car, the more money your insurance will cost you because high-end vehicles naturally have higher replacement and repair costs. 

Yet, with the appropriate adjustments to your custom Golf GTI, you can still start saving up money. 

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Upgrades to your custom Golf GTI to save money.

Lighter wheels

Some GTIs come with stock wheels that are very hefty. In addition to putting a strain on the car’s engine, carrying around excess weight can slow you down and make acceleration less efficient. Lightweight wheels save tire and fuel costs. 

Suspension improvements

Modders are already working on modifying the suspension of the new GTIs to increase the ride height, improve handling, and enhance the driving experience. Better suspension can reduce wear and tear on the vehicle and help save money at the pump. 

Better tires

Upgrade your stock car with better tires as soon as possible. If you want better gas mileage and less tire wear, investing in high-quality tires that are optimized for your driving circumstances is a smart move. 

The overall best Volkswagen custom golf GTI mods 

While a lot of progress can be made with factory improvements. There are some things that a dealer won’t do to get your GTI to the performance level you desire. Some of the better enhancements for your latest generation of custom Golf GTI are listed below. The modding community works to expand aftermarket support for these vehicles. 


In order to keep up with more intensive, prolonged sport driving in your customized GTI, you should consider purchasing a better front brake system. 

Intake and exhaust 

Maximizing airflow to the turbo and reducing exhaust backpressure, intake, and exhaust adjustments frees up the engine for additional combustion. 


Lowering the suspension by about 30 mm makes the ride much more comfortable and enjoyable. 

Protect your Volkswagen custom golf GTI 

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