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Dealing with Pet Hair Removal like a Car Wash Expert

  • Car Wash
  • Renee Martin
  • 4 minutes

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We know that riding with your furry friend can make your trip fun and interesting. But what about the mind-boggling amount of pet hair in your car? The scattered pet hair in your car’s interior not only ruins the car’s look but also your driving experience. In this post, we’re listing top methods to get rid of pet hair like a car wash expert (banning your pet from the car is not one of them!). Read on to know more. 

1. Remove pet hair using rubber gloves and water    

The rubber gloves that you use for other household activities are an excellent tool for pet hair removal. With the rubber glove on, run your hand down the car’s seats and carpet. Make sure to sweep in one direction only – you can gather the fur into a pile and won’t miss out on any spots. To make the process more effective, wet the glove with little water and continue – any remaining hair will cling onto the glove. If you don’t have access to rubber gloves, try using a sponge in the same manner.   

Dealing with Pet Hair Removal like a Car Wash Expert - Rubber Gloves

2. Use Velcro curlers and lint rollers    

This can sound absolutely weird but works wonders when it comes to pet hair removal – that’s why we have it on the list! What’s more, Velcro curlers are cheap and also the easiest option for pet hair removal. The process is pretty simple; you roll the curlers over the cleaning area to remove stray hairs. For your upholstery, we’d recommend you first test this method out on a small area and then proceed further to ensure that it is not harming the fabric. To remove deeply embedded hairs, use a lint roller.  

3. If you’re short on time, use a squeegee    

A squeegee is a great option if you’re looking to remove pet hair from your car’s interior quickly. Using the squeegee, gather up all the loose hair. Next, move them to one spot and pick them up with your hand. However, while using a squeegee, there are chances of missing out on deeply embedded pet hair. You can follow it up with a quick vacuum to solve this problem.  

4. Use a vacuum

Vacuuming your car is one of the best ways to remove pet hair from the vehicle. It can effectively lift the hair off your carpets and seats. For great results, use a vacuum nozzle with rubber bristles.

5. Use a balloon

Yes, you read it right – a balloon can come in handy while removing pet hairs. An inflated balloon uses static electricity to attract pet hair. When you run an inflated balloon over the surface, the hairs will stick to the balloon. This method can effectively remove loose pet hair but cannot remove deeply embedded ones. 

6. Dryer sheets

Pick an unused dryer sheet run it on your car’s dashboard, console, and seats to remove any loose pet hairs. What’s more, they’re cheap and are easily accessible.

7. Use a pet hair removal brush   

Investing in a pet hair removal brush is a great idea if you’re committed to keeping your car’s interior clean. Many brands have come up with pet hair removal brushes that have proven to be effective. What’s more, car owners can use these brushes on any surface without the fear of causing damage to the car’s interior.     

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