Denver (DIA) International Airport Parking Guide

Rates and Options for Parking at Denver International Airport

Long-Term Denver Airport Parking Rates

There are three options for Denver airport long term parking. These options include the:

  •         Economy Parking Lots
  •         Mt Elbert Parking Lot
  •         And, the Pikes Peak Parking Lot
Garage Time Rate
DIA Off-Site Long-Term Parking w/Shuttle Per 24 Hours $7
DIA Economy East and West Parking Per 24 Hours $13
DIA Pikes Peak and Mt. Elbert Shuttle Parking Per 24 Hours $8

Short-Term Denver Airport Parking Rates

The Denver International Airport provides a wide variety of daily and hourly parking areas located near the main terminal. These short term parking lots are easily accessible and also have valet services to assist travelers in a hurry.

The short term parking option is best for you if you are at the Denver International Airport to pick someone up. Just park your car at one of the garages, run along to pick whoever you’re there for, and get your car from the parking. The process is simple and the rates per hour are low.

However, if you are in need of overnight parking facilities, then it is best to try any of the long term parking options mentioned above.

The short term parking options and rates at the Denver International Airport include:

Short-Term DIA Airport Parking Rates

Garage Time Rate
DIA East and West Parking Garage: Per Hour $3
Per Day $24
DIA East and West Economy Parking: Per Hour $3
Per Day $13
DIA East and West Garage Valet Parking 0 – 1 Hour $12
1+ Hours $3
Per 24 Hours $33

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About Denver (DIA) International Airport

The Denver International Airport, also known as the DIA, is an international airport within the United States that serves Denver and the greater Front Range Urban Corridor. Sprawling over an area of 33,531 acres, the Denver International Airport is believed to be the largest airport in the whole of North America. It beats other prominent airports such as the JFK in New York and the Boston Logan airport.  When it comes to all global airports, the Denver International Airport is only bettered by the King Fahd International Airport in Dammam Saudi Arabia.

The Denver International Airport is currently connected to over 205 locations spanning over Northern America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Denver International Airport was the fourth airport in the United States to cross the coveted landmark of 200 plus destinations worldwide.

Not only is the Denver International Airport huge in size, but it also attracts a lot of traffic all year around due to its strategic and convenient location. The Denver International Airport is believed to be the fifth busiest airport in the United States and the 20th busiest airport in the globe. The traffic across the airport, during a year, is believed to be at over 60 million passengers a year.

The Denver International Airport is also a predominant hub for United and Frontier Airlines. Moreover, it acts as the main operation base or headquarters for Southwest Airlines. These three airlines combined made for over 83 percent of all passenger traffic in the Denver International Airport.

What to Expect

The Denver International Airport is a large and modern airport that lives true to its strategic position and reputation in Northern America. The airport houses a primary terminal that is then connected to other three concourses A, B, and C for smooth ticketing and processes. The main terminal is referred to as Jeppesen, while all the other concourses are referred to as Concourse A, B, and C. Concourse A is in direct touch with the main terminal Jeppesen and can be accessed through a pedestrian bridge connecting the two. You can also access the Concourse A through an underground train running within the Denver International Airport. Concourse B and C are not accessible through the pedestrian bridge, and you will most definitely have to take an underground train to reach there.

Since it is the largest airport in North America, the Denver International Airport has plenty of dining and shopping options available for everyone. These options are present both airside and in the main terminal Jeppesen. Most of these dining and shopping outlets are open at set hours during the day, as only the McDonalds in A Gate and the Einstein Bros Bagels at the C Gate offer food around the clock.

The airport comes with free Wi-Fi access, which helps travelers pass time and contact their family members if the need be. There are several lounges inside of the Denver International Airport that can be accessed for free by economy class travelers.

Facilities and Amenities at the Denver International Airport

The Denver International Airport offers numerous services to all travelers to make them feel comfortable inside the premises. These facilities and amenities include:

Airport Lounges

Regardless of the carrier you’re traveling with or the class of service you’re traveling in, the Denver International Airport has numerous lounges that you can easily enter by paying the due fees at the door. You also access these lounges by buying a lounge pass through your carrier or using your membership program.

You can acquire the required knowledge by visiting the lounge page for further details. You can also use the information present on these pages to know how to gain access to these lounges with just an economy class ticket on your hands:

American Airlines Admiral Club

This lounge within the Denver International Airport is located at Concourse A, Airside, at the end of the A Gates. You can access the lounge by providing a physical proof of your AA ticket at the door. The club also has a membership program, which you can further study by visiting their page.

Delta Sky Club

Located at the Concourse A, airside area, near the Central Core, the Delta Sky Club offers numerous amenities and features to visitors. You can pay at the door with proof of your Delta ticket. They also have membership programs that can be studied through their online page.

There is also a lounge for United Airlines, with similar facilities and amenities. You can visit them here to see their membership programs and lounge info.

Food and Drinks

There is no dearth of food and drinks options at the Denver International Airport. The airport is well stocked when it comes to dining, and travelers can choose from multiple options to suit their appetites. While spending time at an airport is no one’s definition of a good time, it is an inevitable outcome that you might have to live with due to the circumstances involved. So, the Denver International Airport has all facilities inside to ensure that your stay doesn’t really go totally futile.

The Denver International Airport has water bottle filling stations located all across the premises for thirsty travelers. These water bottle filling stations can be accessed for free, without any prior payments. These stations are located on the airside for each concourse.

When it comes to dining facilities, the Denver International Airport is well endowed, as it has a variety of food options available. However, there are only two that operate around the clock. These include Einstein Bros Bagels located at the C Gates, Level 2 and McDonalds located at A Gates near the Center Core. Both these facilities operate at all times and have fresh food and varieties available across the entirety of the day and night.

Money and Shopping

The Denver International Airport has multiple automated teller machines or ATM machines located across the airport’s premises. The ATM’s are operated by the Public Service Credit Union and are available to assist travelers with their monetary needs. The machines are located throughout the airport and are easily identifiable by their bright signage and locations. Charges may apply for whatever money you withdraw through these ATMs, so it is best to be on the same page with your bank.

The Public Service Credit Union also offers full-time banking services in the Denver International Airport with timings from 9 AM to 6 PM in the evening for all weekdays. They are located at the Jeppesen Terminal and handle all monetary issues.

Additionally, the Denver International Airport also offers worldwide monetary exchange to customers. Currency exchange is necessary for travelers, which is why the convenience of such an exchange in the airport’s premises is unparalleled.

With all the money you need with you, you can shop around for items you require. The duty-free shop located in the airport offers free shopping to all customers near the airside area located around the A Gates and B Gates. There are also a wide variety of newsstands and other retail outlets throughout the premises of the Denver International Airport.

Communication and Relaxation

Besides the industry-wide services mentioned above, the Denver International Airport steps above the rest to provide exemplary communication and relaxation services to all customers. The airport has Wi-Fi facilities around the clock to help travelers pass their time and connect their phones to the internet. Additionally, the airport also has charging stations located across the Jeppesen terminal and the three other Concourses. Travelers that want to charge their laptops can also do so through the power stations located at different corners. The free access of these charging stations means that there are no chances of your battery running out or any other hindrance in communication.

The Denver International Airport offers convenient sleeping cots to travelers that are left stranded in case of an emergency or change in plan. The cots are comfortable and help passengers get back their sleeping hours.

These cots cannot be reserved in advance, and you will have to preferably get in touch with an airport attendant to know of their location or whether you’re applicable for being granted access to one within the airport.  

Those looking for spiritual relaxation will also find the required facilities at the Denver International Airport, with prayer rooms for both Catholic and Islamic travelers. Interfaith chapels, along with an Islamic Prayer Hall are accessible through the main Jeppesen terminal. These prayer rooms are open across the day on a 24 hours basis.

Finally, people looking to get a quick massage to relax their muscles can avail the services from the Massage Center located at A Gates. The Massage Center is open from 7 30 AM in the morning to 9 30 PM in the evening. You can get a quick massage before or after your travel to reduce the feeling of a bad jet lag.

Parking at Denver International Airport

There is an abundance of parking at the Denver International Airport servicing the Denver and Colorado regions. Drivers traveling to the airport can choose from up to 8 on-site parking options and a few others off-site parking lots and garages located near the airport.

This parking guide for the Denver International Airport is designed to help you find the best parking option and rates inside or around the airport. Read on the airport parking options, tips, and resources to get a better understanding of parking at the Denver International Airport.

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Denver International Airport Parking Maps

With so many parking lots located inside the Denver International Airport, it can be confusing for travelers to find their way across the airport. The parking map below will help them on their way, and make the job easier for them:

Main Denver Airport Parking Map

Main Denver Airport Parking Map


Denver Airport Parking Information, Coupons, and Discounts

Based on what you have seen in the options above, the rates for parking at the Denver International Airport can be quite a lot. So, to assist you in finding the best rates and options for parking, we will be mentioning resources, coupons, and discounts for the Denver International Airport:

The official airport parking page is a good way to check on any recent updates and discounts on the parking rates. The airport officials keep running promotions and discounts on parking rates, which is why the official airport parking page is your go-to resource for checking on these promotions. The airport site can also be helpful for passengers traveling through the Denver International Airport.

Way is perhaps one of the ruling parking services that has scattered its scepters all over the United States and Canada. As it aims to provide utmost convenience, has helped passengers locate suitable parking lots – with or without valets – throughout the country. has conveniently parked its super convenient inventory all around the airport in order to facilitate all travelers. Since our app is available for both iPhone and Android users, you can easily find the nearest ride and book it for your daily or monthly parking requirements.

Final Notes on Denver Airport

The parking website for Denver International Airport has a parking fee estimator. You can input your day of travel, the time you want your car to be parked for, and the garage of your choice to find out how much it would cost you.

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