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Denver Broncos at Home: Your Guide to the Mile High Games 

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Watching the next Broncos game live at Mile High? Here’s everything a fan – new or seasoned – should know about the team and their stadium in West Denver. Find out more about the Denver Broncos game today and get the best Empower Field at Mile High parking tips. 

The Denver Broncos traces back their football legacy to 1960. The franchise began as an AFL charter member. Since the leagues merged, they have played 52 seasons in the NFL. Walton-Penner group owns the AFC West Division team, headquartered in Dove Valley – a Detroit suburb. But they have always played home games in the Mile High City.  

Did You Know: Denver Broncos was the only original AFL team without a winning season in the league before it merged with the NFL. However, they were the first-ever AFL team to beat an NFL team.  

Early years in both leagues were not in favor of the Broncos. The first winning season (7-5-2) came only in 1973 – more than a decade after their first AFL season. The franchise waited another four years for their first playoff berth. In the same season (1977-78), they also advanced to Super Bowl XII.  

Since the mid-70s, the Denver Broncos have been among the most successful NFL teams. They have 15 Division titles, eight conference championships, and 22 playoff appearances. However, since their last Super Bowl win in 2015, the Broncos have fallen short.  

The three-time Super Bowl champions are now playing their 63rd football season. Under their new head coach – Nathaniel Hackett – the Broncos hope to better their 2021 record (7-10). So, get ready to catch all the action on the field with the home crowd in Denver.  

Denver Broncos News | Denver Broncos Standings 

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When is the next home game on the Denver Broncos’ schedule 2022? 

The next Broncos game is on October 17, 2022, at SoFi Stadium. After that, the Denver team will host the New York Jets at Empower Field at Mile High on October 23. The Week 8 game on October 30 is at Wembley Stadium in London. 

Check out the full Denver Broncos schedule for the ongoing season here. 

Denver Broncos’ 2022 regular season games began on September 12 at Lumen Field, with a loss to Seattle Seahawks. They also won two home games against Houston Texans and San Francisco 49ers. Unfortunately, the Broncos lost the next away game against Las Vegas Raiders at Allegiant Stadium and then the next home game against the Colts too – one the fans may not forget easily 

In the 2022 preseason, the Broncos won two games in August – one vs. Dallas Cowboys and the other vs. Minnesota Vikings. They also lost one preseason game to the Buffalo Bills.  

You’ll find the latest Denver Broncos scores and game highlights here. 

Who is the new Denver Broncos coach? 

Nathaniel Hackett replaced Vic Fangio as the Denver Broncos head coach after the 2021 season. He is the 18th coach to lead the franchise since its inception.  

Hackett’s new job is his first appointment as a head coach. He has formerly served as the offensive coordinator for Buffalo Bills, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Green Bay Packers in NFL.  

Find out more about current Denver Broncos coaches here. 

Who are the most notable all-time Denver Broncos players? 

The Denver Broncos has eight Pro Football Hall of Famers – John Elway, Floyd Little, Shannon Sharpe, Gary Zimmerman, Terrell Davis, Champ Bailey, and Steve Atwater. Davis (XXXII) and Elway (XXXIII) are Super Bowl MVPs; Von Miller is the third.  

The Broncos also have a Ring of Fame to honor the greatest players and staff from franchise history. The ring with the honoree names is around Empower Field at Mile High’s level 5 façade. Among the 30 former players honored, Elway’s name is at the center of the ring, directly between the north-end goalposts. Goose Gonsoulin, Floyd Little, Lionel Taylor, and Rich Jackson were the first to be inducted on October 1, 1984. Payton Manning is the latest honoree, inducted in 2021.  

Denver Broncos Roster | Denver Broncos Depth Chart | Denver Broncos Stats 

What is the Denver Broncos logo? 

The Denver Broncos logo is pretty straightforward – a horse’s head inspired by their live animal mascot, Thunder. The team colors are orange, navy blue, and white; the horse’s mane in the logo is orange with blue outlines.  

Originally, the Broncos’ logo was a bucking horse. The current logo is a redesigned version used since 1997.  


Who are the Broncos’ rivals in the NFL? 

Las Vegas Raiders, Kansas City Chiefs, and Los Angeles Chargers are AFL charter members like the Denver Broncos, and the four teams continue as AFC West rivals in NFL. The Seattle Seahawks were also divisional rivals until they realigned to NFC West. 

Over the years, the Broncos have also had rivalries with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Browns, and New England Patriots.  

How to get Denver Broncos tickets

All NFL tickets and parking permits are sold only through the official ticketing websites or apps and are delivered digitally to your phone. Therefore, PDFs and printouts are no longer valid for entry to the stadium on Broncos’ game days.  

Digital tickets and parking permits have a dynamic barcode that updates every 15 minutes. So, screenshots won’t work at the gates; you’ll have to use the app. Find out more about mobile ticketing and the entry process here. 

How much do Broncos’ single-game tickets cost? 

You’ll have to pay at least $80 for Denver Broncos tickets, and the average price is around $300.  

Empower Field at Mile High has a total capacity of 76,125 for football games. However, the Broncos are well-known for sellouts. They have sold-out every home game at the original Mile High Stadium since the 70s, and after 2001, the streak continues at Empower Field.  

Additionally, the Broncos’ home-field advantage and the fan experience at NFL’s loudest stadium keep up the demand for tickets every season. If you are looking for resale tickets, it’s best not to wait till the last minute for the price to go down.

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Is ADA seating available at Empower Field? 

Limited ADA tickets for Denver Broncos games on all levels and price ranges, including suite, club, and reserved seating, are available. You can purchase tickets for ADA seating online.  

See the Denver Broncos seating map at Empower Field at Mile High here

Escalators and elevators within the club level and suite lobbies are accessible to all ADA guests at the Denver Broncos stadium.  

Where is the Denver Broncos Stadium? 

Empower Field at Mile High is in West Denver’s Sun Valley neighborhood. It is easily accessible via I-25, which borders the neighborhood on the east. The stadium and its parking areas occupy a major part of Sun Valley.  

The Denver Broncos have played their home games in this location for most of their history. The former site of the original Mile High Stadium is now part of the stadium parking area. Though the new stadium’s name keeps changing, it’s popularly referred to as the Mile High or New Mile High Stadium.  

After playing at the Mile High Stadium for four decades, the Denver NFL team got a new stadium in 2001. It was then called Invesco Field at Mile High and renamed in 2011 to Sports Authority Field at Mile High. When Sports Authority went bankrupt in 2016, the stadium was temporarily named the Broncos Stadium at Mile High. Finally, in 2019, Colorado-based Empower Retirement acquired the naming rights. 

Mile High Denver Broncos Sports Authority Field

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Why is it called the Mile High Stadium? 

The Denver Broncos home stadium gets its name from the city’s nickname – Mile High City. As per official elevation records, Denver sits exactly one mile above sea level (5280 feet). The altitude is a significant factor in maintaining the Broncos’ legendary home-field advantage. 


How to reach Empower Field at Mile High for Broncos games? 

Denver Broncos’ home stadium in Sun Valley is easily accessible by car and public transit.  

By Road 

The neighborhood is bordered by Interstate 25; you can use the 17th Avenue and Colfax Avenue exits. Federal Blvd. on the west is also a major thoroughfare.  

Note: Federal Blvd. southbound road closes from 17th Avenue to 23rd Avenue during Broncos games.  

Use the map below to plan your route to the next Denver Broncos game today. Or find detailed driving directions to the stadium parking lots here. 

By Rail 

Empower Field at Mile High Stadium has a dedicated light rail station – C, E, and W lines stop here. Additionally, the W line stops at the nearby Decatur-Federal Station. Both stations are less than a 10-minute walk from the stadium complex.  

The Empower Field at Mile High Station, formerly the Sports Authority Field at Mile High Station, is to the east, near Auraria Parkway. You can transfer from D or H lines to C or E lines that stop here from 10th & Osage, Almeda, or I-25 & Broadway stations. The C line special service for Denver Broncos fans begins three hours before weekend home games.  

The Decatur-Federal station is on the West Corridor line that connects downtown Union Station and the Federal Center in Golden. To transfer to the W line, you can take the University of Colorado A Line to Union Station. You can also transfer to the C or E lines here.  

By Trolley 

The football shuttle is quite popular among Broncos fans headed to home games at Mile High. It costs only $10 for a roundtrip ticket ($7 one-way only). On game days, the trolley starts roundtrips two hours before kickoff, from the Confluence Park Trolley stop (behind REI – 1416 Platte Street) to the Broncos Bridge Trolley stop (under I-25, east of the stadium). The service continues until half an hour after the game ends.  

By Taxi 

The rideshare zone at the stadium is on Howard Pl. eastbound, south of Lot M. After the game, head south from the stadium towards Decatur-Federal Station for pick-ups.  

Taxis stage on Mile High Circle or Bryant Street outside the stadium. Head for the pedestrian walkway on the northeast corner, outside Gate 5. 

When do the gates open for Broncos’ home games? 

Empower Field at Mile High stadium gates open two hours before kickoff for general admission. However, suite and club-level ticket-holders start entering the stadium an hour earlier. So, check your tickets and proceed to the designated gate for hassle-free entry on Denver Broncos game days.  

Pre-game tailgating at Mile High Moutain Village is open to all fans with a game ticket. Entry begins three hours before the game begins from Gate 4. Mane Street, where fans can enjoy music, beer, and fun activities, is also opened three hours before kickoff.  


If you need more options to kill time before the game, head to the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame Museum at Gate 1 on the stadium’s west side. The Denver Broncos team store is on the south end, below the main scoreboard. You can check out and shop for the Broncos’ official merchandise here. 

How much does Denver Broncos parking cost? 

Empower Field at Mile High Stadium parking lots are mostly reserved for those with pre-purchased parking permits. Single-game permits cost around $150 – $300; valet parking is also available. Permits are exclusively sold online on the Broncos’ official app and website. You’ll have to present the digital permit with an active barcode to enter the designated stadium lot on game day.  

Limited day-of-game parking is available at the Denver Broncos’ stadium lots A and C on a first-come, first-served basis. If carpooling (four passengers in a car) to the game, you can use Lot A; each spot costs $30 per game.  

Lot C is the early tailgating lot, and parking here costs $40 per game. Lot C spots usually sell out within an hour after opening on game days.

Note: Tailgating is not allowed in Lot A.  

If you do not have a permit and are late to the game, it is easier to find parking at an off-site lot near Empower Field at Mile High or park at a cheaper lot downtown and take the trolley or taxi. Check out the best options for Downtown Denver parking on Way and pay as low as $10 per day (up to 24 hours)! 

Where can I find off-site parking lots near Mile High Stadium? 

Around 15000 parking spaces are available at off-site parking lots near the Denver Broncos’ Empower Field at Mile High. Auraria Campus, Ball Arena, Denver Aquarium, and Riverside Church Denver are popular on game days. In addition, you’ll find several other options in the neighborhood—Park further away from the stadium to save more on Denver Broncos parking.  

Check out the Empower Field at Mile High Stadium parking map here

Find affordable parking near Denver Broncos mile high stadium

Is tailgating allowed outside the Broncos’ Stadium? 

Tailgating is allowed at Empower Field at Mile High stadium lots, but you must follow the rules and parking staff’s instructions. Additionally, tailgating areas such as the Mile High Mountain Village and Mane Street are open to all on gamedays.  

Is there ADA parking at stadium lots for Denver Broncos games? 

ADA parking is available in lots D, G, and L for Denver Broncos games, on a first-come, first-served basis. You must pre-purchase a game day parking permit online – $30/spot in lots D or G and $20/spot in lots L. Apart from the permit, you must present valid ADA placards or license plates. Entry to the lots begins four hours before kickoff.  

Shuttle carts are available from parking areas to the gates; pick-up is from designated shuttle stops only. You can check out the route map here.

The shuttle service starts three hours before kickoff and continues until one hour after the game. Operations stop two minutes before the 4th quarter and resume only 15 minutes after the game ends, for security reasons due to heavy pedestrian traffic from the stadium gates to the parking lots.

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