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Learn Everything about Detroit Lions Games at Ford Field

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Fan of the Detroit Lions? Unfortunately, after a disappointing last season, it seems the Lions have not learned anything. In three games they have played so far, they have lost twice, and the only win they have been against the Washington Commanders. 


The team from Detroit has been a member of the National Football Conference ever since it came into existence. Unfortunately, they have an unwanted record of being the only NFC team not winning a Super Bowl. But the Detroit Lions football team was not always at the bottom of the table. 

Detroit Lions Parking

If you want to get more¬†about the Lions games’ home game experience, this blog is for you. Read along for important details, including schedule, tickets, squad, and parking information.¬†

What are the upcoming games for the Lions? 

As per the Detroit Lions’ schedule, they have four more games remaining in October. During this period, they will face the opposition of the Dallas Cowboys, Seattle Seahawks, Miami Dolphins, and New England Patriots. ¬†

In the next fixtures, they will have to face some tough opponents, both home and away. Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears, New York Giants, and Buffalo Bills will play against the Lions. You can visit the official team website for the Lions games schedule. 

Detroit Lions news | Detroit Lions score 

What is the current Detroit Lions roster? 


Some of the popular members of the active squad are listed below. A detailed roster with the active squad, list of injured players, and practice squad can be found here. 

  • Alex Anzalone¬†
  • Kayode Awosika¬†
  • Derrick Barnes¬†
  • Chris Board¬†
  • Michael Brockers¬†
  • Evan Brown¬†
  • Austin Bryant¬†
  • Isaiah Buggs¬†
  • Quintez Cephus¬†
  • DJ Chark¬†
  • John Cominsky¬†
  • Scott Daly¬†
  • Taylor Decker¬†
  • DeShon Elliott¬†
  • Drew Forbes¬†
  • Jack Fox¬†
  • Jared Goff¬†
  • Charles Harris¬†

Apart from this, the complete Detroit Lions depth chart can help you identify the options they have for each position. 

How much are the Detroit Lions tickets? 

There are many options for a Lions fan to choose from as far as tickets are concerned. Most hardcore fans go all out by getting the season tickets. You can get a season ticket and, in turn, get access to special events and merchandise and even pay for it with a monthly plan. In addition, you can see the training sessions and players up close. 

Single-game tickets are available for purchase from the official team website. These rates might vary with the seats you choose and the opposition. When bigger teams come to town, you can expect the minimum ticket rates to go as high as $200. On average, you can expect to spend more than $45 per seat. Ticketmaster also sells single-game tickets for the home games of the Detroit Lions. 

Apart from these, group tickets and premium seating, including Suites, are available at the stadium. For more about each of these and to buy them, visit the official Detroit Lions website. 

Which is the home stadium of the Lions? 

Ford Field at Detroit has been hosting the home games of the Lions since 2002. With a capacity to hold close to 65,000 fans, this destination offers a stellar fan experience for football. In addition, this venue has also held sporting events like WrestleMania, college wrestling, and marching band competitions in the past. 

Where is the Detroit Lions home stadium located? 

You can find the Detroit Lions stadium at 2000 Brush Street in Detroit, Michigan. It is within walking distance from the Comerica Park baseball field. Other notable destinations near the stadium include Fox Theatre, Detroit Opera House, and Hollywood Casino at Greektown. 

How to get to Ford Field 

The Detroit People Mover service has many stations near this stadium. Some of these include Times Square, Broadway, Cadillac Center, Greektown, and Bricktown stations. But the closest station is the Grand Circus Park station which is just 0.4 miles away from Ford Field. You can walk through East Adams Avenue to reach the stadium. 

A few routes around the stadium can get you here if you wish to come by car. These include I-96, I-75 North, M-10, I-75 South, and Gratiot Avenue. 


The Detroit Lions stadium is within 0.8 miles from downtown Detroit by car. Depending on traffic conditions, you can drive via Woodward Avenue to reach the stadium within 4 minutes. Other alternative routes include the West Grand River Avenue, which is a 0.7-mile drive that would take 5 minutes to reach this destination. 

Is there on-site parking at Ford Field? 

Yes. You can find Lot 4, Lot 5, the Ford Field parking deck, and Lot 6, located closer to the stadium. Other facilities include Lions/Tigers garage, a common space for Ford Field, and Comerica Park. Within a few blocks from Ford Field, you can find official parking spaces at Fox Garage, 61 E Elizabeth, 127 W Fisher, and a few others. 

The availability and charges at these official parking spaces will vary from game to game. For instance, when the Lions host big teams, you can expect these parking facilities to be in high demand.  

Also, the heavy traffic at these spaces before and after the game will force you to come hours before each game kicks off. Most of the parking facilities near the stadium will open four hours before the games start. 

Can you tailgate at Ford Field? 

No. Tailgating is prohibited in the parking facilities at Ford Field. Also, in/out privileges are not present at these lots and garages. But you have a wide range of food and beverage options inside and near the stadium. 

What are the cheapest options for parking near Ford Field? 

The official parking rates can be quite high for some of you. So it is common for fans to look elsewhere to save some money on parking. Street parking is usually the first choice for many. But there are a few risks involved in leaving your parking in the streets. 


The local parking authorities will be strict about their regulations. Therefore, you will end up paying parking tickets and heavy fines at the end of a normal NFL game day at Ford Field if you commit a violation. Needless to emphasize the fact that, street parking is not safe for your car. 

But there are always off-site parking garages near Ford Field that offer cheaper rates. Besides, these are safe, and you do not have to worry about parking rules.  

Is there street parking near the Detroit Lions home stadium? 

Yes. The nearest street with a few parking spaces is Gratiot Avenue which is a few blocks away from the stadium. Similarly, there is St Antoine Street, Madison Street, Randolph Street, and Centre Street, among a few others, which also have parking spots. 


But on a game day, you must be lucky to find a vacant space in any of the locations mentioned above. Most of them will be occupied hours before the game starts. So you might have to go miles away from the Detroit Lions stadium to find a free space to park your car. But you can still book a parking garage near Ford Field that is within walking distance. 

Why use off-site parking garages for Detroit Lions games? 

Off-site garages offer premium features at cheaper rates compared to on-site and street parking facilities. You can enjoy valet parking, covered parking, contactless parking, and ADA/Aisle access at these facilities. Besides, booking an off-site spot can avoid the long line of cars before and after each game.  


In addition, you can get camera surveillance and security personnel also when you use these garages for Detroit Lions games. Also, there is very little risk at these garages compared to street parking spaces. 

How to find cheap parking garages near Ford Field 

The easiest way to find affordable parking garages near Ford Field is by using an online parking service like Way.com. Using the Way app, you can locate all garages near the Detroit Lions stadium along with the features they offer and charges.  

Once you input the entry and exit times, you can pay the corresponding rates to guarantee your game day spot. By using Way.com to book your spot, you can get the best deals and special discounts on parking rates.

Detroit Lions parking at Ford Field

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