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Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) International Airport Parking Guide

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Planning to fly out of DFW Airport? You’ll probably need to find an affordable DFW parking spot.¬† This is where your struggle begins – Dallas Fort Worth Airport parking is not easy to come by, nor is it cheap. Unless, of course, you manage to get your hands on a DFW airport parking deal or offer! The good news is, we’ve done all the hard work for you. Read on to know more about DFW Airport parking rates, parking at DFW Airport, and express parking at DFW.

Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) Airport Parking Made Easy

Inside DFW Airport

Parking options inside and around the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport start at $2 for 2 hours (at the Express Lot) and go to $31 for a day’s valet parking. Dallas Airport parking rates depend on your choice of parking space and whether you choose DFW long-term parking or short-term parking. The short-term and long-term Dallas Airport parking rates and options below will help you better understand your parking options and DFW Airport Parking rates.

Rates and Options for Parking at DFW Airport

(Note: Some DFW Airport parking lots are closed due to COVID-19 impact. We have updated the info wherever available to match current rates and availability. However, the airport authorities may decide to update this status at their discretion at any time.)

DFW Long-Term Parking

The Dallas Fort Worth International Airport has around five DFW parking options for drivers looking to park their cars on a long-term basis. These options include:

  • Terminal Parking
  • The Express Parking Lot (Express South is closed. Express North is open)
  • Remote Parking Lot (CLOSED for now)
  • DFW Valet Parking
  • Cell Phone Lot
  • And, off-the site parking lots

Short-Term DFW Airport Parking

The Dallas Fort Worth International Airport has several parking options near the terminals for visitors looking to park their cars on a short-term basis. Each DFW terminal has its own short-term parking location, where you can park the car and come back within an hour or two’s time. These DFW parking garages also have a valet service to assist you in your quest and make your job easier if you’re in a hurry.

These garages also offer car washing and detailing services, which you can use based on the time you have up your sleeves. Terminal parking options are perfect for you if you plan to be at the airport for a short time, i.e., simply to drop or pick someone up. The rates are adjusted according to your needs, and you can take the plan that suits you best. However, if you plan to park your car overnight or for a couple of days, then you’re better with the Express or Remote Parking options.

Short-Term and Long-Term DFW Airport Parking Rates

DFW North and South Express Parking Daily Rate:0-2 hour$2
2-4 hours$3
4-6 hours$4
6-24 hours$15
DFW Terminal A-E Parking Garage Daily Rate:0-8 min$6
8-30 min$2
30 min-2 hours$3
2-4 hours$9
4-6 hours$10
6-24 hours$27
DFW Remote Parking:0-2 hours$1
 (Currently Closed)2-4 hours$2
4-6 hours$3
6-24 hours$12

Does DFW Airport have valet parking?

Yes, it does. DFW Valet parking is now available at each terminal. You’ll find valet parking on the Arrivals Level of Terminal A, B, C, and E. For Terminal D, valet parking is located curbside on the departures level. DFW Valet parking costs $40/day.

DFW Airport parking

About Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) International Airport

The Dallas Fort Worth International Airport is the main airport serving the metroplex area of Dallas and Fort Worth in Texas, United States. The airport has all the fixings of a modern airport and sees a lot of traffic each day. Dallas Fort Worth International Airport has been ranked as the fourth busiest airport in the world because of the traffic that it gets from routine visitors across the year.

It is believed that the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport sees around 900 daily flights coming to and from 229 destinations daily. Of these 229 destinations, 56 are international, and the remaining 173 are domestic. With this volume of traffic, it’s easy to understand why parking near DFW airport or even remote parking DFW is hard to come by!

Besides the traffic coming its way, the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport is beautifully constructed and covers an extensive area. The Dallas Fort Worth International Airport is the second largest airport according to size in the United States, as it comes only second to the Denver Airport.

The airport is located at a distance of around 32 km or 20 miles to the city of Dallas and around 38 km or 24 miles from Fort Worth. The airport is also the primary hub for American Airlines, highlighting its strategic location.

While this guide is predominantly meant to help you with parking at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, we will also give you pertinent information relating to the airport itself and the facilities present within it. By the end of this guide, not only will you know where to park your car and the rates to give, but you will also have a better idea of what to expect when inside the airport.

What to Expect

The Dallas Fort Worth International Airport has 5 main terminals – A through E. All the terminals are linked through a Skylink train to help travelers get through. There are also multiple walkways between Terminal A and D, but Terminal E can only be accessed through a Skylink train.

All five of the terminals live true to the reputation of the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport as a major airport in the region, as they have plenty of shopping, dining, and service opportunities. If we had to choose between all 5, Terminal D would stand up because of the quality of service and dining options.

The airport has numerous charging stations that complement the free Wi-Fi to ensure that you are connected to the outside world at all times of your stay at the airport.

Airport Facilities

As you would expect from an airport of Dallas Fort Worth International Airport’s size, the airport is well-equipped with all essential facilities and amenities. We’ve made mention of some of these facilities in the lines below:

Family Services

Airports have recently recognized the importance of family care services inside their premises. Traveling with children can be a hassle for parents, so all kinds of services directed to aid them in their travels can come as a form of solace.

The family care services inside the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport include:

Baby Care Facilities

Babies tend to be pretty demanding when it comes to traveling. They get to see many new people, new places, and new environments, all of which can be extremely overwhelming. So, they might need extra attention from their caregiver. The Dallas Fort Worth International Airport allows moms and caregivers to feed and change babies in a completely private and comfortable area within the Nursing Rooms in the airport. The Nursing rooms ensure that moms and caretakers don’t go through prying eyes while looking after their kids. You can get access to any of these private rooms by calling 3-3112 from the paging phones inside the airport or 972-973-3112 from your own cell phone. Mothers usually get up to 30 minutes of private access if space is available.

Play Area

Children are energetic and playful, which is why they never really come to terms with the idea of sitting and waiting the way you do. Hence, they need to burn off some steam and kill their energy at the airport. Rather than having them run across the terminal and create a scene, you can take your kids to one of the play areas in the McDonald’s located within the airport. The place has soft seating for parents and allows them to charge their phones while keeping a watchful eye on their tykes.


If you’re someone who does not want to miss out on their fitness regime while traveling, you’re in luck! The administration at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport recognizes the importance and has incorporated certain features for you:

Walking Path

The walking path between terminals can be a good way to quickly jog and flex your muscles. You can do a power walk or a leisurely stroll while breathing in the sights and sounds of the happening location. You can also run across the 55-foot high staircases leading to the Skylink terminals.

Yoga Studio

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport has two Yoga studios for passengers to relax and stretch before a flight. The studios have complimentary exercise balls, mats, and stretch mats. They also have instructional videos to get you in the groove if you’re new to yoga. The studios are located at Gate D40 and Gate E31.

Money and Shopping

If you need currency while inside the airport, there are plenty of conveniently located ATMs within the premises. The ATMs are easy to identify, located near the Terminal entrances and exits. There are also currency exchange services offered by Travelex at D24 and D36 if you want to get all those foreign notes exchanged.

With money on you, you can shop for preferred items at the Duty-Free shops near Gate D14, Gate D22, and Gate D27. There are a wide variety of newsstands and other retail shops. The Dallas Fort Worth International Airport has more than enough options for shopping.

Parking Guide for Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

Considering the frequent traffic across the airport, parking at the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport can be a hassle unless you know what to do. This guide will help guide you to the best options for parking at DFW Airport. And how you can get the best rates while parking your car at a safe spot!

Where to park at DFW Airport

The Dallas Fort Worth International Airport has a Terminal Garage next to each terminal, covered and uncovered parking near the North and South entry/exits (served by shuttles), a scan and go valet parking lot, and 2 free cell phone lots. The Remote North and South Lots are currently closed. If these options don’t suit your needs, there’s plenty of offsite DFW parking available near the airport as well.

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport Parking Maps

The map below will help guide you to your airport parking spot at the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. The routes are simple to understand, and you wouldn’t find yourself missing the path.

Main DFW Airport Parking MapDFW Airport Map

DFW Airport Parking Discounts, Coupons, and Information

Considering the rates mentioned above, you can probably tell by now that parking at DFWAirport can be expensive. The airport sees a lot of traffic across the year, so they try to reduce the hassle of airport parking rates by running frequent coupons, promotions, and discounts on different resources. Now, you wouldn’t want to miss out on these discounts, right?

DFW Airport

The official airport parking page will have the information you need about discounts and other promotions. The parking page will also let you know if you can get a parking spot is available. The page is an excellent way to keep tabs on all the airport’s parking info.

Additionally, you can also follow the main official airport website. It will give you information on flights and passenger traffic during the day. With all this information, you can plan your itinerary better.


Way.com is an official mobile application that sells DFW Airport parking spots from garages near the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. You can also go to a web page for more responsiveness and interactivity. This is a pretty easy way to keep track of DFW Airport parking information, as it is regularly updated. The app is available on both iPhone and Android and is quite a handful.

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport Official App

The Dallas Fort Worth International Airport has an official application to provide information on available parking options. The app can be downloaded on both iPhone and Android.

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport Valet App

The Dallas Fort Worth International Airport also has an application for the valet parking service on offer. The app eases your parking experience at the airport. The application helps you make reservations at the airport and save time. It also remembers your profile and information to give you a better service in the long run. They also have scannable bar codes that make dropping and picking up your car a simple walk in the car.

Before we wind up, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about DFW Airport parking:

How much is DFW Airport parking?

Parking rates at DFW Airport vary depending on where and how long you park. Parking charges vary from $6 for 0-8 minutes at the Terminal Parking Lot to $40/day for valet parking. The Express  Covered Lot charges $18/day. However, parking near DFW Airport is way cheaper, with parking rates as low as $3/day!

Get parking near DFW Airport for rates starting at $3/day

Is there free parking at DFW Airport?

Yes, there is free parking offered at the two DFW cell phone lots. However, you can park here only for 2 hours or less.

How much is parking at DFW Airport with a toll tag?

Regular fliers from DFW Airport can sign up for a DFW TollTag. DFW Parking TollTag is a quick way to pay Express, Remote, and Terminal Parking charges. With a TollTag account, you can order a tag for your car. However, please note that DFW Airport does not offer a TollTag discount for parking. DFW Airport parking standard rates apply to TollTag users. Parking fees of up to $10 are deducted from the balance on the pre-paid card. Charges of more than $10 are automatically charged to the credit/debit card on file. Be careful, though – all failed transactions are levied a $20 service penalty. Also, the accounts are blocked at DFW until the overdue parking fees are paid in full.

The Dallas Fort Worth International Airport has a digital parking guidance system in place in all parking lots. This system can guide you to the number of empty parking spots in each row.

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