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DMV Registration Oregon-Process and Things to Remember

  • Car Registration
  • Melanie Barrett
  • 3 minutes

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DMV registration in Oregon is a compulsory process when you plan for a new car. However, you’ll need some supporting documents to complete it. These also include a certificate of title, a certificate of registration, and a number plate. You may easily get these together without investing much time. Before all this, it is important to get insurance first. Also, the title helps you ensure the safety of your car as long as you own it.

Steps to Complete Your DMV Registration Oregon

  • File A DMV Oregon title application.
  • In addition, carry the original ownership documents.
  • Secondly, carry the vehicle supporting documents.
  • Thirdly, check for lien releases.
  • Also, carry the bill of sale with you.
  • Additionally, keep the odometer disclosure.
  • Similarly, keep a copy of auto insurance for your DMV registration in Oregon.
  • At last, remit the applicable fees.


Documents Needed to Register Your Car in Oregon

While planning for a DMV registration in Oregon in the first place, keep the following documents handy:

  • A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The inspection cost is generally around $7.
  • Also, use a tax certificate.
  • Similarly, proof of eligibility is a must. It takes about 30 days to transfer a title to your name and complete the process.
  • Also, remember to fill the bottom part of form 6775.
  • Finally, make sure that your car passes the emission test too.


Cost to Register Your Car in Oregon

Here is the basic cost you need to particularly bear as a part of the registration.

Passenger vehicles and trucks Fee
Vehicles of 1999 or older $110
Vehicles of 2000 or newer rating 0-19 miles per gallon $110
Vehicles of 2000 or newer rating 20-39 miles per gallon $113
Vehicles of 2000 or newer rating 40 miles per gallon $119
Electric Vehicle $193

Other Fees for DMV Registration Oregon

Again, there are a few other fees that you need to pay. These are  paid during the DMV registration process in Oregon:

Other Title Fees Fee
Light railers, travel trailers, campers, park model RVs $104
Motorcycle/ mopeds $104
Motor homes $104
Buses $104
Heavy electric vehicles $96
Salvage title $33
Late title/ transfer fee (31-60 days) $31
Late title/ transfer fee (61 days +) $56

State Minimum Requirements for DMV registration Oregon

Here are some equally important state minimum requirements you need to fulfill:

  • Copy of the liability
  • You’ll also need additional coverages at times. Hence, remember to add your auto insurance number too.

Exceptions in DMV registration Oregon

  • Emission test by Department of Environment Quality.
  • Vehicles before 1975 are also exempted.
  • Likewise, vehicles more than 20 years also need not undergo the test.
  • Still, some categories of vehicles are excluded. These are mostly vehicles more than 80 lbs, motorcycles,¬† and low-speed EVs. Hybrid vehicles and Government vehicles are also included.
  • Vehicles with a registration on or after 2009 are left out. Else, they must meet the LEV requirements.

Renewal of DMV enrollment in Oregon

  • Remember to keep a copy of your receipt in particular.
  • In addition, remember to mail the essential documents. In fact, these include DEQ emission test results, estimates of fees, and a copy of personal documents.

To Sum Up:

It is always important to keep track of all your insurance payments specifically. This helps you to get your insurance coverage on time.

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