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Do better car safety features lower auto insurance premiums?

  • Auto Insurance
  • Xavier Sabastian
  • 3 minutes

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When on a drive, everyone wants to feel secure. Car manufacturers cater to this need by including more safety features in even the most basic models. Please continue reading to learn how these features might help you relax and how they affect your auto insurance costs!

Do safety features lower your auto insurance?

Most drivers feel that anti-theft and in-car safety technologies will affect their insurance rates. Is it true that cars with more advanced safety features have cheaper insurance rates? The answer is yes, on occasion. On the one hand, technology has the potential to avert accidents. On the other hand, it raises the price of the car and the cost of repairs. 

car insurance offers

As a result, auto insurance companies must pay more when there are claims. However, some car insurance companies provide an anti-theft discount to drivers who install qualifying anti-theft equipment in their cars. A few examples of car alarms, GPS trackers, and disabling devices that prevent the car from being driven without the key. As a result, these gadgets may make your car safer while also saving you money on your auto insurance!

Does safety feature increase or lower auto insurance premium?

Extra safety features can increase your auto insurance

These features may be necessary to keep you and your passengers safe if you’re prone to driving while distracted. On the other hand, enhanced safety features may cost you more upfront when you buy your car and are unlikely to save you money on your car insurance policy shortly.

Due to pricey sensors and their calibration needs, the average repair expense after an accident can be twice as much as a conventional car’s. 

Take, for example, the replacement of a park assist camera. Isn’t that small enough? It’s just a small backup camera to make sure you don’t run over the toys of your neighbors’ kids. The average cost of replacing a park assist camera is $591 and $609. Even if it appears to be a little component of your car, the repair expense is substantial!

According to word on the street, these safety features are expected to start saving you money shortly. However, there isn’t enough data to verify this beneficial effect. Once significant numbers of incidents are reported due to these features, insurance firms are expected to offer discounts to drivers who drive “safer” cars.

Park assist camera can cost a fortune for car insurance companies

Never underestimate the importance of discounts

Discounts are quite beneficial. Everyone would like to save a little money on everyday expenses such as auto insurance. Many car insurance companies provide their consumers with various discount alternatives for installing safety features in their cars. Specific safety features, such as anti-lock brakes or airbags, may qualify for discounts, but these vary by insurance company and state. The “safe driver” discount, in which insurance companies pay a percentage off your rate if you enable them to follow your driving on the road in real-time, is becoming increasingly popular.

Whatever insurance company you choose, make sure to inform them of any safety or anti-theft equipment installed in your car to see what discounts are available.


So, while such high-tech safety features may not help you save money on your monthly auto insurance coverage, they may help you stay safe while driving. In addition, there’s a chance that some car insurance companies will offer discounts to drivers who install them in their cars.

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