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Do Car Seats Expire? What Can You Do with the Old Ones?

  • Car Care Tips
  • Melanie Barrett
  • 4 minutes

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Do car seats expire? Yes, they do. Like medicines, food ingredients, and other essentials, car seats also have an expiry date. Using the same car seats without changing them can make travel harmful and uncomfortable. Hence, it is important to know when to buy a new car seat and choose the best one for your car. 

Not knowing your car seat’s expiry can make your driving dangerous. Especially during times when you’re traveling with your kids, it can make them uncomfortable. It may also cause skin diseases, allergies, and even accidents. Hence, make sure that you know the expiry date of your car seats and change them when needed.¬†

Do car seats expire? What to do with the old ones?

When do car seats expire? 

The expiry of car seats depends upon the car’s make and model. You can easily find the car seat’s expiry date under the seat on the frame. Most car seats have a life span of six years or less. Therefore, you’ll either need to dispose of your old car seats or recycle them once you find them worn out.¬†

Why do car seats expire? 

Why do car seats expire? What are the possible reasons behind this? Here are some of the reasons you probably didn’t know.¬†

Expiry of materials 

Car seats expire mostly due to the loss of materials’ quality. The car seats get damaged under extreme temperatures. Also, the quality of plastics is another factor in deciding how long you can use your car seats. Similarly, you may need help to see visible damage to raw materials. In such situations, it is best to go for new seats once the validity of car seats ends.¬†

Old models 

Some car seat manufacturers stop their production abruptly due to various reasons. In case you are using the car seats of one of those companies, you may find it difficult to replace your seats. Sadly, you cannot do anything when this is the situation. After taking a car expert’s opinion, you may also go for car seats of similar models.¬†


One of the most common reasons why car seats expire is because of the rust that accumulates. Your car seat frames contain metals like a steal, which rusts after continuous usage. Hence, it is always good to check the condition of your car seats and replace them as the quality deteriorates. 

New technology 

Another reason why car seats expire is due to the evolving technology. As a responsible driver, make you use the best of the new technology available. Some of the best benefits that the new technologies offer are child safety. A child passenger safety technician must certify that your car seats are safe for children to travel. Also, in case you stick to the old technology, you may have to pay the penalties as per your state laws. 

Do car seats expire? What to do with the old ones?

How to tell if your car seats have expired?

There are a few simple ways to tell if your car seats have expired, like:

  • Accumulation of rust on car seats.
  • The seat belt straps are coming off loose.
  • Creaking noise from the seats.
  • Breakage of car seat parts.

What to do when car seats expire? 

Planning to throw away your car seats? Here are some other ways to discard your car seats as they expire: 


If your car seats are nearing expiry, donate them to people who need them. On the flip side, it is also quite dangerous since many organizations don’t accept old car seats. These organizations mostly find it difficult to bear the cost of recycling.¬†


The wisest thing to do when car seats expire is to recycle them. As you may know, car seats contain plastics, fabrics, and metals. Hence, it is quite dangerous to use them for a long time. Also, many car seat manufacturers today have recycling centers. You may also check for your car seat expiry date and go for a car seat recycling. 


The last thing you can do with your expired car seats is to dispose of them safely. The professional way to dispose of your car seats is by separating each part and then safely discarding them. Also, remember to separate the fabrics, metals, plastics, and foam in disposable bags. Remember to throw them in the right bins or send them for recycling. 

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