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Do parking tickets go on your record?

  • Auto Insurance
  • Xavier Sabastian
  • 4 minutes

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You must keep your driving record as clean as possible as a driver. Your driving record serves as proof of your driving. It contains a compilation of past and ongoing motoring conduct, including violations, accidents, and other roadside occurrences. While this may be embarrassing to some, car insurance companies take it very seriously.

Car insurance companies generally raise a person’s premiums if they have a history of negligence and bad decision-making. This is because past experiences would indicate that the motorist is more likely to submit an insurance claim. That means that drivers with a clean driving record pay lower premiums. Whereas those records, like at-fault accidents or DUIs/DWIs, pay higher premiums, the extent of which varies by state.

So, if you’ve recently earned a parking ticket, how will it affect your driving record? Not at all! While the penalties for various parking offenses vary by state and municipality, they are always non-moving violations. As a result, a parking penalty does not appear on your driving record because it does not reflect badly on your driving habits.¬†

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Do parking fines affect car insurance premiums?

Parking fines have no effect on your auto insurance prices on their own.¬†Because they don’t appear on your driving record, auto insurance companies have no way of knowing about the ticket. It would help if you did not worry about rising insurance premiums as long as you pay the associated fine by the deadline. However, if you fail to pay a parking ticket on time, it may cause complications with your insurance company. The consequences might escalate in severity depending on the severity of the fine and how long you go without paying it. Penalties can include an increase in the fee, your vehicle being towed by the municipality, or even your driver’s license being suspended.

In addition, failing to pay a parking citation can negatively influence your credit score, which insurance companies are quite concerned about. A low credit score can indicate to insurance providers that you have a history of mismanaging your money and not paying your payments on time.

car insurance affected by parking tickets

Consequences of having a parking ticket on your record

While a parking ticket will not appear on your driving record, it does not mean that receiving one is unimportant. Here are a few examples of how a parking ticket can cause you grief:

Fines: When it comes to parking violations, the fees are the most important consideration. The amount they cost is determined by rules established at the local, county, and state levels. These fines will eventually have a due date. Failing to pay on time will certainly result in a bigger fine.

Consequences of having parking tickets on my record

Negative effect on credit score: Your credit score will suffer as a result. Failure to pay a parking ticket on time might harm your credit score. 

Suspension of your driver’s license:¬†This is the most important one.¬†If you wait long enough and don’t pay your fines, your license may be suspended entirely by the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).¬†Driving with a suspended license is risky since you could be pulled up by the police and issued a ticket.


What to remember about parking tickets on your record

So, while parking fines may not have a direct impact on your driving record, if you don’t deal with them sooner rather than later, you risk losing access to your car or driver’s license, as well as harming your credit score. State and local administrations have long memories and little tolerance for misbehaving citizens.¬†Even if parking citations do not appear on your driving record, the phrase “the long arm of the law” can undoubtedly apply to them.


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