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Red Cars Cost More To Insure: Myth or Fact?

  • Auto Insurance
  • Xavier Sabastian
  • 5 minutes

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Have you ever fantasized about speeding down a highway in a red car, blaring Prince’s “Little Red Corvette” on the stereo? What would have stopped you? Let me take a wild guess! You may have overheard claims about red cars’ being expensive to insure.¬†

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Is it more expensive to insure a red car? If this is something you’ve heard, you’re not alone.

red car insure

Is insurance more expensive if you drive a red car?

Have no fear. The misconception that red cars are more expensive to insure is fiction. There isn’t much evidence to back up the claim that red cars raise insurance prices.

While auto insurance companies consider various factors when determining your premium, the color of your vehicle is not one of them. When you apply for auto insurance (VIN), your insurance company will want to know your car’s make, model, year, and VIN when you apply for auto insurance (VIN). Your insurance provider will be more concerned with the manufacturer and type of your vehicle than with its color.¬†

A standard, mainstream model, for example, will be less expensive to insure than a high-end foreign car. Auto insurance companies look for risk variables that indicate a higher likelihood of filing a claim. These include your claims, location, age, gender, and driving record. While insurance firms generally consider the same set of risk indicators, consider that their insurance prices are calculated differently. You can shop around for the best rates by collecting quotations from other insurance companies.

Is Insurance More Expensive if You Drive a Red Car?


The manufacturer and model of the car and the engine size and sticker price are all factors in insurance costs. Insurers frequently provide discounts for equipment such as daylight lights or anti-theft alarm systems to help lessen the chance of theft accidents. Several factors determine the cost of auto insurance. Will buying a red car, on the other hand, make you see red when you get your insurance bill? Apparently not!

What’s the origin of the myth of the red car?

Where did this urban legend emerge when red cars aren’t more expensive to insure? According to some, it’s due to their striking color. The premise here is that a red car will catch the eye of a cop issuing a citation more often than not. The color red has long been linked with vehicle racing, so drivers who enjoy speeding may be more inclined to buy a red car than those who prefer a more leisurely ride.

There is a statistical correlation between lower-visibility car shades such as grey, black, and silver and an increased likelihood of an accident. However, there is no definitive evidence that car color affects ticket or crash rates because there is little research on this topic.

What's the Origin of the Myth of the Red Car?

Common Belief that Red Cars are Vulnerable to Theft

According to the insurer’s opinion, insurance premiums for high-end cars are higher since they are more challenging to replace if they are stolen.¬†You’ll have to contact your insurance company if your car is stolen could further raise your premiums. The color of your car may also play a role in determining whether or not it is more likely to be stolen.

If you’re an owner of a red car, you’re in luck! Car thieves are more likely to target dark-colored vehicles than lighter-colored ones, according to a 2012 survey by CCC Information Services.

Does the color of a car play any role in insurance rates?

It’s common for drivers to wonder whether or not the color of their car affects their insurance premiums. The color of a vehicle does not appear to impact insurance rates directly. It may indirectly impact insurance rates in some ways. The price of a car can go up if its color is more in demand, leading to an increase in rates. For most cars, these colors are the most popular: white, black, gray, silver, blue, red, brown/beige, and green.

red car insure

Why do more than 40% of licensed drivers believe that red cars are more expensive to insure if there is no correlation between color and cost? Red cars (and other popular colors) are more expensive. The most expensive car colors to purchase are red, black, white, and blue due to their high consumer demand. There is no need to lower sticker prices for popular colors because dealerships don’t have to do so for less popular ones.

Car insurance premiums aren’t affected by a car’s color because it doesn’t significantly impact its value.

Do red cars cost more to insure?

Take heart if you’re in the market for a red car: This widely held belief is untrue. It’s a fallacy that red cars are more expensive to insure. In truth, insurance companies don’t consider your car’s color when determining your quote. Many don’t even ask for it.

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