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Does AAA cover rental cars? Things you should know

  • Auto Insurance
  • Melanie Barrett
  • 5 minutes

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Does AAA cover rental cars? AAA (American Automobile Association) is known for providing customers with the best coverage and auto insurance discounts. However, the membership and coverages for AAA are quite different from each other. They are one of the safest choices you can make when it comes to auto insurance. Also, the company can provide you with the benefit of extending if you are a loyal customer. 

Going for car rental coverage is important since you must repair the car even if you are renting it. This coverage also means that you are covering the expenses for the period till the repairs works of the car are complete. Here’s everything you need to know about how AAA covers rental cars.¬†

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How does AAA cover rental cars? 

AAA covers rental cars in many ways. Here are some of the rental car coverages that AAA offers: 

Third-party coverages 

If you damage a third party’s rental car, you can cover the damage using AAA’s rental coverage. However, AAA cove¬† ¬†third parties under different names like Extended Protection (EP), Liability Protection (LP), Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI), and Third-Party Liability (TPL). Third-party coverage is one of the basic coverages AAA extends to rental car users.¬†

Non-owners insurance 

In non-owners’ insurance, AAA covers the damage costs for the car you use but don’t own. You can go for non-owners if you drive a rental car without personal insurance. You can go for AAA’s rental car coverages if you don’t own a car still need to take insurance for the car you drive. Hence, it is wise to take non-owners.¬†

Pet insurance coverage 

AAA covers rental cars with pet insurance coverage if your pet is hurt in an accident. However, not all AAA insurance providers give you pet insurance coverage. Therefore, check with your local insurance provider if you have access to this coverage. 

Uninsured motorist coverage 

An uninsured motorist coverage protects the rental car and its driver together in case of an accident. This kind of coverage saves you from paying for the car’s damages. Sometimes, if you’re at fault and don’t have coverage for your rental car, AAA covers your rental car and gives you sufficient coverage. Even though AAA covers rental cars with uninsured motorist coverage, it is always wise to check with your local AAA office for coverage.¬†

Does AAA cover rental cars? Things you should know

Other ways in which AAA covers rental cars 

Here are other coverages you can use through AAA for rental cars. 

Coverages for long-distance travel 

Does AAA cover rental cars if you’re on long-distance travel out of state? Yes, you’ll get the coverage along with some restrictions. For this, please make sure you sign AAA’s rental car agreement and follow the rules according to the company policy. Therefore, the best you can do is to check with AAA about the coverage you can get for long-distance travel.¬†

Family coverage 

Want to guarantee your family members are protected when driving a rental? Having a AAA membership allows you to add anyone to your family. Everyone from a parent to a spouse is eligible to join your AAA membership.  

Your membership also covers children away at school, even if they don’t have a car. They’ll still have access to all the same benefits, from roadside assistance to rental car coverage.¬†

The price will depend on your membership level, but you’re not limited in who you can add.¬†

Steps to get rental car reimbursement with AAA 

  • Add a rental reimbursement coverage that has comprehensive and collision coverage.¬†
  • Remember that you can only get the rental car reimbursement with AAA if you have the necessary coverage.¬†
  • You’ll need to pay for the accidents directly, after which you shall receive reimbursement.¬†

Does AAA cover rental cars?

AAA Rental Car Discounts 

AAA covers rental cars and offers a lot of discounts to its customers. The following are some great discounts you should go for: 

Discount codes 

AAA rental car users can apply for discount codes to get discounts on their cars, regardless of booking dates. However, the discounts are only applicable in some cities. Therefore, go to the AAA official website, enter your zip code, and check if you are also eligible for a discount. 

Additional driver discounts 

AAA users also get additional driver discounts by using their rental car services. You’ll also need to share the other driver’s details and mention your location.¬†

Child safety seat discounts 

You can also go for child safety seat discounts with AAA. Such discounts mean AAA customers can get free child safety seats and rental cars. All you need to do is to mention the a, and you get your child safety seats at comparatively best rates. 

Does AAA cover rental cars during accidents? 

Yes, AAA covers rental cars during accidents. The rental car user should buy a separate car insurance policy to get coverage. On getting this policy, AAA gives many additional coverages like CDW and collision. So, if you want AAA to cover your rental cars in case of accidents, here’s what you should do:¬†

  • Check the car for damages, and click pictures from different angles.¬†
  • Get in touch with the car rental company and communicate the issue. Also, ask them for replacement cars.¬†
  • Communicate the issue to your insurance provider and credit card companies. Then, ask them about the coverage you can.

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