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Does Auto Insurance Cover Gas Theft from Cars? 

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  • Gerard Stevens
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Gas prices have been surging heavily for the past few weeks, causing major heart (and pocket!) aches to car owners. But, the surging gas prices have given another major reason for car owners to worry! The owners incur additional costs as thieves steal gas from cars by drilling into fuel tanks. Car owners in Los Angeles and Central Texas have already experienced gas theft from cars. 

We can expect the number of fuel theft cases to get frequent as long as the gas prices remain high. The car owners will be troubled more as repairing a damaged fuel tank can be very expensive. Ideally, it costs anything between $400 and $1,000 to replace a fuel tank.  

How can you prevent gas theft from cars? Will insurance cover gas theft from cars? Our blog has all the info on these and how to file a claim for gas theft! 

What are the signs of fuel theft? 

Leaving your car on the street or outdoors could bring tension since you don’t know what will happen to your car’s fuel tank when you’re away. There is nothing you can fix if someone has stolen the fuel from your car. But, there are some ways by which you can know whether fuel theft took place or not. 

  • The car fails to start. 
  • You will get the odor of gas or diesel near your car. 
  • You can see a pool of fuel below your car.  
  • The fuel gauge shows a significant drop.  

Take a comprehensive insurance policy to cover gas theft from cars

Gas theft from cars: Will auto insurance cover it? 

It is a question that concerns every car owner. When a thief damages your fuel tank, you need comprehensive coverage in your auto insurance policy to do the car repairs. However, don’t assume your auto insurance to cover the price of the stolen gasoline. For instance, insurers like All State do not pay you for replacing stolen gas from the fuel tank. 

Comprehensive insurance also provides coverage when you encounter issues like car theft, floods, vandalism, hail, falling objects, fire, and collisions with animals. Comprehensive insurance often gets sold with collision insurance, which helps you pay for car repair bills when you crash into a pole or guardrail. It is best to carry collision and comprehensive insurance if you have a car loan or lease. 

So, always opt for comprehensive coverage when you buy an insurance policy to cover gas theft! 

Gas theft from cars: How to file an insurance claim 

With a surge in gas prices and gas theft, many of us will be going for a claim to get the fuel tank repaired. So, it is essential to know the processes involved in filing a claim.  

Documenting the damage: Take photos of the fuel tank or door when it gets damaged. 

File a report: Visit your local police department to file a report. Your insurer will need a copy of the police report. 

File the claim: Contact your insurer or insurance agent, or file the claim online.  

The car owner will be responsible for the insurance deductible for your comprehensive coverage if you file a claim for gas theft-related damage. Car insurance deductibles frequently range from $250-1,000 and higher ranges. So, if your deductible is $500 and the replacement cost of a fuel tank is $1,000, you’ll receive a $500 insurance check.  

How to protect your car from gas theft 

The best way to prevent someone from stealing gas from cars is to follow some tips to avoid it. These are some tips to prevent gas theft from your car.  

Tips you must follow 

  1. Always try to park the car in an enclosed garage.
  2. If parking at a public garage, always park in a well-lit and heavily used area. 
  3. If parking in a driveway, try to park close to your house, preferably in a well-lit spot.
  4. Ensure to turn on the alarm system in your car whenever you leave it.
  5. If parking on the street, make sure your vehicle’s fuel door faces the street.
  6. Strictly avoid leaving your car parked at one spot for long periods. Opt for rideshare services or public transportation instead of parking your car at the airport.
  7. Most new cars come with locking gasoline doors or gas caps. If not there, buy one from auto parts stores or internet retailers like Amazon.
  8. Consider buying an EV if you’re buying a new car. EVs are virtually unaffected by power theft.

How to know if someone is siphoning gas from your car 

It is challenging to recognize if someone is siphoning gas from your car. The best way to recognize if someone is siphoning your gas is to keep track of your fuel level before leaving the car and double-check that it hasn’t changed when you get back. If you have a gas cap, it may have damage from siphoning gas like scratches or damage from attempts by thieves to gain access to your gas. People use special devices to siphon gas from fuel tanks. Fuel theft in the country is estimated to be worth around $2.1 billion each year. 

Gas theft from cars: Some quick info 

  • Fuel theft has been increasing as gas prices surged. 
  • You will need a comprehensive coverage insurance policy to do the car repairs if a thief damages your car’s fuel tank while siphoning gas.  
  • Ensure to take photos of the damage that happened to your fuel tank. Contact your local police department, file a report, and produce it to the insurer to make a claim.  
  • It is always safe to park your car in an enclosed garage to prevent gas theft. 
  • Always keep track of the fuel level before leaving your car. 

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