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Does car insurance cover your off-roading?

  • Auto Insurance
  • Xavier Sabastian
  • 7 minutes

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It’s usual to be concerned about whether or not your car insurance will cover your off-roading adventure, and it’s a genuine concern. Does auto insurance cover off-roading? The truth is that “normal use” is covered by most auto insurance policies.¬†You will probably be covered, if you get into a car accident while off-roading, All of this being said, each policy is unique, and you should familiarize yourself with yours. While this may appear to be a straightforward task, Way.com must caution you about a few points. We’ll begin with the fundamentals down below.

Does car insurance cover off-roading?

We will go through this in greater detail, but first, let us caution you about something. Your insurance will not cover any damages if you enter your vehicle in a timed off-road race Furthermore if your insurance company discovers that you participated in one of these activities, you may lose your policy entirely.

When you attend activities like this, you’re putting yourself in danger not only while participating in the event but also when driving afterward. Off-road races may be rather severe, and they tend to impair your car’s vital components. Aside from that, your insurance will cover some sorts of off-road occurrences.

Will car insurance cover your off-roading activities?

However, if you drove your car up a steep trail and rolled it over, or if a tree root went through the bottom of your car, it would be more difficult to persuade your insurance company to pay for it. Insurance companies, like warranty businesses, exist to make money, and their ultimate purpose is to cover as little as possible. Although most insurance policies do not cover off-road occurrences, this does not mean that none of them do. In any case, you should read your insurance policy or contact your insurance agent for more information. If you speak with your agent, make sure you acquire a written statement from them. This is vital to have in case they decide not to cover you despite your agent’s assurances.¬†

Finally, the most important piece of advice we can provide you is to read through your policy and determine whether or not you need to upgrade your insurance.

Best types of car insurance for off-roading

Off-roading insurance comes in various forms, and each insurance company has its own set of policies. We are not going over all of them because there are way too many. We will cover a few of the more popular ones.

These are as follows:

  • Bodily injury
  • Property damage
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Collision insurance

Bodily Injury: This sort of insurance covers you if you cause an accident that causes someone else to be injured. This essentially means that if you hit someone and it was your fault, your insurance will pay for the medical bills. This is significant since, in the United States, health care is a significant expense that most people would want to avoid.

Property damage:¬†This sort of insurance covers expenses incurred when you cause damage to another person’s property. This covers other people’s cars, but if you’re off-roading on someone else’s property, it can also include buildings, fences, other stuff, and even their land if you destroy it.

Comprehensive insurance:¬†Comprehensive insurance protects your car from damage that isn’t the result of an accident. Consider anything other than a collision with another vehicle, such as rollovers, body damage, broken parts, and just about any other sort of vehicle damage.

Collision Insurance:¬†This one is straightforward; it pays your expenses if you are at fault in an accident. If you are involved in a collision with someone else, their insurance will cover your losses. On the other hand, liability insurance pays for the other person’s vehicle if you cause a collision.

car insurance and off-roading

What does insurance cover?

Every insurance policy is different, as we’ve explained several times.¬†The items we listed above are covered by most standard auto insurance policies. This means that everyone’s insurance will cover various items, and their deductibles will be varied. Having stated that, we can provide you with a few fundamentals.

The only major distinction is that those types of insurance cover off-road accidents. One for off-road use and one for regular use are nearly identical policies. All of the above options are also available for off-road vehicles such as ATVs and dirt motorcycles. The point is that when you’re driving on public roads, all of the things we outlined above are most likely covered by your current insurance policy.¬†Unfortunately, if these incidents happen off-road, they usually aren’t covered. These items may or may not be covered by your coverage. Your policy may cover off-roading, but you won’t know unless you read it. Trust me once again, and read your policy well, so you know precisely what you’re getting into.

What does insurance not cover?

Many things are covered by car insurance. There are also plenty that isn’t. Many off-roaders face the following issues, which are nearly never covered by insurance:

  • Unapproved Modifications
  • Mechanical Failure
  • Illegal Activity
  • Wear and Tear

Unauthorized Modifications: This is a big one for folks who go off-roading because practically everyone modifies their car or truck. Before lifting your cars or installing massive tires, check with your insurance company to ensure they’re covered.

Mechanical Failure:¬†Surprisingly, if your engine breaks down due to something other than a crash, flood, or something similar, you’ll have to pay for the repairs yourself. This is particularly regrettable because engine problems are typically the most costly. I hate to say it, but even if you have insurance, you’ll have to pay out of cash if your engine breaks down.

Illegal Activity: If you were doing something illegal while you had a car problem, even though the problem would ordinarily be covered, those problems would not be covered. 

Wear and Tear:¬†Many, if not all, off-roaders drive an older vehicle.¬†It’s normal for your car to show signs of wear and tear as it ages.¬†Consider factors like interior rot and rust on your car’s body.¬†Unfortunately, things like these aren’t normally covered by insurance, so you’ll have to pay for them out of cash if you want them fixed.

car insurance for off-roading

Does off-roading void your insurance?

People are often concerned about whether or not taking their car off-roading will void their insurance. Off-roading has the potential to void your insurance. This may appear frightening, but there’s more to it than “your insurance will be voided.” Off-roading, particularly in a vehicle designed for trail use, such as a Jeep Wrangler, is unlikely to violate your insurance. However, just because off-roading does not void your insurance does not mean that any damage caused by off-roading will be covered. Your insurance will be canceled if you make certain off-road modifications to your vehicle. Because they affect the way your car works, this is the leading cause of voiding insurance. Suspension modifications, lift kits, and tire improvements all have the potential to void your warranty.¬†

We would avoid making modifications to your vehicle to ensure that your insurance will be honored.

car insurance deals from way.com

Will my insurance claim be denied?

You should know that if you lie about what happened, your insurance claim will be rejected. Please don’t lie to your insurance company. If your insurance company dismisses your claim, you’re out of luck, unlike if a warranty business refuses to pay for your losses. Insurance companies are infamous for being frugal with their money, and complaining to higher-ups in the chain of command rarely results in action.

Ambiguity is the other name for car insurance companies. So if the company decides not to pay for an incident, the agency can usually get away with it. It’s worth a shot, but if your insurance company declines your claim, you’ll almost certainly have to pay for the damage yourself.

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