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Drive and Listen App- The Best of Future Technology

  • Travel Tips
  • Melanie Barrett
  • 4 minutes

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Drive and listen to the live traffic updates and essential information about the city you are in while traveling or sitting home, relaxed. Isn’t that an amazing thing to do? You can now drive through any city, listening to their music, weather updates, and local news. In other words, the Drive and Listen app makes driving a unique experience through its features and user experience (UX). 

This app comes with a virtual reality feature that takes your travel to the next level. If you plan to visit a new city, Drive and Listen will take you through the best places to visit and the busiest streets you should avoid. In other words, this app helps you pre-plan your drive and makes it a new experience through its enhanced features. 

Drive and listen app


What Makes Drive and Listen Unique?  

Can you believe that it is Erkam Seker, a postgraduate who owns the Drive and Listen app? A native of Turkey, Erkam’s aim behind creating this app was to know the updates in his country while he stayed in Germany as a part of his studies. Here are some of the unique features which make this app so popular: 

Virtual drive-around experience 

Before you visit a city, you should know what the city looks like, the traffic, and the weather conditions. Drive and listen makes this possible through its features. Using this app, you can sit back home, choose your specific location, and enjoy the beauty of the location. Similarly, the heights of the driver seats are at your eye level, which helps you enjoy the sights to the fullest. 

However, the visuals which you see on your screen are not real-time. Yet, this feature helps you understand how the city looks in real. This virtual drive is one of the major advantages where you can drive at your pace and visit the city you prefer in real-time. This feature also means you can virtually drive around the city during the daytime and at night. 

Local news in local languages 

Another major benefit of the drive and listen app is getting all the vital information in your local language. This feature also means you don’t have to worry about understanding the local language. Even when you are in a city that you are new to, you can listen to the news in your language. In addition, you don’t have to face the delay in switching or tuning channels.  

Apart from the news, you can also listen to some local music or even history. This add-on allows you to visit your favorite city without any restrictions. 

Drive and listen app

More Reasons to Choose the Drive and Listen App 

Here are some more amazing features of the drive and listen app which make it a great choice: 

Enjoy the music of the city 

Who doesn’t love some good music while driving? The Drive and Listen app can also go through any specific information you wish to know. For example, using this entertainment app, you can enjoy great songs using the local radio.  

Listening to the local radio is one of the best ways of entertaining yourself virtually while driving. You may also browse many radio channels and choose among them to listen to your favorite songs. 

Adjust the sound and speed 

The drive and listen apps also come with a special feature where you can adjust the sounds and speed of your car. Usually, people love to drive with some melodious music but stick to their choices. Using the Drive and Listen app, you can listen to your favorite station without the statics bothering you. 

Also, you can control your driving speed according to the traffic and familiarize yourself with the place before visiting them. The Drive and Listen app also allows you to adjust your speed and even drive without noise. Adjusting the driving speed virtually interests every driver and helps them explore the place at their pace. 

Switch locations easily 

Unfortunately, you cannot switch between locations within seconds, but you can on the drive and listen. Just search for the location you choose to visit. And there you go! You can easily get a glimpse of the city and the people, popular places, and traffic conditions. In addition, you can switch to the next state and start driving in just a few minutes. 

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