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Driverless Cars Pros and Cons

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  • Melanie Barrett
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‘Margie, don’t come in here; go back upstairs. Don’t hear me? Get in the house. The car, it didn’t hear.’-Wade Parent, The Car, 1977. The question of driverless cars technology being a boon or bane has existed since the advent of this technology. Hence, with the world racing towards the future at a lightning pace, driverless cars technology is one of the most wanted changes.

According to self-driving cars safety statistics, the US ranks the second-best in providing driverless cars technology. Besides, it also helps us do our daily goals by making travel much more manageable and effortless.

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Benefits of Driverless Cars

Driverless cars technology is beyond what we think it is, and it supports the vast and varying requirements of the users.

Some excellent driverless car benefits are:

Better Safety

Unlike us humans, they don’t get exhausted or sleepy over time. It also complies with industrial standards, so every user prefers to adhere to it. Also, there is no question of risk for drivers who are differently-abled. Thus, driverless cars technology manages everything, ensuring smooth travel for the drivers and passengers.

Launched after a series of tests

Proven technologies are less prone to failure. Driverless cars technology introduces itself after a series of tests. In other words, you must buy your automatic cars after taking them through the riskiest tests. These tests double-check the technology created. In addition, it also ensures that the users have safe use of their cars for the most extended period assured.

Meant to meet immediate user requirements

What if there is a contingency and a car, on its own, becomes your savior? Yes, this is something that the future awaits. With the driverless cars of the future, the wait is relaxing.

The car takes up the responsibility of taking you to your destination. All you need to do is sit back, fasten your seatbelts and relax. This feature will be one of your most prominent dream come true as you let your car take over your job.

 Zero traffic

No more honks, no more extended waiting queues. No more sulking to wait for the traffic to dissolve. Yes, driverless cars technology benefits you by coordinating the traffic most efficiently.

Also, you needn’t wait to ask your way out in the right direction. Without a doubt, this new technology is so much more than what you think. And it takes over the navigation and leads you to the shortest routes possible. The best part of such a technology is to relieve yourself from paying for traffic tickets.

Drawbacks of Autonomous Cars Technology

The future driverless cars are not as intelligent to do anything, and they face certain limitations to some of their functions. Here are some of them:

 Poor management of unforeseen threats

One of the significant disadvantages of self-driving cars is that they may face software attacks, leading to malicious data theft. Another problem people usually face in a manually operated car is travel sickness.

Such sickness can be in control when the vehicle is in manual control but not on automation. When manual insurances replace automated ones, it eventually leads to bankruptcy.

Loss of employment opportunities

Driving is also one of the significant professions which earn huge income. With driverless car technology, you tend to lose these opportunities from hand. According to the latest reports, the US offers 68000+ job vacancies to drivers. With the driverless cars of the future coming into the big picture, millions lose their jobs and fall deep into poverty.

Threat to privacy

Knowingly or unknowingly, automatic cars of the future force the passengers to share their essential information. This data breach is highly vulnerable. No matter how much assurance firms give, data shared once is data lost. There are chances of misusing sensitive information like eye scans and biometric reports, which are ways of essential data leakage.

Inability to analyze human behavior

Driverless car technology is unpredictable, and it speeds up and slows down at the most unpredictable moments. And there is no such mechanism in this technology that allows it to detect human behavior.

To put it in another way, there is no such way to detect drunkards, hazy walkers, and hand signals.

Limitations of Autonomous Cars Technology

This technology is more prominent also has got some limitations. Though minute, these are a matter of concern.

Limited to geofenced areas

Geofences are nothing but artificial fences with a fancy name. The driverless cars of the future cannot differentiate them. As a result, this might be a legal issue since there is no human interaction. It is illegal again when the users trespass into other areas without using the proper features.

Interference with radio waves

Radio waves that the latest technology gathers from the surroundings. You measure the radio waves by measuring the difference between the car and the object. As this feature merges with the technology of the driverless car, confusions occur. Cars tend to get in confusion between their radio waves and that of the others.

Careless human behavior

Human behavior is undoubtedly the most complicated subject ever to understand. It is also human nature to rash drive and often break traffic rules, and humans likewise tend to break the traffic rules, be it, pedestrians or drivers.

Thus, even a tiny untimely movement can cause a massive loss of life. The consequence of breaking traffic signals, too, is pretty much the same.

Insurance for driverless cars

Inability to understand road conditions

When you drive a car manually, you adjust your driving as you see broken roads, potholes, and roadblocks. In the same fashion, technology does not give driverless cars of the future an update that adjusts themselves according to the road conditions. Nonetheless, they don’t understand human gestures and symbols, which is a considerable drawback.

To summarize, this technology will make lives easier for drivers. Similarly, they make wise of the technology to prevent any unfortunate mishaps.

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