Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County (DTW) Airport Parking Guide

Rates and Options for Parking at Detroit Airport

Short Term Detroit Airport Parking Rates

Garage  Time  Rates 
McNamara Short Term:  0 – 30 minutes  $4 
  30 – 60 minutes  $6 
  1 – 1.5 hours  $7 
  1.5 – 2 hours  $8 
  2 – 3 hours  $12 
  3 – 4 hours  $16 
  4 – 5 hours  $20 
  5 – 6 hours  $24 
  6 – 7 hours  $28 
  7 – 8 hours  $32 
Big Blue Deck Short Term:  0 – 30 minutes  $4 
  30 – 60 minutes  $6 
  1 – 1.5 hours  $7 
  1.5 – 2 hours  $8 
  2 – 3 hours  $12 
  3 – 4 hours  $16 
  4 – 5 hours  $20 
  5 – 6 hours  $24 
  6 – 7 hours  $28 
  7 – 8 hours  $32 
Valet Parking:  0 – 2 hours  $12 
  2 – 3 hours  $16 
  3 – 4 hours  $20 
  4 – 5 hours  $24 
  5 – 6 hours  $28 
  6 – 7 hours  $32 
  7 – 8 hours  $36 
  8 – 9 hours  $40 

Long Term Detroit Airport Parking Rates

Garage  Time  Rates 
McNamara Short Term:  Per Day  $36 
Big Blue Deck Short Term:  Per Day  $36 
McNamara Daily Parking:  Per Day  $24 
Big Blue Deck Daily Parking:  Per Day  $14 
Green Lot 1:  Per Day  $12 
Green Lot 2:  Per Day  $12 
Valet Parking:  Per Day  $43 

Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, popularly known as Detroit Metro Airport aka DTW is one of the major international airports in the US. Located in Romulus, a suburb in Metro Detroit, DTW airport covers over 4,850 acres. It is not only one of the busiest airports in Michigan but is also one of the largest airline hubs in the US for Delta Air Lines. DTW is also one of the 18th busiest airports in the US in terms of takeoffs and landings. The airport welcomed more than 34 million passengers in 2016 alone and operated an average of 1,100 flights per day. DTW is also considered as one of the world’s most customer friendly and efficient airports in North America.

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History of DTW

Plans for the construction of an airport began back in 1927. Construction of DTW was completed in 1929 at a cost of $2 million. At the time, the airport was located on one square mile at the corner of Middlebelt and Wick roads, which is only the northeastern boundary of the present airport. In 1950, the airport was expanded to become the primary airport of Detroit and was renamed to Detroit-Wayne Major Airport. Over the next three years, the airport was further expanded, opening three more runways. Long term development plans of the airport include a bus transportation system and a light rail station that’s been proposed by the RTA.

There are also plans to expand the four existing parallel runways and two crosswind runways at DTW to accommodate Airbus A380. According to the FAA, air traffic is expected to increase by 67% over the next two decades, which means Detroit Metro Airport could be seeing a passenger surge upwards of 60 million. The airport also has plans of expanding Concourse C and D to meet travel needs. These updates match the airports desire to improve connectivity with India and the Middle-East, including the addition of non-stop flights to Asia and Europe.

Getting There

Detroit Metro Airport is just 20 miles away from Ann Arbor. From Ann Arbor, you can either use AirRide for transportation to the DTW from Ann Arbor. The shuttle runs 13 times a day and picks up at the Blake Transit Center and Kensington Court Hotel. If travelling by public transportation, SMART offers its services to the North Terminal via Route 125 and Route 280, and to McNamara Terminal via Route 125. From Port Huron, take the I-94 which connects directly to the airport at exit 198. Since Metro Detroit is well-known for the horrible traffic jams, especially during winter months its best to leave your home well in advance of catching your flight or picking a passenger.  

Around 75% of visitors to DTW enter using I-94 via Merriman Road which leads straight to the northern section of the airport. according to the Airport Authority. The good news is that people who are coming to the airport can look for overhead signs, which are easy to understand and will give them a better chance of finding their way to a particular terminal they need to go to. The recent upgrade to the entrance of the DTW parking structure near North Terminal at the Big Blue Deck was a welcome addition to the airport. To reduce congestion, visitors are advised to take advantage of the short-term parking lots and cell phone lots that are spread throughout the airport.

Inside DTW

DTW airport has two concourses located at the Edward H. McNamara Terminal, namely A and B, with concourse D located at the North Terminal. There’s an elevated Express Tram that ferries passengers over the almost a mile-long A concourse. The Edward H. McNamara Terminal was designed by SmithGroup, one of the oldest companies in Michigan dating back to 1853. One of the highlights of DTW is its unique underground LED tunnel, courtesy of Pontiac which connects Terminal A with Terminals B and C. The airport also offers plenty of options to drink, dine and shop. The airport also has Plum Market which is a well-stocked grocery store to save you the trip when you get home.

DTW underwent a major facelift not too long ago which has improved its quality of service exponentially. The much-needed upgrades have done wonders for entire airport, especially for passengers who have to deal with airport-bound layovers. Apart from the underground multicolored LED tunnel that connects Terminal A with the other two terminals, DTW also has an art installation in Concourse A, which is a black granite fountain that shoots streams of water which replicate lines on a flight map. And as if that wasn’t enough to keep those at the airport entertained, Be Relax is a spa located near Gate A45 which offers manicures and chair massages.

The McNamara Terminal is home to four SkyClubs owned and operated by Delta. One is located in the center of Concourse A, overlooking the central link area, while two more are located at either side of Concourse A. The fourth SkyClub is located at the intersection of concourses B and C. Currently, Lufthansa is the only carrier from Star Alliance with a DTW lounge located near Gate D6 at the North Terminal. There’s also a Freedom Center where members of the US Armed Forces and their families can visit and relax in.

Of course, DTW has plenty to offer in dining options, which is a mix of Michigan institutions and other national brands. There’s also a number of shopping options, including travel stores located at the Central Link at McNamara Terminal. Both North Terminal and McNamara Terminals have ground transportation centers that operate 24/7.

Where is Detroit Airport Located?

Detroit Airport is located at Detroit, MI 48242. Detroit Airport can also be contacted by calling (800) 642-1978.

Detroit Airport Parking Maps

Main Detroit Airport Parking Map

Detroit Airport Parking

Additional DTW Airport Parking Tips

To make sure your trip to DTW is a pleasant one the following is a compilation of a few quick parking tips to help you get better parking while at DTA;

  • The number one rule of thumb for those who are going to be taking their vehicles to DTW is to not forget where you’ve parked your car. To help passengers along there are framed signs at the elevator banks that show your location. You can use the barcode scanner app on your mobile device to guide you to and from the terminals in DTW.
  • Valet parking is also available at DTW so you can take advantage by accessing valet parking at Terminal parking deck.
  • Those who are dropping off travelers should follow the signs for the airline’s terminal and proceed to short term parking. When dropping off a traveler curbside, you should always follow the signs for the airline’s terminal and proceed to the departures level.
  • It’s best to visit the airline directory if you are not been to DTW before to confirm the terminal location for your traveler’s airline.
  • It’s helpful to know the airline name and flight number so that you are able to keep track of the flight’s arrival time.
  • Those who are meeting the traveler at the terminal need to follow the signs for the airline’s terminal and proceed to short term parking. If picking up your traveler curbside, follow the signs for the airline’s terminal and proceed to the arrivals level.
  • The waiting time for CBP processing of international passengers may vary depending on a number of variables so always reach the airport before the specified time.
  • Those who have arrived at the airport with time to spare but would rather not park and wait inside the terminal can take advantage of the cell phone waiting lots at DTW. These free lots are conveniently located at each end of the airport, offering visitors with convenient parking space who are waiting for their party to arrive.
  • DTW also has Green Lots which are surface lots and come without any restrictions to the vehicle’s height.Click to book DTW airport parking now

Detroit Airport Parking Information, Discounts and Coupons

Detroit metro airport parking can be expensive, especially if you’re parking for several days. Here are some ideas to find the best rates, discounts, and coupons to make it more affordable.

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