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Earthday Birthday 2023: All You Need to Know Including Parking

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Are you a fan of rock music? Enter the world of rock music and art in Florida this April with Earthday Birthday 2023 festival. It is a music and art festival, one of the largest events in Florida, that takes place every year. In addition, each year, it has an attendance that exceeds 15,000 people from all over the United States. 

Earthday Birthday 2023 dates were announced during the latter part of 2022. Some of the best rock bands will perform in Florida this year. If this is your first time at the festival, we will help you with the basics, like Earthday Birthday 2023 locations, lineup, tickets, and parking information. 

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When is Earthday Birthday 2023? 

The 2023 edition of Earthday Birthday will take place on Saturday, April 22. Apart from the best musical talent in Central Florida, you can also enjoy food and other vendors at the venue. 

Where is the festival taking place in 2023? 

Central Florida Fairgrounds is the Earthday Birthday 2023 venue. There will be BMX demos, pro wrestling, carnival, and music performances. 

Where is the Central Florida Fairgrounds? 

The address of the Central FL Fairgrounds is 4603 W Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32808. 

How to get to Central Florida Fairgrounds

Central Florida Fairgrounds is the home of the Earthday Birthday 2023 festival and is located closer to attractions like Barnett Park and Orlando Amphitheater. It is one of the major event venues on the banks of Lawne Lake. 

If you are driving from Downtown Orlando, take West Colonial Drive and reach the venue in almost 12 minutes. You will cover a distance of 4.1 miles during this journey. Another alternative is to take West Washington Street and drive through Old Winter Garden Road. 

If your starting point is at Pine Hills, drive 1.5 miles through North Pine Hills Road and FL-50 E/W Colonial Drive. Similarly, if you are coming from Mercy Drive, take the Mercy Drive route and get to Earthday Birthday 2023 location in less than 3 minutes. 

How many days will Earthday Birthday 2023 last? 

The festival will take place on a single day in April. You can enjoy multiple musical acts across three stages. In addition, the BMX and wrestling demos add color to the whole event. 

Who is performing at the festival in 2023? 

Some of the headlining acts for the festival include the following. 

  • Breaking Benjamin¬†
  • Falling in Reverse¬†
  • The Pretty Reckless¬†
  • Beartooth¬†
  • Sevendust¬†
  • Red Jumpsuit Apparatus¬†
  • Bad Wolves¬†
  • Dorothy¬†
  • Dropout Kings¬†

Keep an eye on the social media handles and the official website for new additions to the Earthday Birthday 2023 lineup. 

How to get Earthday Birthday 2023 tickets

Different tickets are available for the festival. General Admission (GA) tickets are sold for $80 each, while you can also go for a pack of 4 GA tickets which is only $64. Military tickets are available for a cheaper rate, with each ticket selling for $55. The Hard Rock Orlando VIP ticket is the best one to get as it comes with perks, including dinner, VIP restrooms, and more. For a VIP ticket, you have to pay $199 each. 

What are the different options for Earthday Birthday 2023 parking? 

There is on-site parking available at the festival grounds for a fee of $30 per car. Keep in mind, though, that there are limited spaces. So, looking for parking alternatives for the Earthday Birthday festival is better. Street parking is hard to find near the venue, but there are a few facilities, like the Barnett Park parking area, which has 250 spots. But with park visitors occupying most of these spaces, you will need to be lucky in finding a vacant space. 

Apart from all these, there are private parking garages near Central Florida Fairgrounds that have affordable spaces. You can save money and stay away from the risks of parking in the streets, like theft and parking tickets. 

Why should you get an off-site garage for event parking? 

Off-site garages near the festival venue offer premium features like valet parking, contactless parking, and ADA/Aisle access. You can get the best spots with all these features at no extra charge at these private garages. In addition, there are also safety features like camera surveillance and security personnel to keep your vehicles safe. 

You can avoid the shortcomings of street parking by choosing an off-site garage near Central Florida Fairgrounds. The garage spots are safe, and there are no chances of parking rule violations. Besides, you can get cheaper rates than official parking spaces, and there will not be much traffic at these facilities. 

How to find cheap parking garages near the festival venue? 

Even though street parking can be cheap, you can have trouble leaving your car on the streets near the festival venue. But off-site garages near Central Florida Fairgrounds offer a safe and affordable space for visitors compared to other options for parking. 

You can easily locate one near the venue using online services like Way.com. Enter the location and time you want parking on the Way.com website or the Way app. After a short and thorough search, the app will give you a list of garages. Choose a spot that fits your needs and budget and pay the corresponding charges. Using the Way app to book these garages can also get you the best rates and even special limited-time deals. 

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