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Everything You Need to Know About ECON Mode on a Honda

  • Cars Explained
  • Silas Smith
  • 5 minutes

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New Honda owners are often confused by an array of notification lights and buttons that welcome them while stepping into their new ride. One of them is a cute green button that says ECON. So, what does this button mean? In this article, we’ll dig deep into the ECON Mode on a Honda and when you should use it.  

The ECON button is designed and colored in such a way that attracts you to push it and trigger the ECON mode on your Honda. But you should know that always leaving this mode on is not a good idea. Let us look into it in detail. 

Econ mode on Honda: Save money on car expenses

What is the ECON Mode in a Honda? 

As you might have guessed from the name, the ECON mode enables your Honda to operate efficiently by controlling factors such as throttle response, air conditioning system capacity, fuel injection and shifting behavior to improve fuel economy.   

ECON mode adjustments 

Throttle Response 

ECON mode on a Honda adjusts its throttle response to an optimal level, ensuring lesser fuel consumption. This mode mainly alters the mid-range throttle, making you reduce acceleration and save some money on gas. So, if you’re someone who loves to go hard on the gas pedal and zip through the streets, this mode is not for you! 

Air Conditioning 

The air conditioning system needs a decent amount of fuel to function well. This, in turn, can affect the gas efficiency of your vehicle. Because of this, the air conditioning system will be one of the primary areas of focus of the ECON mode on your Honda. 

This doesn’t mean that cooling will not happen while you’re in the ECON mode. It’ll just make some adjustments to reduce cooling, which might result in taking more time to cool the cabin. 

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Fuel Injection 

As you might already know, fuel injectors deal with injecting gas into the engine, aiding a smooth combustion process. So, if you’re accelerating hard, more fuel would be injected into the engine producing more power. 

The ECON mode on a Honda controls the amount of fuel entering the engine. I.e., it reduces the fuel input, which triggers a drop in performance. So, you get better fuel efficiency at the cost of performance.  

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Did you know that shifting patterns impact your car’s gas efficiency? The ECON mode on a Honda tries to control this problem by modifying the shift points to make the car more gas efficient. Also, if you’re navigating through hilly terrain with the cruise control mode on, the ECON mode kicks in to reduce downshifting, resulting in better efficiency.   

When should you use the ECON Mode on a Honda? 


It is preferable to use the ECON mode in normal driving conditions, where you are most likely to cruise at constant speeds and not engage in intense driving involving rapid overtakes on challenging terrains. 

These are some of the situations where it is okay to engage the ECON Mode on your Honda automobile. 

  • Regular city driving 
  • Driving on a flat terrain 
  • Driving on a relatively cooler day, where you might not need much cooling from the AC 
  • Not towing a heavy object because it requires more power from the engine. 
  • Comfortably cruising on a highway. 

When should you avoid using the ECON mode on a Honda? 

Just like you have favorable situations where it is perfectly okay to switch on the ECON mode on your Honda, there are also some situations where you should avoid doing it. Switching on this mode affects the operation of various car functions and affects its performance to improve its efficiency. So, it is not ideal to use the ECON mode in these conditions. 

  • On driving conditions that involve intense acceleration and overtaking 
  • If you’re driving off-road in harsh terrains that require more power 
  • Driving on extremely hot days, where you might want better cooling from the air conditioner 
  • If you’re towing a heavy object 
  • If you’re driving through hilly terrains 

Does ECON Mode on a Honda improve gas efficiency?

Yes. In fact, improving gas efficiency is one of the primary functions of the ECON mode of a Honda. It does so by adjusting various car functions that directly impact the performance and gas consumption of a car, like adjusting throttle response, reducing the efficiency of the air conditioning system, altering transmission patterns, controlling the amount of fuel injection, etc.

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