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Electric car charging stations and outlets by state – January 2022

  • Infographic
  • Xavier Sabastian
  • 3 minutes

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Electric car charging stations and outlets are rapidly increasing, almost like rabbits! There are already at least 1000 non-residential charging units in 25 states. California has the most charging stations and outlets, with over 40000 charging stations and approximately 15000 charging outlets. 

States with most electric car charging stations

Rounding out the Top 10 are New York, Florida, Texas, Massachusetts, Washington, and Colorado. Given the size of these states and their enormous populations in contrast to other states, this makes logical. When it comes to registered and total electric vehicles California and Florida are the top two states. The 3 states at the bottom are Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Georgia.

Reason for increase in charging stations in California

While electric vehicles still account for a small percentage of total vehicle sales, the 123,244 new electric vehicle registrations in California during the first nine months of 2021 represented a 68% increase over the same time in 2020. These numbers should not come as a surprise. California has seen a steady increase in the number of electric vehicles sold. It’s no wonder that the state has the most charging stations for electric cars, and New York came in second with roughly 15,750 sales. 

In Texas, plug-in electric vehicles accounted for less than 1% of vehicle sales in 2020. While California’s proportion of plug-in electric vehicle sales was around 8% in the same year.

Best states to charge your electric vehicle in the United States

California is by far the greatest spot to charge an electric vehicle right now. That’s based on the fact that the state has approximately 40000 chargers, and the number is expanding by the day. However, because it has the biggest number of electric vehicles in the country, more individuals will be looking to charge up. You will still have a fair chance of finding an open charger.

Washington DC appears to be well-equipped to accommodate the expanding number of electric vehicle drivers, with the closest ratio of EV chargers per capita. Still, it is a small sample map compared to any actual state. Although Massachusetts is in the bottom three states, they have some decent averages.

The future of electric car charging stations in the United States

Some states will be more equipped than others as the number of electric vehicles increases. California and Florida are putting charging stations in place in tandem with the increasing number of electric vehicle sales. Vermont and Massachusetts, may not have the highest number of electric vehicles within their borders. Still, if they keep constructing chargers at the same rate, they will easily stay ahead of the game in terms of infrastructure.

Other states, such as the Dakotas, are less prepared. Sure, they don’t have as many EVs to worry about right now. But the next ten years will change our automobile environment. Thus resources will be needed to keep these vehicles charged. The United States alone has over 1 million electric vehicles registered and over 110,000 public charging stations, including DC. It’s not bad, but there’s space for improvement. Especially considering electric vehicles account for only about 1% of all cars on US roadways.


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