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  • Melanie Barrett
How Long Can an Electric Car Idle?

How long can your electric car idle? You may need to idle your EV if you haven’t used your...

  • Evelyn Brown
Electric Cars 4 Wheel Drive: A Game-Changer in Transportation

Electric cars are slowly but surely taking over the world of automotive transportation. With...

  • Ray Sanders
How Tall is the Tesla Model Y? Know Its Ground Clearance!

Good ground clearance on your car is extremely important if you plan to take your vehicle off the...

  • Gerard Stevens
How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Tesla?

There are several reasons why you would think of renting a car. You probably wish to drive a...

  • Renee Martin
The Complete Guide to Green Auto Loans: All You Wanted to Know

Looking to finance an EV or a clean car? Green auto loans can help you buy the energy-efficient car...

  • Natasha Young
EV Charging Guide : Charging Stations and Cost

EVs are proven to be efficient and eco-friendly. And they need their own kind of fuel to function....

  • Natasha Young
How Did Elon Musk Start Tesla?

There are a lot of well-known car companies in the U.S., like Ford and General Motors. But Tesla,...

  • Gerard Stevens
Do Electric Cars Have a Transmission?

Are you planning to buy an electric car? Though most automakers are just rolling out new electric...

  • Evelyn Brown
How Much Electricity Does It Take to Charge a Tesla?

As electric cars become more popular, many people are wondering about the cost of charging them....

  • Evelyn Brown
Does Air Conditioning Use Gas or Electricity in an Electric Car?

As electric vehicles (EVs) become more popular, many drivers are wondering about the energy...

  • Nova Kainen
A Complete Guide on Setting up a Home EV Charging Station

  If you pay close attention to the trends in the car industry, you’ll notice that more and...

  • Renee Martin
What Is Bidirectional Charging? Which Electric Cars Have It?

Let’s talk about the newest kid on the EV block – bidirectional charging. What is...

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